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RESULTS: Your Honest Thoughts About Kamala Harris


Last night we asked you to give us your honest thoughts about Joe Biden's new Vice President pick, Kamala Harris.

The results are in and they are absolutely fascinating!

Please enjoy:

Bad for America, fraud, disrespectableBeverly

Poor oppressed woman.  This gal won't be voting for her or Biden. Yuck.Barb
I have a bad feeling about this woman.  I have heard She is a muSlim,if poor old Biden flipped, she would become President.  I for one do not ever want another Muslim as our President.Patricia
She is a flip flop.K
The deserve each other...Kirk
I think he made a BIG MISTAKE!Larry
Fake bitchFrances
She’s an extremely poor choice yet any Demo is a bad choice. Voting for RED all the way. Trump Pence 2020. 4 more yearsDebra
SCARES the hell out of me...Vickie
She’s a worthless human being. Her main focus in life is killing unborn babies. She’s a fake. She’s a phony. And she doesn’t understand policyToni
I pray they  don't win  in NovemberJohn
Don't trust her!  She is out for herself. Liar/CheaterDirk
She's a leftist and condones whats happening in our backyard.She isn't even an American so how can she be in a position to run a country that you aren't even a citizen of the United States of AmericaDwight
She is a FRUADJames

I can’t stand her.  She doesn’t love America.  She and her liberal policies will destroy this country!
Won't have me voting for BidenCorlette
Hates America.Bob
she is terribleAli
She worked hard on her knees to the top sleeping with married men. Disingenuous. Untrustworthy. Poor example to represent women of America.Susan
I don’t like her!!!!!!Marina
I don’t like her at all.Brenda
She is a racist and lierJeannie
She is a phonyTania
She's a liar.  Can't stand her.  Will never forget the Kavanaugh hearings!Bill
I could care less about either one of them.Mary
Evil peoplePhyllis
She claims to be African American and Asian American does she want to add a few more ______ American?Barb
Nuts,she is nuts slept her way upKATHY
Don't trust herTim
That she will cry when our leader takes another 4 years to get America back on track! Then hopefully we will have a Gowdy/gabbord ticket for 2024๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธLaura
Terrible for America.  Hard left of Sanders!Michael

She is worthless and a threat to AmericaNick
No even close to being VP material and too much of a socialist to be any good for our countryAlida
Assinine- she flip flops just like Sniffy JoeValri
How is she considered a African American when her mother is Indian and father Asian.  What am I missing!!!!!Vincent
Train wreckStacey
She is a joke just like him.Donna

Great for President Trump!Dolores
I think she’s a lying, corrupt, power hungry bitch!!!!!Robert
I think it makes for some good comedy but nothing we have to worry about. TRUMP2020Barbara

Smoothe operator but always a liberal liar ๐ŸคฅAnnie
Joe & Hoe Socialist scum sucker.Rorri
Phony. Dishonest. Self centered.Fran
She is Anti everything that is AMERICAN!!! She is a TRAITOR to this country!!Katherine
Trump 2020Patricia
She is not Whitehouse material. She blows with whatever breeze the lifts her up politically.  Running with an alleged pervert sexual assaulter after what she did to Justice Kauvenaugh..and her stance with Smullet?? All for headlines.. she doesn't care about people . She would have let an I moved man die if not court ordered..and does she even know she is not black??Diane
Could care less. Was a bitch during the Kavanaugh hearing.Connie
The worst choice for VP. The Dems have no choice.William
She is a disgusting human who got where she is by selling herself.  She hates America and all of our freedoms. She scares me more then Biden doeskim
She is a power hungry, dishonest socialist who is aligned with AOC...that should say it all.....if you want this country torn apart and for this demon...Jo
Trump's reelection just made sure.Mary
Could help Obama's BOY, Biden.. BUT, ask from DAY ONE ... Why Biden?Chuck
Not impressed , she is just another useless politician.debbie
She would kiss the devil to be in the White House!Dorothy
If they win she will become President after the far left comes clean about uncle Joe dementia. About 1 year I believeMonte
It scares me that if he wins she will be our next president because of his medical conditionsJudy

political poutana  100%georgia
The 2% that liked her as a Presidential choice are happy as she will more than likely be President before 2024... Sad that the Dems have set up a 2%er to be President.Chris
Heels up Harris is a poor excuse for a human.  She lies and flip flops about almost everything.Valri
Hell nojoe
I don't like her one bit.  She's scares me because she seems to be evil.Nancy
She's bad news for our country.  Voting for Trump again!Donna
Remember Pelosi said she was 2nd in line for presidency? Harris is not a natural born citizen, thus not eligible for president.Lonnie
Not qualifiedSteve
I do not like, or respect her, and most certainly won’t vote for anyone who has her on their ticketCasey
This person's values are way too far leftist for America. She Is dangerous and looks to abolish the Constitution. She was chosen by the Demonrats and not Joe Biden. Hopefully, those Americans who are still calling themselves Demonrat, will see that they should not vote for the Biden/Harris ticket, if they still value their freedom, over the One World Order. If they are believers of God and Jesus, they should be able to see this as End Times prophecy being fulfilled and apposed compliance. Hopefully they will not vote for the Demonrats, giving up sovereignty and their freedom in this world. Hopefully they will see that this whole plandemic has been to take away our rights and freedoms.Dan
She is worse than Joe Bidensuzan
She is a narcissistic person.Donnetta
Jezebel lived off two different sugar daddies, climbing the political ladder on her back.  Her own father said she is a liar.  She was vicious and malicious in her unjust attacks on Kavanaugh and should have been charged.  She is not a decent person and has no moral fiber.Linda
Low life POS!Joe
The best chance that the country has to get President Trump re-elected!Pat
Do not trust her.Linda
She is all part of a plan by Democrats..Biden will be proved incompetent, she isn't experienced enough to be President, she steps aside, enter Nancy Pelosi! We better pray to God this doesn't happen! We need you President Trump..
4 more years!
A train wreckJames
Not good for America. Definitely not a role model for moral values based on her tainted past.Elaine
Power hungry thinks she'll be President before end of first term. To bad they won't get past President Trump #2020LANDSLIDE.Larry
Wrong one!Stoney
Phony very dishonest to the American peopleCynthia

The biggest joke ever.  Not even black as neither are her parentsJeanette
Worst choice everKaren
Liar untrustworthy.Dana

He won’t even remember who he picked come on manBrian
Political opportunist whoreDennis
A typical nasty bitch!Pam
Bad choice for Biden, great choice for TrumpRobert
If they get in we will never have the country we know.  Biden won’t have a clue what’s going on, and she will destroy economy, religion, police, military and every hard working American.Bonnie
She is more radical than Biden! She and Bunker Joe will finish off our country!Bryon
I think she is very smart.  Unfortunately she is also very vicious and will do or say anything to further her cause. I will not vote for the Biden/Harri ticket.Darlene
Kamala Harris is a dishonest and corrupt politician that has proven in times past, she can not be trusted with the truth. A perfect match for slow joe.Ron
She is not black she is as Obama a fraud a foreigner a liver a cheat and a demon. Don’t want anything to do with that. In fact I don’t hear that name or see that face I’ll be happyKaren
Just because he chose her does NOT mean they will win Trump/Pence 2020Hugh and Mary

Oh dear!Donna
๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…  ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ Nancy
Creepy jo and the ho.Beth
Bad choice. She’s dishonest. She’s anti constitution. She’s a blatant far left liberal.Sharla
I really don't care! I will never vote for a DemocratSandra
She is a two-faced demorat, enough said!!David
Sickening!!! And she will only be VP(Hypothetically if they win but they won’t because Trump/Pence will) Joe will be found mentally unfit within 3/6 months and removed!
Also she is NOT black she is Indian and Jamaican
She is vampiremaryam
I think it’s a joke.  They’re passing her off as Black and she’s NOT Black.  Her father is Jamaican, I think, but for sure is from that area.   And her mother is East Indian.Karen
A real two face and phony as well was complicit in the downfall of CA.Deborah
She’s a liar, hateful and threatens the very lives of registered Republicans. Actually she should not be in office for no intent on working for the best of all the citizensRochelle
She is an opportunist who changes her tactics based on whatever she thinks is convenient at the time.  She prosecuted people for the same sins she  was guilty of herself and laughed about it when confronted in an interview ...hypocrit!Patty
There are no honest thoughts about politicians, such as her...……….PERIODmickey

Corrupt and dishonest not good for our countryTammy Schwarzenberger
Vile and a fraud!!Craig

Poor of a choice, do not have character is tasteless as candidateCarlos
Not a good choice not good character. easily bought.Darryl

She got where shes at lieing....lieing.and laying on her backGeri
I believe it's a great pic it'll just help him lose worse that he was already going to do, lose! And I keep telling everybody forget the word Landslide I've been telling them people that the "DEMON-CRATS" are going to be literally crushed so badly so I believe that their party will be rendered pretty much ineffective as a political party after Donald Trump crushes them in 2020 presidential election!Stephen
She sucksDanny
With her as vp pick this will surely ensure a total win for President Trump. She does not back law and order and will only bring our country down.Lorna
Bigoted slut.  Worthless trash.  Will never be president.Aliceia
He is not capable  so she would be running  the country.  What a disaster  for the USA.Sandra
Oh hell no.Andrea
She's a lying c--tshari
I believe that she is hoping that Biden will croak and the she would end up where she wants to really be!Lyle
She is a corrupt senator and a racist. She is not black. So much for a black VP pick.  She will not help Biden but will guarantee Trump winning.Cheryl

