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The New York Times is Trying to Change America’s Birth Year to 1619 Replacing 1776


First, Pluto is not a planet and now our country’s birth year is not 1776 according to a project conducted by the New York Times. I think most of us would get questions wrong on a middle school test due to the politically correct ideology that has infiltrated America’s schools nowadays.

The 1619 project states that America’s birth year is 1619 and not 1776. That being so because 1619 is the year enslaved Africans arrived in the colonies.

The change could enter into K-12th grade classroom this fall. Here’s an idea let’s just cancel the New York Times and keep 1776.


Here’s what Fox News had to say about the New York Times starting the 1619 project:

A concerted effort to revise history to fit the modern social justice narrative and insert works of fiction in our education system — from kindergarten through higher education — is well underway.

The 1619 Project, which describes itself as “an ongoing initiative of The New York Times Magazine,” is the clearest evidence that this indoctrination has become institutionalized in the American education system — but certainly not the only evidence.

Despite being labeled “so wrong in so many ways” by a group of Pulitzer Prize-winning historians, the 1619 Project is set to hit K-12 classrooms this fall. Soon, 6-year-olds will be learning a reframed version of America’s founding, shaped to fit today’s standards and train the next generation of social justice warriors.

According to the project’s makeover of U.S. history, 1619 — not 1776, when American colonists declared independence from Britain — is actually “our nation’s birth year.” That’s because 1619 was the year the first enslaved Africans arrived in the colonies.

“Their arrival inaugurated a barbaric system of chattel slavery that would last for the next 250 years,” said an article in the New York Times Magazine published in December 2019. “This is sometimes referred to as the country’s original sin, but it is more than that: It is the country’s very origin.”

The magazine goes on to state: “Out of slavery — and the anti-black racism it required — grew nearly everything that has truly made America exceptional: its economic might, its industrial power, its electoral system, its diet and popular music, the inequities of its public health and education, its astonishing penchant for violence, its income inequality, the example it sets for the world as a land of freedom and equality, its slang, its legal system and the endemic racial fears and hatreds that continue to plague it to this day. The seeds of all that were planted long before our official birth date, in 1776, when the men known as our founders formally declared independence from Britain.”


If the left has their way we will have to change our flag, our country’s name, and the rest of our history.

Cancel culture has to stop immediately until there’s nothing left to cancel.




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