Boaters Support Trump on New York’s Lake George


The Trump Train is coming through in the form of boats!

All across the country boaters have been showing their support for our President, by organizing parades with other  Trump supporters.

Boaters in Lake George have recently joined the fun and headed out on the lake to show their support towards Trump.

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Times Union had this to say about the boaters supporting Trump:

In what organizers described as hundreds of boats, people supporting the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump sailed up and down Lake George Sunday flying Trump flags, American flags and Back the Blue flags.

The water parade is similar to others that have happened in other states in recent days.

A Facebook page organizing the event showed boaters posting videos from their own vessels as they made the journey from the area between Dome Island and The Sagamore, to the Village of Lake George south.

“Let’s make this a parade to be proud of!  No badmouthing the opponent, just our pride for our country and DJT PLEASE,” a Facebook organizer wrote.

The organizers said they would also boat Sunday through Shelving Rock, Log Bay, Red Rock and Paradise Bay on Lake George.

It seems if things ever turn sour, Trump will have a very supportive Navy.

All jokes aside these boaters are turning the state of New York red and hopefully, we see more of this leading up to November.


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