Don Lemon Suggests Trump Voters Need to be ‘Deprogrammed’ Before Being Allowed to Vote

Don Lemon wants to "deprogram" Trump supporters before the election.


Will somone please tell me how Don Lemon still has a job?

He continues to prove to be the most smug, arrogant, self-righteous, sanctimonious news anchor currently on the air, and perhaps of all-time.

Mr. Lemon’s most recent holier-than-thou moment came on Friday when he suggested that Trump supporters be “deprogrammed” before they vote.

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He likened Trump voters to a ‘cult’ and said that he “must try to help them,” but can’t until they “reach rock bottom.”

I think as long as someone hasn’t resorted to watching Lemon’s show, they’re not quite at rock bottom yet.

Here's video of Don Lemon preaching to Trump supporters and claiming he wants to help them.

For being an "independent thinker" who believes in reality and facts, maybe Lemon should take a good look in the mirror because you can practically see the propaganda oozing out.

Mr. Lemon saying he wants to deprogram American citizens may be the most Orwellian thing he's ever said.

Of course, this is nothing new.

Don Lemon has made a career out of mocking those who he disagrees with, especially Trump supporters over the last 4 years.

Don Lemon calls Trump supporters lazy and uneducated, says "Bless your heart."

Don Lemon panel mocks Trump supporters' intelligence.

Don Lemon mocks Conservatives about violence in cities.

Of course, Lemon is far from the only one who has used the 'cult' argument for Trump supporters.

CNNs own Brian Stelter stretched for this one last year.

It seems to me that CNN needs to deprogram their propaganda machine.

That would involve a completely new team of writers, anchors, and journalists.

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For now though, they seem to love the sound of their own voices, even as Americans tune them out.

Lemon has now "apologized" for the video.

Kind of.


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