BLM Protester Charged Police, Pepper Sprayed Twice Before Finally Taken Down


WARNING:  this is graphic footage.

If you are squeemish, you may not want to watch.

Something is definitely wrong with this man (other than associating with violent BLM rioters).

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He is shirtless, and despite being told to leave the scene he and some buddies charge police, not once but twice, and that's just what we can see in this video.

Who knows what happened before they started filming.

If you've ever been hit with real police pepper spray, you know even a small dose can be devestating and make you feel like you are dying.

This man got showered in it, and after initially turning away he charges back in.

That's not normal.



Unknown, other than to know that is NOT normal.

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After two massive blasts of the pepper spray, he's still on his feet and appears to be shot by something.

Even that doesn't drop him.

Watch till the end to see the final takedown:

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