Demonic Disgraceful Abortionist woman!Paul
She was the prettiest of the bunch and probably had something to do with it.  She isn't the best one he could have gotten, but she's going to be good for us.Suzanne
I think she is a bad choice for them but a good choice to help us win in NovemberTammy
Far left liberalmark
She is a useless F***ING  C**T!!!Tony
She’s as far left as a socialist can get before being labeled a communist... she will keep Latin and African American men from voting democrat...Steve
Set upGwen
She's a radical socialist and racist who wants to tear down the country.Mike
Horrible human.  Sacrificial lamb of the dems, they know Joe is gonna lose.Cathy
She's a horror show. We would lose our Republic, our freedom, our lives and livelihood. Biden has dementia, that means she would be president when he is forced to step down.Sheryl
Biden had little chance to win but with his pick of VP, that little chance, went to zero.   TRUMP 2Q2Q LANDSLIDE.Alice
She is far too liberal and will swing him even more to the left.  If they are elected, goodbye America!karen
she is a liar and a piece of shit.  ass kisserdebra
I will never vote Democrat again.Judith
I feel she is far to liberal and she's condemned Biden for his creeping on women. How is this good for our nation?  She's pro-abortion, killing babies is not a good thing in my book.Lisa
She is an embarrassment to this country.  Does anything to get what she wants. Won’t get my voteSharon
The state in which California is in tells us that she will be a very bad person to act as VP of AMERICA!!!!Sandy
she did a death threat to conservatives at one of her rallies! she should be in prison to rot for the rest of her life! hope she has some good knee pads! they are going to lose!kathy
Big liars, and American people won't go for it.Janice
I did not know someone descendent from slave owners could virtue signal and call for reparations while seemingly sucking and fucking her way to the top of the food chain in a major party. It’s amazing that we have gotten here, but it is 2020 so nothing should surprise me.Fuck
They deserve each otherDee
High Price W----- who used sex to get  where she isWilliam
Two dummies and dishonestEleanor
Will not vote for themDaisy
To socialist for our countryVickie
Best choice if you want to live in a socialist country. She appears to be phony and her personality is very hard to likeCyndi
Can't stand the woman!!!Kim

I feel this is the best news of the day. Trump just won the 2020 election, due to this VP choice of Joe Biden, not to mention the Ukraine investigation into his demand that the lead prosecutor who was investigating his son and Burizma was fired, in order to receive US funding. Whorah!!!!!Michael
Even thou she is one of the worst picks for her dishonesty and all around bad person.  With BLM and this constant division of the people. She's no one to turn a blind eye to. The Dems are going after the Black vote and also the people who supports these Black movements. Also they are going after the people who want to see a woman in office. But just Like Trump debating Biden. The Vice President will mop the floor with Jamila. If we have debates at all.Jeffrey

Another treasonous traitor, crook, fraud and communist. No surprise.Jonathan Powers
Will be the best for our country to make America comeback to normal...Gladys
A traitor and a joke who only wants to destroy all we stand for.  She is not even a natural born citizen and does not have black parentsJeanette
Commie Harris. God help us. Please President Trump stop theses idiotsLaura
She will be the death of America and the American people if she  gets in the White House in anyway.john
She stepped out of the presidential race, who's to say she will not step up to the plate as vice president. She obviously can't take the heat!!!Phyllis
She is a shape shifter who will do and say anything to  promote herself and her party! She will be easily manipulated by Obama and his cronies just like Biden! That’s why she was chosen!Susan
Another loserKelly
Her own father said she's a liar !!!Lynda
Radical Communistjoe
What a great pick for the Republicans!!!  Thank you Joe!MA

Liberal progressive with policies and an agenda that are wrong for our country! She will likely become President when Biden resigns due lack of mental facilities! Trump 2020Rex
Omg Trump has it in the bag, the news feeds are going crazy giving them tons of publicity. I should say free publicityDonna
As bad as Pelosipam

I think because of the issues she had in the past with Biden, it's a bad ideaMarianne
Pathetic. What a joke. ๐Ÿคก๐ŸคกCreepy basement Joe ๐Ÿ˜ฑ and lyin ๐Ÿคฅ spread my legs Kamala. ๐Ÿฆต๐ŸฆตThey're a disgrace and the demoncraps ๐Ÿ‘ฟ have scraped the bottom of the barrel for this one. ๐ŸงŸ‍โ™€๏ธ๐ŸงŸ‍โ™‚๏ธ I can't believe anyone in their right mind would vote for this. People are so naive and stupid. Brainwashed!!! ๐Ÿคฏ๐ŸคฎTrump/Pence 2020. God bless them and the USA. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโœ๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–Dayle
1.unquailfied.  2.Not America born.  3 mean and hateful. 4 wants revenge on Trump supporters.And if they happen to win(God forbid)She would be President soon as DNC had him disqualified with dementia.Need Id voting at polls .Or liberals will rig it.Joyce
You have to appreciate how much people hate Donald Trump that they are willing to ignore that Biden just announced his VP who...

Called him racist and hurtful to black women
Said she believed his sexual abuse accusers
Is a former cop
Has slave ownership in her family (allegedly)

The amount of pandering to pick up the minority vote is hilarious.

But on this I offer a conspiracy theory. Joe Biden dies in office, Kamala Harris becomes the first female, black female and Indian female president of the United States.

I don’t see how anyone falls for this. I really don’t.
She has zero moral integrityCharlotte
she flip flops too much...she goes where the wind blowsLisa
She is going to help secure a TRUMP win!!Karla
self centered, far Left, don't trust her, not a very good Senator, now will direct the US more  to the far!! left, poor VP selection.  Only thinks of herself.Gene
She is ineligble to be President if the need arises. Neither parent is a natural born citizen.Eddie
Her record in California should be your first impression!  She looks good...smells good, unfortunately she’s flat broke!Catherine
She's not black and she is a phony her and sleepy Joe will destroy us all for there gainPhyllis
Like Joe Biden,  says one thing, does another.Jimmie
She is a chameleon. She is also a leftist. She does what she needs to do to get power. No ethics!Mike
Dont trust herKathy
Socialist slut that screwed her way to the top. She should be sent to prison for treason.Greg
I would never vote for a socialist.Leta
Better than big mike, but still walking on a tall fence! Total fraud and this pair are really the dregs of the barrel!Gary
Hate her politics, open borders, health coverage for illegals, as well as her threats to retaliate against Trump supporters makes her a terrible choice. Disingenuous, rude, and a flip flopper.Leslie
I think that the silent majority needs to show up and vote, because the whole Democratic Party scares the crap out of me with their crazy way of thinking.  They will destroy this country and reverse all the great things that President Trump has gotten done.  I do not believe the polls that say Biden has a 10 point lead.  If that is true, we are all F***ed.Tim

She’s the biggest hypocriteJuana
She is a crook...Read “Profiles in Corruption”. It provides documented evidence of the corruption throughout her career. She isn’t the only one with an in-depth chapter.Deb
She is not believable. She is sinister. She does anything to get ahead without integrity or ethics. She broke the CA state record for incarcerating more black men. She is not African-American. She is Caribbean Jamaican and Eastern Indian.  Her father’s family owned slaves   She does not have the African slave historical US experience.  She does not have the Bible Gospel black family experience.  She was raised to protest. I will never forget her nastiness and treatment of Brett Kavanaugh at his hearing. And I will never forget the truth Tulsi Gabbard spike to her in the debate. Harris is not truthful, honest and is only following the Obama-Soros agenda.  I can not believe she will be accepted by the real African-Smerican community. I know she will not.K
I don't trust her. She consistently flip flops, and I think she was behind the Jessie Smollett hoax. I also think she is working close with Soros. Plus she slept her way to the top. Her own district is disappointed in her.Snookie
Praying that the rest of the prophecy will come true as well, that she will be the Lord's bridge builder. According to the prophecy, the Lord has plans for her.Sally
Joe only picked her , so he has the woman and race card in his back pocket., thinking American people would vote for him for that very reason.vickie
A losing team that's for sure!Rick
Very sadDaniel
Gun grabbing liberalSteven
I think it's a joke. But then again so is Joe. I'm sick and tired of their identity politicsPamela
Biden didn't pick her...the Democrats in control of Biden, did.Ginny
She is a liar and fraud.  Will say and do anything to get to the topGreg
Not impressedAudrey
All she cares about is power.  She is evil.Debra
Anti AmericanJulie
A true communist extreme leftist not worth a damnKen
It’s a shame she was picked on the content between her legs instead of her character. JSDebra
Pathetic humanMary
She is only out for herself.Her policies only prove that she doesn't care about the American people.Those two will destroy our country.Joyce
Hypocrite, does she not think Joe Biden is racist anymore......she previously called him racist. SMH!Manuela
Danger to AmericaEileen
Big ass jokeDavid
I think she was chosen to appeal to the black vote yet the woman is not "black" but Jamaican. She also is related to slaveowners. I am not surprised Biden chose her although I am sure he had help. She would be the end of our country if Biden somehow won. I don't believe She and Biden have much of a chance at winning unless there is incredible mail vote fraud which I pray Trump already is prepared for.Diane
Biggest hater and phony in the history of “politics “. Even her father knows she’s a sad little nobody.Linda
Stupid Dishonest DemocratBetty
She's a Phony politicianJames
I guess it could always be worse .. but it doesn’t matter when Trump holds the majority.. just another side show to the democrats circus ๐ŸŽชScarlett
It’s a joke๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐ŸคฃDebra
Kamala will say or do anything to be elected. She is the epitome  of a crooked Politician.Gary
communist with nazis agendasJonathan

