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Antifa Holds Ceremony to Burn Bibles and American Flag in Portland


These are sick, twisted people.

A video is going viral on social media, showing Antifa members in Portland holding a ceremony to burn an American flag as well as Bibles.

The video shows Bibles on the ground on fire.

An Antifa member then takes an American flag and waves it above the Bible bonfire until it's lit aflame.

The Antifa radical then waves the burning American flag in the air to the cheer of other far left radicals.

See the disgusting footage for yourself below:

Tensions have risen in Portland in recent weeks.

For nearly two months, Antifa members in Portland have been attempting to burn down a federal courthouse.

They have also been caught destroying private property.

Now, they are openly burning the Bible and American flags.

According to the New York Post:

Protesters burned an American flag and a Bible in Portland, Oregon, sparking outrage just as weeks of violent demonstrations seemed to be coming to a close.

For more than 60 days, Black Lives Matters demonstrators, including a “Wall of Moms” and a “Wall of Vets,” have clashed with federal agents in the city, drawing national attention as authorities blasted marchers with tear gas and the civilians at times responded with weapons of their own — such as feces, bleach, bricks or batteries.

Friday night’s demonstrations were largely peaceful, appearing to mark a break from the chaos as federal agents made a recent deal to allow local authorities to handle the protests.

But just after midnight, marchers were caught on video using the flag and holy book as kindling for bonfires lit outside the federal courthouse, which has been a focal point of rioting after the death of George Floyd in police custody in May, according to a news report.

“Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland,” claimed Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter Saturday.

The post featured a video which showed protestors with “Black Lives Matter” signs tossing bibles into a raging bonfire. The video, which has gone viral, had more than 1.8 million views and thousands of retweets.

Ironically, it is the AMERICAN Constitution that defends and protects free speech, yet these radicals are burning the American flag and are declaring that they can do so because of free speech.

The sad part is that most people will never see what's happening in Portland.


Because the media continues to portray this as a "mostly peaceful protest."

How will burning Bibles and the American flag help get justice for George Floyd?

How will it help solve the problem of racism?

If anything, this behavior is making matters worse.

The radical left is revealing their true colors and showing what they stand for, yet the mainstream media refuses to cover the truth!

According to the Washington Examiner:

Portland protesters were filmed burning Bibles and the American flag as protests continue in the city for more than two months.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded to a Friday video of people burning what was described as a “stack of Bibles” on Twitter Saturday, saying, “This is who they are.”

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also reacted to the footage, appearing to lay blame on the far-left antifa movement.

"Now we move to the book burning phase," he wrote on Twitter. "I'm pretty sure ANTIFA doesn't actually stand for what they say it stands for. Maybe just remove the anti part of them name and it's perfect."

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk said of the video on Sunday, "Our faith is under attack."

Protesters have targeted federal property, most notably the federal courthouse, in recent weeks as the violence continues, sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

“These aren’t late-night demonstrations,” Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy Williams told reporters in July outside the federal courthouse. “This is criminal activity. There’s a difference. What you have failed and the media have failed to distinguish between — you seem unwilling to call people engaged in criminal conduct as criminals, as opposed to lawful protesting.”

“I’m just saying there needs to be a distinction made between lawful, constitutionally protected protest, and this. This is unlawful. And people, whether you’re an opportunist, an antagonist, an agitator, or an anarchist, call it out for what it is," he added.

An agent with the Department of Homeland Security anonymously described the scenes as “totally surreal.”

“A totally surreal experience. You get large, nonviolent demonstrations where people march, they chant, they give speeches, then shortly after are replaced with a smaller crowd, though still large, who immediately start trying to break into and destroy the federal courthouse. They have transposed their hatred for the president and for law enforcement onto the physical structure of the federal courthouse, and the uniformed personnel whose job is to protect that courthouse,” the agent told the Center for Immigration Studies.

“They throw homemade Molotov cocktails, try to set the walls on fire, try to cut and pry through the plywood covering the glass walls, all the while screaming vitriol until their voices are cracked and hoarse. When DHS personnel are visible, they throw frozen water bottles at them, canned goods, paint, and gasoline. They try to shine high powered lasers into our eyes, which can cause permanent damage. They chant and spray paint "feds go home" as one of their slogans, and that could be easily achieved. If they could prove they wouldn't destroy the courthouse, DHS personnel would go home. It is that simple,” the agent added.

President Trump has moved federal law enforcement officers to cities seeing repeated riots and violence and has been vocal in his condemnation of local leaders not controlling the situation.

If WE THE PEOPLE do not re-elect President Trump, Portland is a preview for what is coming for the rest of the nation.

The footage coming out of Portland is terrifying.

The real reason the media won't cover this is because the media don't want the American people to see what their philosophy represents and entails.

Thanks to social media, the truth is out there for all to see.

The radical left has shown their true colors in Portland... and it's not pretty.


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