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IL Democrat Wants To Abolish History Class In School Until It’s “Less Racist”



If you want your children to receive any sort of education and not become an indoctrinated BLM stooge, then don’t move to Chicago.

Democrat State Representative La Shawn Ford wants to completely eliminate history classes from public school curriculum until a “less racist” program is developed.

Here’s full details on the story from Fox News:

Local leaders in the Chicago area lobbied to scrap history class in the surrounding schools on Sunday until a less “racist” curriculum can be formed, that doesn’t promote “white privilege.”

During a news conference in the suburb of Evanston, State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford, a Democrat, argued for a complete overhaul of textbooks and lesson plans in an effort to be more inclusive toward minorities and women, NBC 5 in Chicago reported.

Prior to the event, his staff reportedly distributed a press release to those in attendance outlining his agenda.

“Concerned that current school history teaching leads to white privilege and a racist society, state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, D-Chicago will join local leaders today at noon at the Robert Crown Center in Evanston to call on the state to stop its current history teaching practices until appropriate alternatives are developed,” the document began.

“When it comes to teaching history in Illinois, we need to end the miseducation of Illinoisans,” Ford said. “I’m calling on the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts to take immediate action by removing current history books and curriculum practices that unfairly communicate our history.”

He added, “Until a suitable alternative is developed, we should instead devote greater attention toward civics and ensuring students understand our democratic processes and how they can be involved. I’m also alarmed that people continue to display symbols of hate, such as the recent display of the Confederate flag in Evanston.”

How about working on ending the gang violence in Chicago so that children can travel to school safely?

Or combating the opiod crisis so children don’t end up becoming useless drug addicts?


Democrats would rather go after the non-existent racism lying in our kids’ homework.

Check out what’s trending on Twitter over the matter:

Representative Ford has no right to claim the moral highground.

The Chicago Tribune reported back in 2014 that Ford was indicted for bank fraud:

The odds were undoubtedly stacked against state Rep. LaShawn Ford when federal prosecutors indicted him on felony bank fraud charges more than a year and a half ago.

The already sky-high conviction rate at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse rises to near 100 percent in recent years when it comes to public figures. The cases that are brought against elected officials are typically buttoned down tight, experts say. Little is left to chance.

But in a highly unusual move Monday, prosecutors agreed to drop all 17 felony charges against Ford in exchange for his guilty plea to a single misdemeanor tax count.

The deal means the West Side Democrat won't be forced to resign his post in Springfield and will likely be spared any prison time when he is sentenced three days after the general election in November.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the sudden turn of events, leaving many unanswered questions on how the case seemingly fell apart so close to trial.

Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor, said cases brought by the U.S. Attorney's Office against politicians are often described as slam dunks, but it's always possible for evidence to shift or witnesses to go south – either by changing their stories or proving to be less than credible.

And as expected, Ford received a simple slap on the wrist of probation and community service.

Here's the ABC News report on Ford's sentence:

The case United States of America vs. LaShawn Ford began with critics claiming that the government had ballyhooed a fairly minor tax case into a prize of political corruption.

State Rep Ford was looking at the possible end of his political career and time behind bars. Now, two years later, there is a far different ending.

Ford was sentenced to six months' probation after he plead guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge. He has also paid his owed back taxes and will complete 100 hours of community service.

Rarely do defendants in federal court have anything to smile about. But West Side State Rep LaShawn Ford had hoped his sentence would be for probation.

He stood before Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, who said she has little sympathy for those who don't pay their taxes. But Judge Pallmeyer also said that what Ford did was fundamentally a mistake and, "I'm very pleased I don't have to send you to prison."

"I just want to say Hallelujah and praise the Lord for a system and ability to look to a system and see it's possible to receive justice," Ford said after his sentencing.

Ford was first indicted two years ago on 17 counts charging him with lying about money he spent on a real estate rehab and then underpaying his taxes by $3,800. His attorney and others argued that prosecutors were just hunting for a political scalp. Three months ago the government dropped the felony counts without explanation.

"For the government to acknowledge that it would reconsider and reverse course is a very extraordinary event," said Ford's attorney, Tom Durkin.

Ford has admitted and expressed regret for an error in judgment. He is paying the back taxes he owes, and offered an abundance of praise.

"We need people like new U.S. Attorney Fardon to say that we're taking this country in a different direction and we're not gonna put people in jail that should not be in jail," he said.

Those are the kinds of people in charge of politics in Chicago.

They don't even believe you should go to jail for bank fraud!

Watch the report on Ford's proposal to end history classes right here:


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