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Ben Shapiro: Kamala Harris is a “Trojan Horse,” Joe Biden is a “Trojan Horse for Kamala Harris”

Ben Shapiro discusses team Biden: 'Wooden horses inside of wooden horses.'


Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was a guest on Fox & Friends and talked about the idea that Joe Biden is merely a Trojan Horse for Kamala Harris, who herself is a Trojan Horse for radical left ideologies.

The conversation picked up after one of the hosts asked Ben Shapiro if Kamala Harris was in fact the “pragmatic moderate” that the New York Times claimed her to be on Twitter.

Shapiro correctly pointed out that “Trojan Horse Harris” was in fact, not the least bit moderate, but one of the most leftist Senators in the entire United States.

Here's more on Ben Shapiro's comments from Fox News:

President Trump should be "overjoyed" that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden "made the strategic blunder" of tapping Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, Ben Shapiro told "Fox & Friends" Wednesday.

"[Biden's] entire campaign was based on trying to put the spotlight on President Trump," said the host of the "Ben Shapiro Show" and "Daily Wire" founder.

"Now the spotlight is firmly back on the Biden campaign because 60 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden will not finish his first term," he added, citing a Rasmussen poll from last week.

"President Trump should make it very clear that, at this point, he's running against Kamala Harris," he said. "He's not running against Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a stand-in."

"At this point, [Biden] is essentially 'Weekend At Bernie'ing this thing," he said. "I mean they've got him on a gurney and they're just wheeling him out there just hoping he can serve as a trojan horse for Kamala Harris."

Shapiro said Harris is "mechanical, extreme, and manipulative," noting that she "flamed out so dramatically" during the Democratic presidential primaries" as she received single-digit support in her home state of California."

The author of "How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps" joined a growing chorus of conservatives calling out The New York Times for labeling Biden's choice a "pragmatic moderate" in a tweet.

Shapiro also expressed his viewpoint on Twitter:

The concept of Joe Biden being a Trojan Horse for radical leftist ideas is nothing new.

Just last month, Mike Pence warned of Biden being a "Trojan Horse for a radical agenda" who "would set America on a path of Socialism and decline."

The Hill with that story:

Vice President Pence on Friday cast the 2020 election as a choice between “freedom and opportunity” or “socialism and decline,” delivering a clear signal of the Trump campaign’s message as it gears up for the final months before Election Day.

Pence tried aggressively to tie presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to progressives, characterizing the recent policy recommendations of the “unity task force” convened by Biden and his former primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as radical and damaging to the country’s freedom, economy and security.

“It’s not so much whether America will be more conservative or more liberal, more Republican or Democrat, more red or blue. It’s whether America remains America,” Pence said in Wisconsin, framing the upcoming election as a “two paths” vote that will determine the country’s fate.

“Joe Biden would set America on a path of socialism and decline,” Pence told the crowd at Ripon College, describing the Democratic candidate and former vice president as “a Trojan horse for a radical agenda.”

Pence delivered his speech in Ripon, Wis., the birthplace of the Republican Party in 1854, and the campaign promoted it heavily on Friday morning.

The Trump campaign, which underwent a shakeup earlier this week, has struggled to land a lasting blow against Biden, testing out various lines of attack in the weeks since he became the presumptive nominee.

They have seized on his verbal gaffes to call into question his mental sharpness; the president has labeled him “Sleepy Joe” and suggested he lacks the stamina for the job; and they have attempted to highlight some of his controversial policy positions during his decades in government.

But the campaign now appears to have settled on a unified message by attempting to paint Biden as a puppet of the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Pence warned on Friday that Biden would be little more than an “auto pen” president who would enact socialized medicine. He harped on the unity agenda unveiled by the Biden campaign earlier this month and suggested the former vice president had already caved to Sanders and his acolytes.

“I thought Joe Biden won the Democrat primaries, but looking at their unity agenda, it looks to me like Bernie won,” Pence quipped.

Pence used his remarks to criticize Biden’s positions on immigration, climate change and the economy, while also accusing Biden of voicing support for the “defund the police” movement, though Biden has explicitly expressed opposition to the effort to withdraw funding from police departments.

The campaign has seized on remarks Biden made in a recent interview where he said he supports diverting some funding to social services. Biden has also said he supports conditioning federal dollars on police departments implementing reforms.

“Joe Biden would weaken the thin blue line that separates us from chaos,” Pence said. “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

Biden's selection of Harris just finally gives us an inside look at what's inside that horse.

The fake news media isn't even hiding the truth properly. 

Even CNN admits that democrats are running an empty husk of a politician this November. 


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