Well..she bends with the wind...not good for our country with her socialist agendaMary
Best choice to lose to Trump!  This nasty disgusting woman should hold no OFFICE! Period!Amber
I don't trust her.  If I were a democrat I would vote Republican.  To me she represents socialisms and would be a threat to our way of life.  God bless America and President Trump.Donna
Disastrous for AmericansSabrina
Terrible choice. Will never forget her rudeness and arrogance towards Kavanaugh.Susie
No help to the black community and or to Bidens chance to winMark

She is a liar who will say anything to advance her career, she has no integrity. No Honor and she isn’t even a Black Woman, she is Indian/ Jamaican/ Asian, so she will lie to fit the narrative. She can not be trusted and I pray they lose this election. She will destroy our nation!Lisa
She is hateful and incompetent.  Evil lives within her.Jeff
Another loser joins anotherNed
They are both just fill ins, till about 10/2020, when the real players step in, killary and michelle (the man) obama...Will not work, it's already well knownJames
God help us if they win.  Can we hold presidential elections every 8 years?Margarita
Another leftist hack with no new ideasEdward
The lowest of the low life, ignorant, socialist, SCUM, pretending to be African American.PHILIP
An idiot running with an idiot.S
‘Horizontal Harris’ is first woman in history who literally slept her way to a potential VP position. Even her pimp, Willie Brown, warned Dems NOT to pick this ‘workin’ girl. And her Father, from Jamaica has an extensive Family History as massive slave OWNERS in Jamaica. Dems are so ignorant!Sherry
Soros protege. Dripping with corruption.Ruth
What a joke!Tim
Because she gives off very bad vibes. And the dishonest and unlawful events of her past, she gets a big ๐Ÿ‘ŽLynn

I don't think Biden picked her. Obama and his conspirators are behind everything that goes on.Carolyn
Unfit for officeJean
She is power hungry and not a good person!Sharon
A joke and liarJoe
If biden n her get in im already prepared to leave this earth n go be with my dad n grandparents because i wont live like this and i will not live the way these ppl want. So with that said this is all crazy and no matter who biden picked hes not me tally competent to be president or even a babysitter for small children. So his vp is basically going to end up being potus.  PRAYING to god PRESIDENT Trump wins and we dont have 4 yrs of fighting in the courts over the election which im sure we will. I find it hard to believe with all the signs n ppl for PRESIDENT TRUMP that he will lose. However i know theres going to be a lot of bs with the voting. N our governor in Pa is crooked and trying help. The first part of my comment here is the truth also.Starr
Not going to workMary
Do not like her!Sharon
Not going to be good for the Democrats in 2020Robert
Gross negligence as to who is able to serve our country and her citizens. Talk about executive privilege!Dawn
She is a choice of a loser to begin with and frankly she is a loser on her ownKen
She is so full of herself and is looking out for herself  no goodclaire
She’s a disgusting joke.  Anti gun, pro abortion, and ANTI AMERICAN!Anne
She is a disaster ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ˜กGeorge

She ain’t black.
Her eagerness to engage in “systemic violation of the defendants’ constitutional rights” is particularly terrifying.

In choosing this corrupt prosecutor as his vice-presidential candidate, Joe Biden has made a serious error, one that highlights his already substantial deficiencies in judgment.
She is a typical politician with lies and more lies. An Example would be her claim to have been forced to be bused during segregation but it ended a Two years before she claims she was bused. She is from Jamaica where her family owned a plantation that had slaves working it. She comes from a rich family. How can anyone run for a top official office when they have openly stated they hate this country and want to get rid of everyone’s rights. She wants to destroy the constitution. She has stated she wants to defund the military. What is the DNC thinking? Why would they choose someone that has openly stated these things? What truly American Citizen whether Democrat or Republican would vote for Biden knowing she would take him down quick and take over as President?Patricia
last ditch effortLillian

A porn queen that kills babies and trued to ruin Kavanaugh life and accused Biden of being racist and believed his sexual accusers. What a joke!Judy
Do not know much about her. All I know is she is better than HillaryJoanne
God help our nation!Madelyn
Mean hatefulJeanette Bennett
It has been said that Harris can never be President as her parents are not natural born citizens. So with that being said the next person in line would be PELOSI . Is this a correct statement??? I am not a fan of this woman as i see no good coming from her just a radical far left movement  a female BHO if you will.jerris
She will say or do whatever is needed to attain their goal of bringing our country down.  Her record as a prosecutor is just as terrible!  Tulsi Gabbard laid it out nicely in the debates!  Bad for our country!  The thing is that President Trump will smash these 2 wannabes in November!  MAGA TRUMP 2020  KAG!!!George
Hateful and spitefulRhonda
Not my choice . But better than what he could have chosen. She slandered an innocent man and hurt his family therefore I can not vote for this team . Sad I am a registered DemocratKim
She is an evil racist Witch, that will destroy America and harm American Citizens.Leah
Fake, she's not even blackmike
Part of the problemRick
What I have read lately, I would not “warm up” to her if I met her. All from her past seem to DISASSOCIATE from her! I definitely would be watching my back!Barbara
Don’t like her or BidenVirginia
She is evil, possessed of satanGeorgia

I don't want her as my VP!!Linda
They are nothing else but lying sleazy politicians that will do anything, & I do mean anything, to get into office.  Harris is just as dishonest as Hillary Clinton.  Biden is so senile that he hardy knows his own name so we know who will be running the country if they win.  WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN!Barb
First class loser and dangerous duo.Bonnie
She's a far left liberal and wrong for AmericaGary Pierce
She believes the suspect has more rights then the victim.  Regardless if the suspect is guilty beyond a reasonable doubtCharles

Anti American not black waste of space!Deborah
don't care for her , don't want her will not vote for herJoe
She needs to go home and stay there. I rate her as bad or worse than Hillary ClintonTom
I love it. Sure does cinch Trump 2020.  Ivanka Trump 2024 and 2028 and Donald Jr.2032 and 2036. I will be 86 and wont care much after that. 16 good years for sure.Ken
Train wreckMary
There a jokeCarl
One leftist libtard POS is about as bad as the next one.   It don’t matter, they all stinkCarl
shes a crookkeith
I believe she was chosen because they need fast talking opposite for slow Joe.
I highly doubt Joe chose anybody, she was chosen for him.
America as we know it is gone if the demo's get in.
She’s a communist!Barbara
two faced who slept her way to the topRon
First she is Jamcian and East Indian so she is not black....she got her start in politics as the other woman for Willie Brown, and she is a nasty person.Dennis
The selection of Heels-up Harris is a gift to Trump and all his supporters. The liberal left is melting down over her while we on the right watch with glee.Deanne
A radical Marxist SocialistMario
She igs a vile hateful woman that lives for the devilKathy
She is deceitful.esther
Yuk!!  ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐ŸคฎAndrea
Not good for AmericaBob
Absolutely no good for governing.  She would make a great pawn for the Shadow Government.Janice
Stop calling her African American.Diane
Do not trust her. I think she will cause more racial  divisions. She’s only out for one person, herself. I see Biden taken out of the spotlight and media acting as if she’s running for President. I’m a college educated female and I will not in good conscience vote for her and the radical left. Everything Trump has worked hard for will disappear and so will our rights. She also uses the white word a lot but that’s not considered racist? Just my opinionMarlene
She will be making the decisions for the US.Patricia Burns
She is despicable and will cost the Democrats the election.Tim
Wicked witch of the west!David
Another DemonRAT POS!!! Although it didn’t matter who mumbles picked. They all suck!Joe
Sucked her way upRick
I understand her father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian (India).  Why is she considered Black?Roberta
It's a jokeCindy
What a jokeDebbie

If Biden wins she will be president in less than a year. Then the United States will cease to exist.Greg
NOT good if you don't want socialism.Pat
She is a strong and will overpower Biden in her quest as a career climber  Look
How in her job resume she ascended so quickly
She is evilJames
Bad choice for Americans.. No woman shouldbe allowed to hold any office. Look at the cities that have them. All failures and to be honest, I don't like blacks running for office. Again failures.Joe
A total JOKELes
She made the comment that if she got in the White House ( and she will if they win) that she is coming after all the Trumps Supporters and our guys. So watch because you will be sorry. Not good at all.Gail
Addition of Harris as VP does not make Biden a winner. Trump 2020Richard

She has some brains but only one dimensional, like her energy is only towards her own rise in power. She is unprincipled, there are no off bound tactics to achieve her PERSONAL goals. She is NOT somebody who dedicates her life to help less privileged. All she ever will do is to further her OWN interest.
She is proven to be an evil "wolf in sheep's clothing", which is extremely important to understand, since there is one theory going around in the conservative leaders circles that having "sleepy Joe" Biden as the Presidential candidate is intentional, so that "if" he does get elected, his senility and rapidly failing mental abilities will make him unfit for the Presidency, forcing his resignation and forcing this "witch bitch liberal" to be our New President (disgusting thought).
At that point, she will rapidly turn loose her suppressive actions to destroy every Good and Great Thing that Trump had done for our Country, and rapidly usher in radical socialism (which is a thin intentional disguise that hides pure evil communism).
For this reason, all Freedom Lovers & Fighters must now stop being the "Silent Majority" and start being the "Vocal, Speak Out and Fight Back Majority" to help ensure that our President Trump gets re-elected in every possible way you can.
She's a slut, dangerous liar and an anchor baby.Rae
Kiss ass,will do anything to be in power.Their Yes WomanVickie
Phony liar with no morals.Connie
FACT-CHECK: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said Thursday night that the Trump economy is "not working for working people" and cited the GOP tax cuts.

