Video: Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump with ‘Baby Talk’ While Covering Press Conference

Anderson Cooper mocked President Donald Trump on air by resorting to 'baby talk.'


Anderson Cooper really doesn’t have to do much to measure up professionally with some of his CNN cohorts. 

Apparently Cooper was feeling inspired by his juvenile coworkers Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo and decided to join in on some of the adolescent humor.

During a segment on CNN where Cooper decided to criticize President Donald Trump (Shocker, eh?), the news anchor decided to do so by mimicking ‘baby talk.’ 

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After President Trump decided to end his press conference, Cooper came back and said: 

“Aww, he wan out of da woom.”

Seriously, that quote is verbatim…

Oh CNN, you continue to amaze us all with your professionalism and journalism.  

I'm certain they are very proud of their news anchors.

Check out the 7:50 mark of the video below.

Look, even Huffington Post proudly covered the story:

Anderson Cooper mocked President Donald Trump on Tuesday for fleeing a press conference rather than answer a question he didn’t like.

Earlier in the day, Trump defended his decision to share a video of a sketchy doctor promoting an unproven and unsafe treatment for the coronavirus infection. That same doctor, the CNN host noted, had also made YouTube videos warning of sex witches and posted demands on social media for urine from Dr. Anthony Fauci and CNN personalities. 

Trump hailed her as “very impressive” and “an important voice,” but when pressed for more details, he abruptly ended the news conference and walked out.

Cooper mocked him using baby talk. 

“Aww. He wan out of the woom,” Cooper said. “Mmmm. Too many questions. Not the questions I wanted. I’m gonna leave.”

This is journalism in 2020.

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Let's not pretend to be surprised though.  

Anderson Cooper and CNN have long-storied history of making asses of themselves.

Never change CNN.

Americans are waking up to your B.S. because you're so incompetant you keep showing your hand.  

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