Bill Gates blasts Trump admin about the pandemic response & calls testing "insanity"

Bill Gates blasts Trump admin about the pandemic response & calls testing “insanity”

“No other country has this testing insanity” Tech billionaire, Bill Gates said in a CNN interview on August 9th.

Bill Gates has a lot to say regarding the United States' approch to testing for COVID – 19.

In an interview with CNN reporter, Fareed Zakaria,  Gates said “You’re paying billion dollars in to get the worst test results of any country in the world," and later on calling the strategy “mind-blowing.”

They started on the subject when Fareed Zakaria asked Bill Gates the following question:

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 “How do you explain the fact that the richest country on earth, that spends per capita maybe two to three times as much on health care as all the other rich countries in the world, seems to be kind of at the bottom of the pile of the advanced countries in the world in being able to handle this pandemic, what would be your answer?”

Our friends at The Washginton Times included several inporaint remarks from his interview:  

And this: “[There was a] variety of missteps by the U.S. and then the political atmosphere [that] meant that we didn’t get our testing going,” and as a result, America is “paying a pretty dramatic price.”

And this: “It’s mind-blowing … you can’t get the federal government to improve the testing, because they just want to say how great it is — you know, I’ve said to them, look, have a CDC website that prioritizes who gets tested. That’s trivial to do. They won’t pay attention to that.”

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Bill Gates went as far as to say that not only are we paying a dramatic toll is countless deaths, but also mentioned the ecomonic toll, "which is up in the trillions.

Watch the video below to see Bill Gates respond to questions about the US's COVID-19 testing:

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