VERDICT: False. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ employment data have shown significant income growth for working-class Americans, particularly among minority groups.

Harris the one who inhaled while listening to rappers who were still in grade school!

The one who Was not bussed as she claims when it was years after that happened she went to school and desegregation  had already happened and she Jamaican/India Indian not African American which her own father called her out on!

The one who slept her way to the top!

The one who hates whites but is married to one!

Oh please! Go away! Your nasely voice is grinding on the ears!
She brings no state to the ticket as CA is already Biden's, she's not black but Indian, most people don't like her for her flip/flopping and terrible Attorney General decisions and actions in CA and most know Biden't incompetent, so she'd be a crap President. Basically, cinched Trumps' WIN!!!Deb
I’m not in favor of any democrats running our Gov’t and politics ideology. I can never trusted their influence in our society in United States. To me they’re all a parasites. My take.James

Harris is the perfect Democrat. Evil, power-mad.Mariel
She has baggage, is not a nice person and I believe she's a gift to the Trump campaign!Mary
Corrected,liar.  Says whatever you want to hear.Robert
Shes wants to kill all trump supports and she will.Bonnie

big fake failurecaroline
I'm 70, CA Native, and my opinion of Kamala Harris is ........... ABSOLUTELY NOT PRINTABLE.  GrrrrrrrLisa
She is the very worst of the worst to hold any job in government, much less be a candidate for VP. Biden just proved how delusional he really is. Poor Joe, he don't even know what world he's in.Scarlett
No way I would vote for eather of them Trump 2020John
She's almost as scary as Hillary Clinton.Samantha
I think she is two faced and will say or do anything to be Vice President. She has to know he isn’t going to be able to withstand the duty Of President with his health which would Lord forbid would make her President.  If we don’t re-elect President Trump, we are in deep trouble!!!Jan
I hope America wakes up and defeats these idiots in November!Chad
She's a joke just like him.Martha
She's a two-faced phony. I Think she may believe she has one foot in the White House with aspirations of it leading to the presidency. Fat chance of that.Sharon

Paula Kelley
Horrifying! Must NEVER win Vice Presidency!!!!Matthew
One looser joins another looserGordon

She is a socialist/ communistTami
She is hated enough to help Trump win bigger.Bill
She screwed her way to the top! Just as she has and continues to do to the citizens of our country. To elect Biden will mean she becomes president after Biden is removed for incompetence! Our country is doomed if these two are elected!
Trump will save our country and continue to work for We the People! ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป
Good for the RepublicansChristian
Terrible pick, but hey, that just boosted Trump!Bruce

She’s a lying evil piss poor excuse for a human being.Shawn
Corrypt and left over Obama Administration!sheila
I can’t stand the woman! She is the biggest phony possible!Carol
She is a disgusting liar who cannot be a president. She is an anchor baby for foreign students. She is ineligible.  She is a lair and cheat.Cynthia
She's a arrogant, big mouthed frogDeborah
I think she is all over the place, concerning her beliefs. She vilified Biden as a racists and believed the woman who accused him of inappropriate behavior. It will be interesting to see how she tries to walk back those two accusations. I don’t believe her. I believe her stance is similar to an old saying that my father, who happened to be a Democrat, would use describing untrustworthy politicians on either side. He would say, “I don’t trust him. He blows any way the wind blows,” meaning that the person had no real convictions on any issue. They would simply say what seemed pleasing, if it would get them a vote. I believe Kamala Harris would say or do anything for a vote and that makes me very uneasy.Sally Mitchell
They deserve each other, both are fruit cakes and fuckwits that don't stand a chance against the master tactition, President Donald Trump.  ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿฆ˜Rick

Terrible decision she ran California into the ground and she is far left.Wanda
She's totally corrupt! #TRUMP2020

Radical pathetic pickDwayne fox
Will not help Biden at all, she is an unlikeable personDeborah
She’s not a good person for America.James
She will agree to anything to advance her agenda. What is her agenda you ask? Anything that puts Kamala Harris in the lime light. She has a lust for power.Raymond
As a Presidential candidate she was appalled by Biden's sexual misconduct and inappropriate "touching"!!!!!! Now she's okay with being his VP!!!! She is Indian and Jamaican, not African American.  Too far to the left!!!!!Lura
She is definitely not Presidential material. She has no real qualifications that I can see. Hopefully the voters will see this too.Patricia
She is a president we the people of the United States of America did not get to vote for if Trump does not win in November.
She is not good for America.
She needs to go like that woman in Michigan.
The worst pair of candidates ever in the history of AmericaChristina
Dangerous to America's FutureBeBe
Can’t stand her she’s a fake and a phony . You can’t believe anything that she says because she is also a liar.Susan
Slept her way to the top!!Arthur
Bad, bad, choice, even black folks dislike her, ask leo Terrell about what he thinks of her!!!Jerry lopez
Will say whatever she thinks will get votes.
Can't look ya in the eyes...have you noticed her swivel neck???
Looks only for reactions;no eye contact while talking...looks mostly to floor, wall, ceiling...not eyes=not good.
Diggin being nominated... salivating about the idea.

This pick helps Trump and his followers.Sheila
Very poor choiceDick
Hell noLisa
A worthless racist.Philip
She will do anything to get power. She doesn’t even like joe BidenKaren

Good lord, help us all if they win. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐ŸปMichele
She is not a likeable candidate, condescending arrogant bullySusan
Really a two faced individual that is not to be trusted  talks out both sides of its mouth๐Ÿคฎ๐ŸคฎKelvin
I don’t care for her at all. Extreme leftist and it is going to be a deplorable situation with her. She is a bad choice and heartless and a radical leftist. I don’t care for any of her agenda. We are in real trouble if Biden and her get in.Norma
She is just what the Democrat party wants. Socialism/communism. We all need to keep praying that President Trump is reelected.Phyllis
It's a win for Trump!Denise
She is not African-American. She is not a citizen as outlined in our Constitution. Her records have been sealed during her time as Attorney General and prosecutor. She is not qualified for the VP position.Thomas
She is a traitor and slept her way into her positionsLinda
A ploy to get Pelosi into the White House, just like she said. Pelosi knows she couldn’t possibly win, so Biden-Harris is the ploy.Bethany
She is a total liar but it does not matter Biden will loose and she will go to the garbage bin hopefully!Nick
If the Demorats and Biden/Harris win we all loseR
After reading Charlie Shamp prophecy I  have no woories.Sheila
She is a crooked, wanna be commie.Char
She’s a people pleaser and will say anything to get anything. I don’t believe a word she says and I think she’s more conservative than she will admit. Btw, many voters tend not to consider the VP candidate when deciding who they will vote for.Jennifer
I don’t think Biden picked her. He was told to pick her. Trump MAGAKaren
Honestly it really doesn’t make a difference who he chose for VP because he’s not gonna win the election!!Suzanne
Very poorDavid
His choice for VP is confirmation of the dementia he is suspected of havingJJ
She hates law enforcementDavid
Bad choice.  She’s way to far left.  I don’t think she’ll benefit the ticket at all.Edith

She scares me that she said if elected she would go after Trump supporters.Sandra
From my point of view his choice puts the final nail in his coffin.  However that being said, I have fear over the voting process in November.  We may never know who wins and Pelosi being in there for even a nano second scares me almost to death!  She must lose her seat in Congress but that’s unfortunately up to her CA district voters.  Worse comes to way ticket out of the former United States of America.Julie
Meet our next prez!  Get they'd get her there one way or another!Peggy

Trump 2020Ben
I don't trust her. She is a power hungry liberal and will do anything to take away our countries history and believe me Conservatives will be her targetGary
Phuchin bitch has slept her way to every political position and job that she has ever had...verified!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜กRon
I think they're both crooksJennifer
She is as bad as he is--together they would decimate our countrySusan
shes a whore, liar and disgustingdee
She is racist! She is not black or African American. She filled our jails in California and now she's for early release and no bail. I'm just interested in when Bidden steps down and she becomes President.Katherine
She is not qualified for the job of Vice President and should never be a heartbeat away from the presidency.  She is a silly girly girl.Dawn
She is a crook like the rest of them and don't care for either of themSherry
Just want to know how she got from secretary to senator? Details please! HahahahahaRobin
What a joke!Penny
Hoping she can put up with sniffing her hair and touching her. He is worst than Clinton.Chris
All the more reason not to vote for Biden.Prentice
1. not black
2. Cop
3. Put criminals behind bars & kept them there... black lives do not matter to her...
4. Hypocrite
5. Called Biden a racist ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜…
she reminds everyone of Kavenhaugh hearingsmarge
Better than Susan Rice!Judy
No way, I'd never vote for herRuss


