Trump Floats Delaying Election, Left Loses Their Minds

The President continues to take on the potential for fraud that Mail In Voting poses to our upcoming elections.


For months…maybe years….the Liberal Left Media has insisted that Donald Trump would try to steal the upcoming Presidential Election, refuse to accept the results, or call it off altogether. 

Therefore, it may be safe to say that the President pulled off the most epic Troll of all time:

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This Tweet sparked a virtual riot across the internet and tv news!

Why is the irony lost on these people that they are in fact in total support of subverting American Democracy?

NATIONAL POLL: Should Obama Be Arrested and Tried For Treason?

In New York it took months to validate a local election this year. 

In Paterson, NJ, it was reported that a City Council Election there had to discount close to 20% of the ballots. 

So while the left took the bait and blew a gasket over Trump's Tweet, not one of them seemed to mention how dangerously unreliable Mail In Voting has proven to be just this year alone. 

They know Mail In Voting will result in massive fraud and throw the public into a further tail spin, and they are scared to death that Trump will beat them at their own game. 

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