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Tomi Lahren BLASTS Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech

Says Clinton only makes case for Trump's re-election stronger


It’s actually quite amusing that Democrats decided to allow Hillary Clinton a speech slot at this year’s DNC Convention.

A woman who completely failed to win the presidency, despite having the backing of the mainstream media and the Deep State.

Her speech was naturally rife with divisiveness.

But who would expect anything less from someone who referred to half of America as “deplorables.”

Well, conservative Tomi Lahren had some enlightening criticism for Clinton.

Check out Lahren’s appearance on Fox News where she shreds Clinton’s speech:

Watch Clinton's speech in the tweet below:

Yahoo News even admits that Clinton was the entirely wrong messenger for the convention:

A party's prior nominee will always be given a speaking slot at its nominating convention four years later. When that nominee was the first woman in history to receive the nomination and when she won the popular vote by 3 million votes, that speaking slot will be especially prominent. So of course Hillary Clinton got to deliver remarks at the DNC at the top of the all-important 10 o'clock hour on Wednesday night. Whether those remarks will prove to be helpful is another matter.

If Clinton's audience was Democrats, then there's nothing to worry about. She's liked well enough — and her speech was lean and effective, taking powerful aim at Donald Trump and making a solid case for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in terms of what's best about America. Most Democrats were probably pleased by the message and cheered to see Clinton briefly back in the action after a relatively low-profile four years.

But if Clinton's audience was swing voters, independents, and Republicans disenchanted with Donald Trump — and this has clearly been the intended audience of this DNC through the first two nights — then it's hard to see how Clinton's remarks could do anything but hurt the party. Clinton is an incredibly polarizing figure who inspires intense dislike. In fact, she may have done more than any other single figure four years ago to fuel populist insurgencies of both the left (Bernie Sanders) and the right (Trump).

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter to Clinton's speech:

USA Today details some of the further criticism Clinton received from President Trump and other Republicans:

Trump's 2016 opponent said Wednesday she wished he "had been a better president" but he was never able to put "his own interests and ego aside."

The former secretary of state decried the president's immigration crackdowns, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and warned, "If Trump is reelected, it will get even worse."

Clinton stressed the need for Democrats to get out and vote, reminding them Biden and Harris "can win 3 million more votes and still lose" in reference to her popular vote victory in 2016. She also invoked Russia's efforts to sway the 2016 election against her, imploring voters "to make sure we, not a foreign adversary, choose our president."

Republican critics chided Clinton, suggesting she has not been able to let go of her defeat by Trump.

Trump retweeted a post from Graham, who said Clinton and Obama "give sore losers a bad name."

"Hillary Clinton still can't get over her loss in 2016. It’s just sad," McDaniel said.

The Trump campaign's "rapid response" team said in an email that Clinton "refused to accept the results of the election and even said President Trump was an illegitimate president, doing the Kremlin’s bidding by undermining our democracy and sowing division."

During a September 2019 interview with CBS "Sunday Morning," Clinton said, "Trump knows he's an illegitimate president."

Others said Clinton's appearance at the DNC served as a reminder of why they were glad Trump beat her four years ago.

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA and chair for Students for Trump asked people to retweet his post "if you’re thankful Hillary Clinton is NOT President of the United States right now!"

"Hillary Clinton’s spiel at that sorry excuse for a DNC convention only reinforces we made the right decision in 2016 and will again in November!" tweeted conservative commentator Tomi Lahren.

Thank you DNC Convention for providing voters another reason to re-elect Trump in November!


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