Better choice than Harris!Judy
Lying BitchConnie
She is explicitly hostile to Catholics. She is big on abortion. She gives all Catholics more reason not to vote for Biden.Melinda
not sincere.joe
She boffed the old SF Mayor to advance her political career....don’t think it will work with senile Biden unless Pharma gets involved.  She reminds me of an Egyptian Asp...John
Nothing....she’s worst than Sleepy JoeRobert
Well she started out s*cking her way to the top so looks like shes working on old Joe now ! ๐ŸคฃBrandy
Horizontal Harris speaks for herself.  She's a woman with many problems in her head.  She needs special help from someone who can best describe her wrongs and very few rights.  I, in a way, feel sorry for her if they were to win (which they won't).  Joe will be no, zero help in running the country.  He has done nothing good for the USA in fifty years, but he has always made his family do very well with ill gotten money.  Harris is in the same boat as Joe.  Only she is being driven by the far and radical left (Soros).Teddy
She is NOT african. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian, from INDIA.  She's another fake like Pocahontas.    Lying is the demonRAT way.Debra
She is only in this for power. She is not doing this for the American people.Paul
She’s still trying to work her way to the top!Marilyn
It's great for President Trump! Ensures he will be re-elected! She's from the pit of HELL!Billie
a vile, evil person who is not fit to be VP or president ... or even in Congress !Sharon
If this is the best they got, there is no way, they're going to beat Trump.  I think it great news for President Trump!Maridarn
She is a far left Marxist.  She is a demon possessed evil woman.Jeanette
A sinister look is the face on this woman.  I can't imagine anyone, including the Dems, liking her.  Her treatment of Kavanaugh was shameless.  She's an open book and cannot hide her arrogance and her feeling of self-importance.  Probably a great pick for Slo-Jo as they are the Pitiful Pair.Judith
Kamala isn't Black. What are the 100 Democrat Blacks that wrote Biden the letter going to do? They said he couldn't win without a Black female VP.Laurel
She's a f-----g joke just like Biden.  Wonder who she had to sleep with to get this job?John
He is  a neck biter And she is a Street Fighter...
A perfect match up for Sparks and Drama.
I’m getting the corn popper  Overhauled..
it is going  to be a double header season...
What Happens when DNC decides Biden can't handle himself as President?  Does the DNC nominate Harris as President?Thomas
She is not a Biden supporter. She is going to steal the presidency if Joe Blow wins, which he won’t. She thinks she had a good shot at this. Her arrogance is her downfallLaurie
Thanks, Sleepy Joe!
You’ve just guaranteed America four more years of President Trump KEEPING AMERICA GREAT!

I do not like her. Biden is not competent to run and  made a choice that is the worst, which will give the Presidency to Donald Trump by a landslide.  Donald Trump 2020.Phyllis
She is the worst possible candidate who will strip our 2nd amendmentdariena
I think she was a terrible pick, and am sure the DemoRATS will regret it in the end, but i am happy about that, she slept her way to the top, but found anger in the Kavanaugh trial because of lying old lady Ford. Even running as president earlier this year, she only got 5% of the black vote, less then Warren, Sanders, and Biden. TRUMP in 2020John
Bad newsBarbara
He just lost any chance of being elected with this pickGeorgia
Up to no good.Peter
I’m sorry for saying this, since I’m a Catholic but Joe loves kids and Kamala will use men to advance her career, so they were made for each other, what a pair to occupy the White House, it will no longer be white!Maria Victoria
I also believe in prophets . So with that being said I feel Kamala Harris is a big mistake I can only hope that goes in Trumps favor. And if for some reason Biden can’t serve as president Kamala would fill the office which could be disastrous for our country . This is all based on Biden winning ?Jamie
I believe that based on her previous statements she is the most patronizing bitch every to be selected to be Vice President with Biden.John
She’s a rag head pushing for sharia law communism the devil herselfRita
Lack of CharacterDorina

Camel hairs— actual hairs off an actual camel— would probably make a better vice presidential candidate than Kamala Harris. I don’t trust her one bit. Her responses to letters to my senators I’ve sent her during her years as one of the US Senators for California have made it crystal clear to me that she is a Liar and a Hypocrite who would be no good at all for the American People!Rachel
What a phony Kamela Harris is with Marxist leanings. I hope and pray President Trump wins this election. We are on the brink of losing our Republic.Anne
She is disgusting! Will never forgive her for the nasty way she treated Kavanaugh!๐Ÿ˜กSue
She is a no body, certainly not VP material.  Maybe she has granddaughters that interest him.Ann Rieg
She is a whore. We dont want her in the white house.Andrea
Good news for Trump campaignJim
Far Leftist!and for Socialism!!Cynthia
She is a SOCIALIST! No 2nd Amendment,Defund the Police, Mo Coal, Green everywhere! And most of all She is NOT QUALIFIED!Marilyn
She is a Marxist and the most un-American person he could have picked! If you like communism/socialism you will like her!SR
Uses her body to get what she wants,Jim
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap!!!!Paul
She is a phony who thinks as a black female she deserves to be president (since Biden isn’t really in the running) and is entitled to the presidency.Carol
What a shame, that slow Joe would go so far down this radical road with phony Harris The thought of a democratic win upsets me greatly, but the thought of Kamala taking the reins when Biden goes down, and he will real soon, terrifies me.Julia
I thought it was a joke. Only pick worse would have been Stacy Abrams from Georgia.Keith

Kamala Harris is strictly a California politician. Biden does not need a VP from California. California is pure democratic state. Biden would take California anyway. Dumb move. Needs Michigan, Wisconsin. Really dumb move.Michael
The two of them are what we call a “Cluster”Justin
Two faced, extremist, ๐Ÿ‘ŽNatalie
She is a JOKE just like BIDEN. She belittled him earlier and now singing he praise. TOTAL HYPOCRITE.Waymon
The biggest joke of the day!!Marie
She will be awesom..knowledge and strong character to lead us to American Firts...GoooooGladys
she has white blood maybe more than black blood.Holly
She won't help Biden.  Jerk !Gloria
It's going to be a disaster.  Whatever agenda the Democratic Party has by having Biden & Harris as a team is going to backfire.Cori
She really is a phone fake. She does not care about a damn about the people. She never response to anything addressed to her. She never help any one who approached her for help. She is all for herself. Anyone know anything about her husband?!??
She is not for real. Any real credit that her father is from Jamaica an American?!?!- or is it another those fake she possesses?!
How about the mother Asian Indian really married a Jamaican?!!
No wayKaren
Perfect match. Can anyone imagine her as president when diamemtia Joe gets axed by his own party. Lord help us.robert
Biden is an idiot, many people (including Democrats) do not like Kamala Harris!Lena
Shocked ! California must be trying to buy The Electionholly
Trump/Pence 2020Toni
Biden's choice of Kamala Harris as a running mate shows that he is willing to work with people who disagree with him. It shows how he has much more emotional and political maturity than Trump who doesn't want to work with anyone who doesn't agree with or grovel to him.Nekonata
Shes a placecard for the real pick.Lynda

She's a Racist!clark
She is a plant to get pelosi closer to the presidency , she cannot be pres she is not natural born , if biden steps down she will be disqualified and pelosi steps inSteve

She is horrible! Liar! Does not represent me as a women!Alane
She’s a dumbass piece of leftest liberal trash just like bidenJudy
The Democrats best whoreMJ
She's fakeMichelle
I think it’s great for our side!!!Trump 2020๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธLucille
Leftist, two faced, hypocriticalfreddie
Biggest Liberal in The USA. Think Joe Pick for VP is good News for Republicans and President Trump. She already Committed to Taking our Guns getting rid the Medicare She is  disaster .Francis
Not happy, she won't do anything for Americanscharlet
She is very liberalDonna
This is going to help Trump. No one likes her.terri
She isn't a trustworthy womanTina
Nothing goodJoy
Traitor to American and MuslinsFrank
Liberal leftestMike
They both are wrong choicesJeanne
It'll be President Kamala Harris within two years.  That's when Bernie and AOC along with their socialist buddies will destroy this country.Tom
A jokeVincent
She is a bitch who slept her way into politics. She claims to be afro-American but mom was from India and dad was from Jamaica. She was behind the biden accusers of sexual assault.
She is pure bullshit
Well, I think she's an idiot  but it concerns me that so many minorities now will definitely vote for biden because they were stupid enough to vote for BO JUST BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK! Now he will also gain the women voters who will vote JUST BECAUSE HE PICKED A WOMAN!!! Scares the hell out of me!!!!Carol
Do not agree with her politicsLeslie
The first time I answered this I was still laughing but now on a serious note I honestly believe she is dangerous, she may be able to unite the serious die hard Democrats and they may be able to reel in the moderate one's. It's going to take all of the silent majority to win this election, nothing is a sure thing. We do have one thing that's pretty big on our side, God always wins... #ForGodandCountryBob
She’s a liar she hates this country and she hates white people in general she wants to ruin this countryTim
She seems mean and vindictiveSonja
she is an awful personBeth


She is such a joke!

