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Video Controversy: Did Joe Biden Introduce Himself as “Joe Biden’s Husband”?


The deck is getting SMALLER, folks!

We've known for a while that Joe Biden is NOT playing with a full deck…

But it appears that whatever remains of that deck is getting smaller every day.

On Night 2 of the boring DNC, Joe Biden hugged his wife and introduced HIMSELF as "Joe Biden's husband."

Say, what?!

Don't just take our word for it.

See for yourself below:

The video is going viral on social media for obvious reasons.

Did Joe Biden call himself "Joe Biden's husband"?

Or did he call himself "Jill Biden's husband"?

Social media users pointed out that Joe Biden slurred his words, so it was difficult to hear what he was actually saying.

Forbes reported that Joe introduced himself as Jill Biden's huband:

Biden introduced himself in his remarks by saying “hello everyone, I’m Jill Biden’s husband” and told the audience to “think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. That’s the kind of first lady Jill Biden will be.”

By putting Jill Biden front-and-center, the Democratic Convention presented a glaring contrast with First Lady Melania Trump’s unprecedented absence from official and campaign events. Trump is not known to speak often about his wife or children. In her tell-all book, President Trump’s niece Mary Trump introduced the nation to a Trump family largely devoid of sentiment and loving relationships, casting it as a “malignantly dysfunctional family” that engages in “casual dehumanization” at family functions.

“She wasn’t really a Washington person and I don’t think ever imagined herself being part of that,” Cathy Russell, Jill Biden’s chief of staff when she was Second Lady, said of her during the documentary. Biden said she realized she had to “step it up” when her husband became vice president and explained her frequent presence on the campaign trail, stating, “running for president is too tough to not be together.”

But many social media users are not convinced.

Help us settle this debate!

What did your ears hear?

"Joe Biden's husband"?

Or "Jill Biden's husband"?

Let us know in the comments section!


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