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Jeanine Pirro Suggests ‘Something Will Happen’ to Biden, Preventing Him From Being on the Ticket.

Jeanine Pirro suggests Biden may not make the ticket come November, Democrats pounce.


Jeanine Pirro was on Fox News’s The Five on Wednesday, where she made a bold claim about Joe Biden.

Pirro said “I have a sense that something’s going to happen before the election, and he’s not even going to be on the ticket, so don’t even ask me if he’s going to make the four years.”

her speculative comment of course has drawn major criticism, especially from those on the left, who have equated it to be some kind of ‘threat’ to Biden.

Should it really be considered a threat to ponder whether or not Biden will even make it to November though?

At least half the country already believes, at the very least, that Biden won’t make it through a full presidential term, including half of the democrats!

Are we to believe they are all making threats against Joe Biden’s well being?

Of course not, because this is just another exemple of the left making a failed attempt at taking attention away from the fact that old Joe just doesn’t seem like he’s mentally or physically capable of making it through November, let alone a 4-year term as president.

TheWashington Examiner has the scoop:

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said she has a "strong feeling" Joe Biden's name won't appear on ballots in November.

"For some reason, I just have this feeling that Joe Biden isn't going to be on the ticket," Pirro said Wednesday on Fox News's The Five. "I have a sense that something's going to happen before the election, and he's not even going to be on the ticket, so don't even ask me if he's going to make the four years."

She made the comment right after Biden, 77, made his first public appearance with Sen. Kamala Harris since picking her as his running mate.

The Trump campaign has openly attacked Biden over his age and mental acuity, particularly when it comes to his memory about recent historical events or current affairs. The former vice president has made a series of blunders misidentifying certain people, events, and locations when speaking.

Critics of President Trump, who is 74, have also raised concerns about his mental fitness over the years.

In an op-ed published by CNN on Tuesday, former Obama adviser David Axelrod described Harris as someone whom people view "as among the most qualified to be president on Day One — a key positive, given Biden's status as potentially the oldest politician to ever serve as president."

A good chunk of Americans already question Biden's viability.

While democrats are pretending to be outraged by Pirro's comments, half the country already contemplates the same possibility that Biden won't make it, and this includes half of the democrats!

A poll released on Monday showed as much.

This from the New York Post:

More than half of likely voters believe that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden would not finish his first term if elected president, a new poll found.

The poll, released Monday by Rasmussen Reports, found that 59 percent of likely voters thought it was probable that Biden’s running mate would become president over the course of the four-year span.

Thirty-nine percent of likely voters saw the scenario of Biden not finishing his first term as very likely, as opposed to just likely.

Divided up by party, even 49 percent of likely Democratic voters said they believed Biden’s veep would take over the job.

Seventy-three percent of Republicans and 57 percent of non-party-affiliated likely voters also said they did not believe Biden would be able to last the entirety of his term.

Biden, who would be 78 in January, has faced rumors that he would be a one-term president due to his age. This has led to speculation that whoever was chosen as his running mate would almost certainly be poised to take the presidency in 2024.

Biden and his campaign have denied the speculation.

As we've covered already, even CNN suggests Kamala Harris will step into the role of president after Biden is elected.

Of course, who could be blamed for questioning Biden's mental durability?

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