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Video: Portland Rioters Dump Trash Over Fence to Federal Building, Set it on Fire

Portland continues to literally burn as rioters throw trash over the fence to the federal building and set it on fire.


Those lovely “mostly peaceful protesters” are at it again.  

In Portland, several people were caught throwing trash over the fence to the federal building, lighting it on fire, and cheering.

Portland has become an absolute cesspool during these riots that the media continue to refer to as “peaceful protests.”

The riots have basically destroyed several American cities, and still the leaders of those cities refuse to do a damn thing, instead opting to pander to the far-left and openly refuse any help from the Trump administration.  

Ted Wheeler and the rest of these mayors are disgusting, inept, and evil.

God help the citizens of their cities, because they sure as hell aren't lifting a finger.

Fox News has more on the violence in Portland and on the ineptitude of these city leaders:

For weeks, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the mainstream media have been downplaying the violence and chaos emanating from the Black Lives Matter protests taking place in front of the city's federal courthouse, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz told Fox News, calling it "media malpractice."

Horowitz, who previously covered the Minneapolis protests in the wake of George Floyd's death and Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest area, spoke to demonstrators who have protesting for weeks outside Portland's Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, at one point vandalizing and attempting to set the building on fire. They were also seen throwing knives and using fireworks against federal law enforcement sent to defend the building.

According to Horowitz, they aim "to encourage societal breakdown" so they can rebuild it.

"I saw many members of the press who had their cameras down when the protesters/rioters were ravaging the federal building, but when the federal agents came out of the courthouse, all of the sudden, their cameras are rolling," the filmmaker told Fox News.

In a pair of tweets Monday night, President Trump slammed "deranged Anarchists & Agitators" rioting in Portland and other cities, while claiming that if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the November election, the country would descend into chaos.

Howowitz went on to say: "Many of them were hardcore rioters who were using pipes, hammers, and even golf clubs to break down the protective shielding of the building and to bust through," he explained. "They repeatedly used incendiary devices in order to create multiple fires in the hope of burning the building down and everyone inside."

The "U.N. Me" filmmaker, who has previously produced "Ami on the Streets" segments for Fox News Channel about Black Lives Matter and other issues, said that, when he was there, the Portland crowd encouraged the mayhem and not a single protester discouraged the rioters.

"Only when the federal building was in danger of burning down and its occupants were threatened, did the federal officers come out to extinguish the threat and did so as humanely possible, using tear gas, pepper spray, and other non-lethal means, even after they were attacked with glass, bottles and rocks," he said.

Portland's City Council has banned its police from working with federal law enforcement.

"At one point I was hit by a propelled gas canister. There were groups of people interrogating journalists. They warned me that if I portrayed the protesters in a negative light, I would face 'street justice,'" Horowitz said. "And after being recognized, I was pelted with broken glass."

A protester told him chaos was a "useful tool" and another said he "strongly" felt the need to declare "a revolutionary war."

One protester said, "I think that we have to burn it down," in reference to the erican experiment.  

When Horowitz asked if violence was needed, a female protester responded: "You gotta have violence."

"There's four levels of protest," the Black woman explained. "Looting and rioting is part of protesting. So yes, I do agree that it needs to be there."

"This is us taking the high road," another woman said. "This is us not creating groups to kill off and assassinate the people that are doing the same to us," a masked woman told him. "This is us just trying to create a world filled with love and kill off the hate."

Again, the media is refusing to condemn the violence, the rioting, the arson, and the killing that has taken place in Portland and all over the country.  

Before you buy into their version of the truth, do a little research for yourself.

Ask yourself, does this look like peaceful protesting?


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