She is a bigger joke than he isJeanette
She is a complete hypocrite. She totally tried to bring down Mr Kavanaugh on lies but supports Joe Biden who's accuser knew when what and where sleazy Joe did by MS Ford didn't know anything except she knew something happened.Bonnie
She is not fit..I'm a Californian, I've witnessed her destruction and disregard for the AMERICAN CITIZENS..Pandering to drug addicts, illegal aliens, criminal class, including sex offenders, murderers and domestic violence perpetrators..I guess I have to call it reverse racism..she is racist, she lies to get her way, including lying on her back..too radicalNancy
Kamala is condescending,  openly hostile to Republicans, an opportunist, and a nasty lady.Dianne
Another Left Liberal Socialist Fascists Communist ANTIFA/BLM supporting DemocratDan
A lying nobody who has no ability to run anything.Marabeth
joke its sobad when this is what is offered to run the ustroy
Our country is screwed if Trump dos t win. I fear for my child’s future, once I’m no longer alive.Erin
She is so irritating. But I am actually happy I think she will help make Biden beatable. I have read the blacks don’t like her.Sarah
Socialist piece of CrapJohna
Eye candy!Iris
Always looks/appears angry.  way out there.Jane
I am sure he is stocking up on kneepadsTracy
Slut and NastyJudy
Lying Flipflopping Progressivd RacistMargot
she is a piece of shit that doesn't give a dam about biden.....that was proven in the debate she was in with him!leslie
I don't think a muslim should be in public office in the United States๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธDiane
She’s as phony as Elizabeth Warren. She claims she’s African American, but her mother came here from India, and her father is from Jamaica. How does that make her African American?Nancy
Fake as the fake news!!!Janice
A sure win for president Trump.John
Both are bad..Barb
Harris was chosen to help deliver the woman and black vote. Her mother immigrated from India, her father is black but he immigrated from Jamaica. So she’s half black, but like half black obama who’s father was from Africa she has no connection to American Blacks. 13 percent of our country are black. Most can trace their ancestors back to American slavery. But the racist democrat party never picks any of them for the White House!! They pick children of immigrants instead! Why? Because the democrat party is the party of slavery and racism!! They do not want an American black in the White House! Because to them, that would be making a slave the President!!!Michael
They deserve each other! Though it’s fully a political move to glean voters, it changes nothing about either of their personal characters, records, or competence to run either a successful campaign or guide our hurting nation! No heart or integrity in either one of them!Marilyn
Typical democrat.  Can't believe a word she says and an oppurtunist.  She'll do anything as long as it benefits her.  Couldn't care less about the American people and it shows.Jim

Roger Gifford
Worst Vice President pick in the history of America.Chris
Are you kidding meMike
She is as good as any other option. The Democrats are a really scary bunch. Every last one of them!Fritz
Just what our country needs . . . dementia for President and lying mistress for VP!Bob
She is and always will be a person with a specific background that will haunt her for life. Her choice of words and actions will be her demise.Charlie
She I saw not qualified! She I saw a say what ever dits the narrative left extremist! She I saw a disgrace, slept her way to the top! She’s is a nobody who wants to pretend to be somebody!Terry
Horrible woman!!!! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐ŸผCynthia
What a joke and how much sadie Joe really have in the selection???William
Wolf in sheeps clothingJennifer
I am gagging & praying I never have to hear her speak. Please God, give us more time to get it right!Terry
She does NOT have the morals to be VP. VP is not a job to be taken lightly .gail
She will be the one who, if elected, leads this country into Communism and Socialism.   She will be funded by George Soros who I am sure is the scum of Hell.....Linda
Diehard communists are ecstatic he chose her, they are under the impression it’s their A team. It’s a train wreck. But they could still have a chance because democrats are also a train wreck and are fueled by hatred of conservatives... so I feel it’s up in the air.Gresia
Abusive behavior witch evil cruel.  Narcissistic!Emily Braddock
Sad choice. Liberal from California. Wants tax increases and doesn’t believe in natural fuels & fracking. She’s an elitist and has no clue how to negotiate world economy.Patti
She wants to be the president.Barbara
A phony who isn't BLACK and skewered Biden on sexual allegations, no one to talk after affair with Willie BrownMaryann
It was completely expected for Biden to pick her. I think it was a ploy and I’m scared to think that Biden might win the election now by getting all the BLM movement fans and antifa votes. I’m so scared for this country. Things are so out of control and the USA is falling apart. If the dems get in office, I think USA will be destroyed.Andrea
K. Harris seems to be unqualified to serve as VP, much less as POTUS, if need be.Jammie
Somehow I get the feeling she was selected to give Biden an edge. I am sure she has the ability to lead and direct people. The question to ask before voting is where will she lead us to and not the question of what gender or race she belongs to. I feel pretty confident that Biden will fade away and she will become president if they are elected in November.Cliff
She's not a full fledged black person. 1/2 Jamaican 1/2 India.  Also, enforced criminal penalties that impacted African Americans the most.
Pray this all comes into play with discouraging people not to pick these two "dopey duo"
A Phony hater.  I will never forget her horrible ugly toned questioning of Justice Cavanaugh.Medelice

Why is it that anyone with deep communist ties can even run for office?  I guess no one could run then.Kim
We are all doomed if these two EVIL people get in!Hessie
Horrible, liberal bitch.Mary
She has alot of political experience and when Joe kicks the bucket or forgets who he is , shes next in line for President, right? Hmmmmm?!!!??Stacie
She is a dumb assGary
A mean and phony person.Cathlyn
I believe she will not help the liberal left cause. She wasn’t even raised here and is not African American. I believe she will turn on Joe first chance she gets too!Michele
I believe she is just as far left as Pelosi!! Trump will tear her down as well as Biden.  Even her Father called her a Liar!!Tracy
Bad choiceGladys
Sneaky, underhanded. You know she's hoping "something" will happen to Joe......Sandie
Two faced!!Linda Black
She is full of shitGary
She's fake and only out for powerMartha
It’s all part the Democrats plan, constitutionally as she is an anchor baby and her parents weren’t American citizens when she was born, so when the Democrats decide to put Creepy Joe in a mental facility, she cannot become president!! So guess who is next in line?? DRUNKOSI , this was Their plan all along!!  So do you think the election won’t be rigged??Joseph
Keep your eyes open for Ol Lady Clinton when this POS is tossed. Cant count out Obammys mammy either.HJ
Why would you have a running mate that believes you're basically a pervert??Linda
If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything!Bill
Ugh.  She flip flops too muchSharen

Phony. Insincere. Power grabber.Karen
An undercover socialist! A fox in sheep's clothing.  Don't trust her at all.Gene
Gold digging slutDavid
I KNEW IT!  My thoughts were negative but this prophecy has made me re-think that.  I think I’ll just pray for her.Robin
She not trust worthy bad choice!Melvin
She is only picked to take Joe’s place because he will not last. It’s the House speaker’s pick!!Cathy

Kamala is a phony, sleazy ho.Brenda
She is a liar & adulteress. No morals & big hypocrite.Judy
I think “they” picked her because she is a black women, thinking they will get the black vote. Black people are not ignorant they been watching just like the rest of us have and they know Trump has made major changes. Give him another 4 years and the swamp will be drained!-DVivian
Her own father disowned her for lying about her Jamaican culture.
Harris was a biased AG in CA!
Her views as a Senator are far left on every leftist narrative.
Lucie A.
She just gave Trump the electionMargi
She is not black enoughLinwoods
Nobody likes that vile, evil, nasty, phony woman.  She's definitely making the Biden ship sink faster!Yvette
They’re TWO Of A KIND๐Ÿคฆ‍โ™‚๏ธ!  Totally WORTHLESS๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป‍โ™‚๏ธ!!!!!!!Mike
Realize that she will be acting president shortly after if Biden wins because he will be deemed unfit. Does anybody really think that she's fit?? Or is it possible that Biden will be deemed unfit, something happens to Kamala which leaves Pelosi as president?! Hmmmm..........Angela

She is a token “skank of color “, a hypocrite, and a liar.Linda
In reality she is running for president! Everyone knows that Joe is not long for this world.  Alzheimer's is a fatal disease!Dale
Never Gonna Happen ๐Ÿ˜‚!Ann
Worst pick ever! She hates America, voted against born alive bill. And put Justice Kavanaugh through hell. Picking a VP on pure race and gender is as racist as you can get! 2 thumbs down! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘ŽAnna
Her demeanor   She is not a likable person   Way too far leftGinny
I don't have anything good to say so I won't say anythingConnie
She is not to be trusted, take our rights away.Shirley
Well today one thing and do another is typical for this one.  Run with a person she earlier called a racist.  HMMMM.Janice
She has Charisma, and that is about it. Very inexperiencedBob
I think she is an evil snake that will support whatever agenda will get her elected. She is a dangerous person to lead this country. She showed her true colors in the Kavenaugh hearing. She’s a prosecutor but no evidence was necessary? Just destroy a man’s life because he has views that oppose her own? Normal people do not do that but Dems have no problem with it. She is part of the swamp.Vicki
I'd do her but I wouldn't vote for her.wilson

I like it. She did nothing running for president,  she isn't truly black and I don't think she will help him at all.Diane
She is a person who lies. She slept her way to the top. She will do anything for power. She is corrupt.Eva
Farther Left !! TRUMP 2020 ♥๏ธโž•๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธDebbie
I had a feeling she would be his choice, but I'm not worried at all, they're hopeful titles will not be a reality.MHN
She is so in name only! She works for her close friend Barack Obama who at Soros instructions put her there!Sh e is an evil pawn! I do not believe if she is offered a choice toward good away from evil she will choose it. She will be like rich man in the Bible who comes to Jesus and tells Him all he has done in works and asks Jesus what else should I do and Jesus says give up your money (power) and he walked away but only Jesus really knows at this point!Judy RN
I have no good thoughts about her. They both are a joke.Larry
Shifty, Morally Bankrupt, Baby Killer, Gun Grabber, Lib.Frightening

