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Trump Approval Rating Surges in New Rasmussen Poll Following DNC Convention!


Has anyone been paying attention to the lunacy that is the 2020 DNC Convention?

We’ve had to listen to speaker after speaker denigrate our country as a racist, oppressive nation.

Michelle Obama said that Trump and Republicans are practicing voter suppression and intimidation.

Barack Obama claimed that America is and always has been hostile to immigrants and blacks.

Hillarly Clinton even made the case that she really won the 2016 election!

While Democrats may think this is all helping the case for the Biden-Harris ticket, a new Rasmussen poll shows that Trump’s approval rating has only been climbing since the DNC Convention started!

Check out the details from Newsweek on Trump’s surging approval rating:

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has slowly climbed with less than three months to go until the 2020 presidential election, according to polling data.

The FiveThirtyEight approval rating tracker shows that the president’s popularity rose almost two percentage points from a low of 40.1 percent at the end of July to 41.9 percent as of Wednesday evening.

Trump’s disapproval rating has also fallen over the past month, despite criticism of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the economy’s rebound from related shutdown measures.

At the end of July, the president’s disapproval rating stood at a little more than 55 percent, but has since dropped to 53.9 percent—putting his net disapproval rating at 12 points.

Although Trump’s net disapproval rating is still high, it’s a marked improvement on the beginning of July, when the president’s net unpopularity ranking stood at almost 16 points.

Individual polls have looked similarly positive for Trump, with the Rasmussen approval index showing 47 percent of likely voters approve of the commander-in-chief’s record as 51 percent disapprove.

Another survey of U.S. adults released by YouGov earlier this week found that Trump had a net disapproval rating of 8 points. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they were unhappy with the president’s record, and 44 percent told pollsters they approved.

Take a look at what’s trending on Twitter over the President’s latest numbers:

Maybe Democrats should keep the convention going right up until election day!

Even the liberal New York Times admits that while Biden holds a lead over Trump in their polls, the lead has been shrinking:

A wave of new national surveys shows that Joe Biden maintains a significant if slightly diminished lead over Donald J. Trump, leaving him in a stronger position to oust an incumbent president than any challenger heading into his party’s convention in the modern polling era.

On average, Mr. Biden leads by eight to nine percentage points among likely voters. His advantage is perhaps slightly smaller than it was a month ago, when high-quality live-interview telephone surveys routinely showed him with a double-digit lead. But it is still the largest and most persistent national polling lead that any candidate has held in 24 years, since Bill Clinton maintained a double-digit advantage in 1996.

The conventions often introduce a volatile and uncertain period for public polling, as candidates usually gain in the polls after several days in the limelight on national television. Though it’s possible that the virtual nature of this year’s conventions will dampen that effect, this may be the last unbiased measurement of the state of the race until mid-September.

For now, the state of the race is clear, ending a nearly two-month period when live-interview and online polls showed a modestly different race. The new consensus can be attributed mainly to a shift among live-interview telephone surveys, which show a two-point shift in Mr. Trump’s direction. The online polls have remained largely unchanged.

The slight narrowing of Mr. Biden’s lead tracks with a similarly modest improvement in the president’s job approval rating. Over all, Mr. Trump’s approval rating among registered voters has increased to 42.2 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight, from its low of 40.3 percent on July 28.

This uptick may reflect a modestly more favorable national political environment. Protests and unrest have subsided. The growth of coronavirus cases has slowed. The more settled news environment appears to have allowed the president to claw back some of his likelier supporters. It may also reflect his campaign’s persistent effort to polarize the electorate and lure back some of his former supporters.

The Times chooses to believe that Biden's shrinking lead is due to protests winding down.

Or, perhaps voters are starting to realize that a Biden presidency is the exact opposite of what our country needs!


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