BREAKING NEWS: “boaters for Trump” Receives Heartfelt Message From Trump

BREAKING NEWS: “boaters for Trump” Receives Heartfelt Message From Trump

Trump thanks his massive supporters in a new video about the viral boating events in his honor, hailed as "Boaters For Trump".

“I appreciate the boaters for Trump” the President says. “Every weekend I see it, not even weekends now, they’re doing it during the week.”

President Trump is thanking his suporters for taking part and hosting boat parades all across the nation in a new viral video relased this past weekend.

He continues: “And I just wish I had time I’d get on one of those boats and i’d be carrying a flag also. But I have to say it looks like you’re having a good time.”

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“I just want to thank everybody. I see that and the whole world is watching.” he adds towards the end. Watch the video below. 

Watch Trump's message below:

Earlier this weekend, thousands of boaters converged in Florida to break the boat parade world record, as covered byLive 5 News:

“More than 1,181 TRUMP Supporters will attempt to break the record for the largest boat parade in history,” wrote the organizers of the boat parade, Conservative Grounds, on their website.

The parade formed in the Gulf of Mexico near Clearwater Beach before making its way along the coast at 5-6 knots to Madiera Beach where the official count of boats was taken.

“This is gonna be the MOAB… Mother of all Boat Parades,” wrote the organizers before the event.

Thank you Conservative Grounds for organizing an amazing, patriotic WORLD RECORD boat parade in Clearwater Florida in honor of our freedom 🇺🇸

Posted by Arrow Warrior Group on Saturday, August 15, 2020

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