A Looser and Nasty evil piece of SHIT. She is not African American but a Jamacian first generation. She is a slimily Californian. She use all the ploys and has no class or moral integrity. Spreading your Legs this time is not going to help YOU!!Patrick

Worst pick ever.Belva
She fits right in with the EVIL LYING DEMONRATS M OTheresa

He didn't pick her the left did.[email protected]
Stupid choice Joe, she's worse than HillaryVickie
A typical Communist Democrat who cares nothing about the common people. She cares only for power and will do anything to get it.Tim
The media keeps saying she's African American, she's not ! She's half Indian and Jamaican ! They don't know this ? LolRick
She's as phony as a three dollar bill. She showed her true colors during the debates and is a very dangerous snake. All she wants is to be in the spotlight so she can spew her venom. Since Sleepy Joe doesn't he's alive she thinks she can manipulate him. I think he signed his own death warrant by choosing her and that's fine by me.Rita
She is awful and it's very scary that she is that close to being President!!! We all know that Biden won't make it through his first term do to his mental and physical health. He is just a place holder for his VP to "rule"Cara
She really frightens me. She even has a "I'll get you" look about her.Debbie
socialism/communism will be shoved down our throats. Or they will try to! Time to FIGHT! The woman is disgustingly corrupt!Lou
Predictably his choice, guarantees ill vote trump.Paul
A Class 1, Regulation, Cluster type F##k!!!!!David
I think it’s a terrible pick for them but happy for us.  She was not popular in the primaries and her comments on Biden and segregation and her being the little girl on the bus will come back to haunt them. She has also threatened to get even with all the Trump supporters.  I pray they don’t win because she would be a horrible President. The country is not ready to embrace someone like her. She was awful to Justice Kavanaugh as wellLinda
She is a vile, despicable liar. Oh, and she's a racist.Lorraine
I think it’s great for the Trump campaign. She’s got too many skeletons in her nasty closet.Lana
My 2 cents...Blah blah blah, joe MUST choose a black female for his running mate. She doesn’t look black to me. I read where she is black and Asian. I don’t see it.  She was against Biden before... now she’s for him?? She couldn’t get the presidential nomination, why would anyone vote for her on the Biden ticket?? She could very likely be moving into the presidents role. Dems don’t seem to have a campaign plan. However, none of it matters MAGA Trump 2020 for the win!!!Sandra
asshole like the rest of the wacky leftnancy
She is a terrible choice. She seems to  hate our country and favor socialism or  communism.William
Out for herself.Peter
Two faced looser.David
Phoney, has no real beliefs just jumped on the best wagon to become Vice President/PresidentLucky
Neither should be in office...Biden is just a pawn Harris is who they want in by some idiotic chance he gets elected he won't be in office for longPam
Not surprised at all. Hillary has been grooming her since day one. She will be/is Hillary’s puppet.Ann


i think "" they ""  are trying and succeeding to totally wreck the Democratic party. the worst preidential candidate ever ,supported by a totally power hungry witch.
I believe she is as big or bigger of a Racist than Biden. Therefore they should complement one another. God will not let this happen to America.mike
So disappointed! Not what we need.Debbie


She is such a liar and so corrupt, she fits right into the same pattern as the rest of the Democrats.  She is a true waste.  She has nothing to offer anyone in this country because she is so negative.  God help this country.  Communism is on the way if Biden wins this election.  I pray every night he does NOT!gigi
She Slept Her Way To Where She Is..Way Left Don't Have A Chance.....Chuck
It’s a total win for President Trump for sure lol!Rebecca
She's a loud mouth and evil.Mary

She is as disgusting as sleepy Joey is - may the two hurry up and disappear in to the  swampdianne
I believe she fits right in to Satan's work.  She, I believe is deceitful and corrupt.Judy
She’s a phony and has a nasty mouth.Sam
Just another lying piece of Liberal Trash. I so despise DemoRats๐ŸคฎCharlotte
She is not good for America’s values.Darla
It’s so wrong that a VP is picked purely by color and gender. Isn’t that affirmative action. Trump 2020 has my voteMandi
Hahah way to give the election to trump. Good job!Krystel
Don’t really care who his running mate is.  I’m not voting for Biden.Leida
I think she will do ANYTHING to be President because we all know that's what will happen.  Not a very good choice!Toni
She is the VP pick because Biden will never serve as president . He will get ill and Kamala will take over as president . It is the democraps agenda . But it's all moot because Biden will never win . Trump will be our president for another 4 years .STEVE
He want a female and to be black. That doesn't say she's the best qualified to be president if he can't.SUSAN
The worst decision ever. She is poison.Nolan
She is almost as bad as Hillary Clinton. Need I say more?Ken
She’s a liar like Biden, and a liberal as well....
Bad news for this country
Arthur W.
Phony, dishonest xx gold digger.Scott
Very poor choice##!Susan
She is totally unqualified to be President.Albert
At this point I don't think it matters who he picked. All his available choices are so steeped in leftest ideology they are beyond redemption. All we can do is hope they lose in November.William
She has helped destroy a state, now she wants to help destroy a country. If they are elected, we will see a civil war within a year.Sue
My honest thoughts are that this man and woman are the epitome of evil!
The Democrats have shown they are walking with the Devil.
We have an opportunity to “VOTE” and keep the positive change this Country is experiencing with President Trump going.
Please don’t waste one single opportunity to do the right thing.
“TRUMP 2020”
I'm mortified at the thought of her becoming president in the unlikely event they can steal the election. My prediction is this Biden won't make it through the 1st year. But I'm not really that worried because Trump will win by a landslide!Bill
A joke!
I’m voting one way and that is for President Trump 2020! Best President in history!
She is a phony opportunist.Beth
She was corrupt in California and will be corrupt in Washington DC.James
Worst choice ever!  This will ultimately start a civil war because Americans do not want MarxismWilliam

I think she would sell her soul to the devil for power. She got her start in politics by becoming Willie Brown's mistress so she literally is a whore for power!Donna
She ain't black, as she says.Kim
She's a Grade A Liar, although she gets caught up every time she opens her mouth, so maybe a grade D liar...slept her way to the DA's position is SF, did nothing as a Lieutenant Governor in California, and has only brought ridicule and shame upon herself since she was elected to the Senate by stupid people in California.  Her nomination guarantees a win by President Trump, because Biden won't survive the first term and nobody wants this woman in the Oval Office.Jay

I haven’t anything good to say so therefore I won’t say anything.Bonnie
Two losers,  she claims to be African American, and she is from Jamaica.  Slave trader family,  and now she wants to be President,  oops I mean VPJames
He made his nail in his coffinLeona
They are both Deep State Rats; All Things Hidden Are Being ExposedLINDA
She is only in the position she's in today because of Gov. Newsom. Not qualified!CRAIG

She's a complete loserJane
Biden’s handlers didn’t us a huge favor. She alienated women because of Willie Brown. She alienated moderates because... well, she ain’t. She alienated blacks because of her record as an AG. Thank you Joe!Jerry
When I stop laughing I will let you know.Larry
too liberal for the USpatty
Just another Loser. She isn't really black her ancestors had slaves she's supposedly has a white husband
Another huge joke going on here.
She's also a slimey cockroach who cannot be trusted.
A jokeEdna
I don’t like her, never have.  Biden, if elected, will not serve out his term because he is nuts, then she will become President and we Americans will definitely be screwed!Gloria
She is not Presidential or VP material. She is emotionally immature and will go after her perceived enemies with a dangerous gusto. Kamala is a proven liar and will say anything to succeed.Sharon
she is crooked an under handed as can be just what the democrats want to be presidentStephen fortner
She is a Liar and a User...Jim
sad day in AmericaMelanie
The first person who calls her an African American should have their chops cleaned!!Bill
She is so phony.  To get into office in California she did she was an Indian American and slept her way to the top with a horrible job review.  Now she says she is African American to be VP with sleepy joe. Who will she sleep with and will the true radical side shine out.  Sleepy and Blow oh no!!!Debbie
Another liar and corrupt democratSylvia
A match made in hell.Lorene
It was as if he had to pick a criminal! No good choices and she is a bad one too. No one likes her and she failed miserably on her run for president, son who would want her for defacto president now?Marly
My opinion is that she truly is a fake. Personally, I can’t tolerate the sound of her voice.  I mute the TV when she  is speaking. Especially that put down of Biden during that Debate.  So disrespectful.  Please God, save us from this world that is getting more wicked by the moment.Judy Guidroz Frahm
Scary to think she could end up as POTUS if Sleepy Joe gets elected and is declared incompetent.  Way too socialist. Can’t let this happen!!Bob
"Heels up"Harris as VP candidate is a gift. She's shallow, phony, dishonest and greatly under qualifiedJames
She’s a liar and a fraudDiane
Not the best person to represent this country or be considered second to assume position of president.Robert
total progressive socialist puppetKerry
I think she is a disaster but this choice will help Trump get elected.Wanda
Actually I can't print them here but I do think that she will help him in his LOSS.Don
God help us if they get electedAnn
Don’t like her attitude and I think she will lie to the people to get what she wants, no Integrity.Ann
She is a hypocrite & disaster !!Roland
I think she is an immortal politician.David
Terrible choice. Just assured the popular vote for Trump and Landslide victory for him.Rigo
She is the final nail in Bidens defeat!Arlene

