Alec Baldwin Melts Down In Bizarre Video About Q-Anon and Epstein Island


Still think Q-Anon is just some weird internet conspiracy theory?

Then why is Alec Baldwin melting down in a really bizarre video where he lashes out about Q-Anon and swears "it wasn't me on Epstein Island."

Oh, ok Alec, sure thing, we believe you!

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Signed:  "I was only holding the drugs for my friend".

I'm not even gonna say anything more about it, I just want you to watch for yourself….

Does this sound like someone who has "nothing to hide"?

Or is it like the caption says….this is what panic looks like?


And then there is this.

Remember recently at Alec Baldwin's roast?


They sure thought it was funny to make this joke, didn't they?

What is it they say, comedy is always rooted in truth?

Baldwin sure doesn't look like he's denying it here does he?

Just watch:

Here's more from my friend Daniel:

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