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Nevada Democrats Pass Mail-In Voting Law 97 Days Out from Election; Ban Public from Attending Session; Illegal Ballot Harvesting Allegedly Allowed


Are Democrats even trying to hide it anymore?

Just 97 days out from the election, Nevada Democrats passed a highly divisive law that would allow mail-in voting for the 2020 election.

The Nevada legislature passed the law in the 2nd special session of summer, which was completely CLOSED to the public.

It is being reported that this bill would also allow ballot harvesting, which has led to voter fraud in multiple documented instances.

While Democrats and their allies in the media claim that mail-in voting is safe, there are documented cases of fraud when it comes to ballot harvesting.

In fact, the practice is supposed to be illegal.

More details on this astonishing move by Nevada Democrats below:

The special session was closed to the public because of fears of COVID-19. 

However, the session was not livestreamed and constituents did not know what was discussed until after the session ended.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal:

Lawmakers advanced a divisive mail-in voting measure and revisited a tense clash over mining taxes during the frenetic first day of Nevada’s 32nd special legislative session.

Friday’s battle over Assembly Bill 4, the elections bill, comes after a mostly mail-in June primary election that saw some voters wait several hours at one of the “extremely limited” in-person polling places state officials kept open during the coronavirus outbreak.

AB 4 hopes to shorten those lines by guaranteeing every active registered voter receives a mail-in ballot in November’s general election and any future political contests conducted under a statewide emergency declaration.

It would also permit some of those voters, namely the elderly and those with physical disabilities, to request that someone else fill out and hand in their ballot, a practice Republicans repeatedly decried as illegal “ballot harvesting.”

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has long planned a return to in-person voting after getting mixed reviews of the state’s first vote-by-mail election.

Nevada’s lone Republican statewide officeholder on Friday confirmed she intended to stick to that approach despite a statewide spike in virus cases, explaining she would need a budget bump of up to $5 million to pay for a second all-mail election.

But Democrats, seen as the primary beneficiary of mail-in elections, can override Cegavske under a controversial bill provision that lets the governor, not the state’s top election official, decide how polling places run in an emergency.

The measure passed out of the Democrat-led Assembly on a strict party-line vote after several hours of searing public testimony, much of which was repeated in a late-night Senate hearing that concluded without a binding vote on the measure.

It's sad that Nevada democrats would pass a voting bill just 97 days out from an election without bipartisan support.

Wanting to ensure secure elections should not be a partisan issue!

After 3 years of investigating Russia-Russia-Russia, you would think the Democrats would want to take all precautions possible to protect the integrity of our election!

This last minute gambit by Democrats will also cost tax payers up to $5 million to make mail-in voting work.

Even with the extra $5 million, the department would not be able to send everyone in the state a ballot.

According to the Associated Press as published on local MyNews4:

Republicans and Democrats will face off over proposals to reform Nevada’s election law following clogs and delays at the reduced number of polling places open during the June primary election. Sisolak’s proclamation asks lawmakers to consider legislation to guarantee that every active registered voter receives a mail-in ballot. He also urged lawmakers to ensure a sufficient number of in-person polling locations.

The Democratic-controlled Legislature is likely to pass election reforms, but the specter of expanded mail ballots has raised concerns about fraud among Republicans. Many experts, however, say that all forms of voter fraud are rare.

The election reform measures have garnered opposition from Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, who defended the current system in a recent editorial in the Nevada Independent and has said her department doesn’t have the budget to mail every voter a ballot.

Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Jessica Hanson said the state already provides opportunities to vote by mail with adequate safeguards. After significant budget cuts, she doesn’t understand the need to mail every voter a ballot.

“I would ask our legislators if they are able to pony up $4 to $5 million for unnecessary election measures, why not have that money go to things like education and healthcare?” she said.

It's sad that rather than focusing all their energy to help people suffering from the pandemic, Nevada Democrats would rather change the way voting works 97 days out from an election.

Such a last minute change is not a good look and definitely leaves many questions waiting to be answered.


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