I think she is a big phony.  She is a joke!  She hates Biden and by the way he didn't make the selection so he could not have made the blunder.  It was the Democratic Party that made that selection.  It just amazing me why she is a black woman, but she is also white?  So why doesn't she identify that way?  She is married to a white man, why?Kate
She is a progressive and will destroy this countryLaura
I don’t think it’s going anywhere. She hates him. And he doesn’t know what’s going on most of the timeCathy
What a joke!! She is not qualified to run for dog catcher must less VP of the USA.Desta
She is too far Left...which should help the #walkaway movementDW
not impressed by her at all.alan
She’s a piece of shit Demonrat . Nothing more to be said.Joseph
I think this It’s going to be very good for President Trump. When Kamala failed her duties regarding the cop killer her true colors came out. Even Diane Feinstein called her on it at the funeral. Neither of them have the good of the United States citizens in their hearts nor are either of them qualified.Lisa
Another puppet for the swamp.Steve
You don't want to know, hint: it's not good!Kyle
She's a whore sleeps her way to what she wants. No good for CA not for America eitherSandra


Danette Wright
Racist hypocrite!!!Dennis
shit showrob

He could have done better!!!..Hope Trump/Pence beat them big time!!!Sharon
Radical LiberalGlen
A lost cause! They’ll never make it to the WH.Jim

I believe it's set to give Pelosi a ticket to the White House.  We cannot allow the vote by mail, or freedom as we know it will be gone foreverLinda
She has no moral compass. I believe she would sell anyone down the river to get her way. I don’t like her ideology or trust her honesty. She’s totally unethical and untrustworthy!Sandra

If I really told you I would be band from FBmarylou smith
A total looser.William
Joke Liberal BRandy
Hope she enjoys LOOSING!!!!!Robert
She will be running countrybernice
Piece of shitJoseph
No wayDavid
Worst ticket everDonnie
She lost me during the Brett Kavanaugh Election to Supreme Court.Bonna
She isn't a true patriot and doesn't. Care about our country. She has some bad ideas I don't like. NoFaylene
I don’t think she will do anymore for the people of America then any other democrat. Not one of them are for the people of this country. I also believe she go for open boarders and will defund the police. Which we need in this country. As you can see no one is in control of the looting murders or rapist or rioters. I will never vote for a democrat again.Katherine
Nasty, evil bullyLinda
TerribleDon Faulk
Socialist! NO Medicare for all! That’s Socialized medicine, no choice, long lines, years before appropriate treatment! Ask Canadians who pay for US healthcare what they think...Valerie

Lieing conniving bitchSandy
A doomsday pair if there was anybob
Lying, cheating Communist!!!Deborah
She will do ANYTHING to advance politically!!!Nancy
Not even African American and the worst choice for America.  She prosecuted more black men and sent them to prison longer sentencesCarolyn
Bad choiceAshley
Token, but not really black!Tommy

She is a real piece of you know what,no chance of being VPFrank
She cannot be trustedSheila
She does not have the temperament or the experience to be a VP.Robert
She has always and will always be bad for the survival of America!!!Jody
She is completely crookedJames
Bad news for America!Jack
She is fake and a want to be. She moved up in her carrier laying on her back un Motels mattress.Pedro Diaz
Slut and unfit to be VP or anything elsealan
Ha ha ha ha haRon
Hooch that sucked her way upSteve
The worst not surprised but not gonna win anywayTerri

I think she is a loser. All she can offer is Ca and Ca dosent even like her. She was one of the 1st to go in the Dem primary so Dems dont really like her either.
Two losers
Biden Harrid
Joe and the Hoe...she isn't blackjudy
I question if she is a American citizenMarie
She would be horrible for our countryNan
She is a control freakChristine

I'm thrilled! I was worried they would pick Susan Rice.....a much bigger threat.Kathleen
She’s a joke just like him!!! Don’t like her, don’t trust her, and certainly wouldn’t vote for her!!!Teresa
She is "Garbage"!Brian
She is corrupt and is not supportive of our military, police, the Constitution....she has no interest in protecting citizens of America.Cindy
Fake and phonyTom
Not GOOD PickNorm
Desperate pick for the Biden ticket.Favi
Just another Lefty!Melissa
I believe she will say what she needs to (lie) evil womanjames
Great choice by Joe.  Now there will be a predator and a prostitute on the Democratic ticket.Donald
She is not qualified even she don't think so she was one of the first to drop out of the race only reason she was pickedis she is blackRichard
Joke. But obvious choice for obummer when bite me backs outJoan
Typical ultra liberal, believes in high taxes, giving money to illegals, supports socialism, and reducing the middle class to the poverty level and unlimited abortionChuck Weston
She is a fake and slept her way to the top. Ask Willie Brown. She is a bad person. Full of herself.Susan
She is a racist and would be a absolute disaster for our countryDiane
I think the democrats who support this pick have gone off the rocks!Benjamin
I think she will do anything, anything she needs to get ahead politically.  I do not agree with any of her beliefs for our country.  I do not trust her to be president.  And, if, Biden gets in, she will be President. No way, no how, not ever.Susanne

Just another corrupt democratRon
She is one of the nastiest people in government and is a disgrace to her office.Jean
America is screwed is she becomes VPBilly
Exceptionally poor choice. She is as racist as they come!Vicki
America is in big troublePat
who  caresMarlene
She likes to hear herself talk and she does not ha e the best interests of We the People. She’s a power hoarder at any cost-even if it means being a home wrecker.Lisa
senator for commifornia right? as a veteran i say no...i swore an oathjon
She will take over as President within 3 months if Biden is elected.Phil

Biden will probably have the 25th or 26th amendment applied to him ankamala Harris would be pres.Howard
My God, please save America from this women's hate.Karen
If Joe wins, which is doubtful. He will be kicked out of the presidency within one month for health reasons. Kamala will ruin the USA.!!Laurena
very overratedmarc
I think she is a puppet placeholder for a Soros replacement. She’s a vile woman who slept her way to the top.Debbie
A solid victory for the Republican party! ๐Ÿ‘Ezra
Opportunist that would stoop to wahatever it takes to have power!
By the way Joe.....she’s NOT black!!!
Landslide for President Trump!Lucinda
She is not fit to be president!Mike
Get ready to wear a hijab...taking us down from withinMelinda
What a joke, hypocritical, lying, bitch. She’s an idiot!Sheila
He just lost the electionLynn

NWO whoreWayne
She is a phony black woman !! Not black , really Indian !! She slept her way into politics !!Jeanmarie
I think she is too far left and will help establish Socialism/Communism in the US.Sandra

She’s is the worst pick that the DNC could pick for BidenAnny
Opportunist with wishy washy policy.Gary
She is an awful excuse for a human beingchris
She is dreadful and if Joe is elected she WILL become president within the first quarter of 2021. This is all part of the Demwit plan to get this left wing nut in the WH.Suzanne

Another socialist bastardMaria
Total idiotPeggy
Nope not a person who is for the better if ALL the people she will go after and destroy people who don't support her agendaSandi

She is Socialist, Communist, bad prosecutor , would take our 2nd amendment rights away, take our medical insurance away , fill our country with illegals and give them everything and take away Americans privilege. Defund our protection the brave police and defund prosecutors and criminals would run free in our country as the democrats are paying them to do now! Our big cities would be nothing but lawless Sanctuary Cities! Our America that our ancestors fought for our freedoms would be no longer! She hates fracking and big oil would destroy jobs! Our country would immediately become so liberal and will become One World Order! Israel would lose our protection and God will not allow it! Religious freedoms would be gone!Charlotte

Not good,she is,like Biden, a liar.mitch
Sleezy slept her way to the Senate.Norman

Couldn’t care less. Trump Pence 2020Betsie
A die hard socialist with a serious chance of being the first black female POTUS.  The question is ... Is the country ready for a back door move like this by the communists?RHB
She is so fake.  This will be the stake in Joe Biden's coffin.Jo
1)  She tried to ruin Judge K’s life and his family....
2) She threatened to find all the  Trump supporters if they take the power back and make them pay.
she sucksjohn
Bad newBob
hahahah. JOE AND THE HOE!kathi

Pray for our nation! President Trump MUST win!!Mary
Lol!  She’s called him a racist and believes his accusers of sexual assault... watch her tune change...Lynne
Worse pick ever! No where close to being qualified for the job.Beverly

She is a moron just like sleep joe
Not fit for VP, or potusCarol
Lying Bitchanthony
Don't like her.Catey
She is a piece of garbage! UN American witch!Vickey
Extremely bad choice.  She screwed up California, now she will screwup the U.S.of A.Sam
Worthless woman. Never get my vote. Nor will joe.Lewis
She is rude and disrespectful!!!Barbara
We don't need a hooker in the White House......Gina
Bad for our countrySheena
She's just as STUPID and Dumb as Biden is. They both are a Joke !!!!Betty
Horrible pick! Worst pick in two generations!Vincent
Only option worse than BidenBrian
He picked her because of race.  She is through and through a Democrat.Debra
IDK her, what I've seen of her, she's very dangerous for our great nation!Linda
She’s a crook that will take down America.Andrew
Adds to the lunacy!!!David


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