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Rapper T.I. Calls For $44T In “Reparations”

The rapper is just one of the many voices calling for today's Americans to pay for the sins of those long dead.


The volitile racial tension in this country has had many side-effects in recent months. 

One of them is the renewed push by Leftists to demand Reparations for Slavery.

While there are numbers floating all around, each bigger than the next, popular rapper T.I. recently named his price tag. 

From The Daily Wire:

Rapper T.I. has put a heavy price tag on slavery reparations: $1 million for every descendant of slavery, equal up to $44 trillion.

Speaking with radio host Charlamagne tha God on “The Breakfast Club,” T.I. outlined his reparations goal and demanded that black people be represented equally across the board in the United States.

“This is my goal,” he said. “My goal is to get every black person in America that’s a descendant of slavery one million dollars, at least. That take about $44 trillion. So that’s my goal, so I’m working up on $44 trillion.”

“Everything black people spend money on, it should be a black company that provides it,” he continued. “If we make up for 13% of this nation’s population, we should make up for 13% of the ownership of land. We should be representing at least 13%, 14% on boards [of] financial institutions, and so on and so forth. That should be persistent or consistent throughout, but it is not.”

The rapper did, however, say that black communities need to be exposed to more education so that children could have the option to dream about jobs beyond just entertainment, such as sciences, tech, and other professions.

T.I. said that white supremacists are becoming “irate” because they know their reign of power is over.

“Your grandchildren are little brown babies, and society, nobody likes you, bro. You take that little d**k energy,” he continued. “Nobody likes you. You’re not cool and fun and hip to be around. You got no sauce, no drip, no flavor, it’s literally food with no flavor, so it’s up. … They’re seeing that their grip is loosening, and it’s our time now.”

Earlier in the interview, T.I. said that poverty, crime, mass incarceration, and drug addiction in black communities are the result of slavery."

Breitbart News also covers the story, in which the rapper claims "militias & White Supremacists" are the only things standing in the way of slave descendents' right to money:

Co-host Charlamagne tha God said “militias” and “white supremacists” are going “crazy.”

“You spoke about the militias and the white people going crazy,” T.I. replied. “This is only happening because they see that their position is dwindling. This is only happening because they’re becoming irate, because it’s becoming known that the hateful racist whites, their run is over. Period. Their run is over. The jig is up.”

I'm not sure where this notion that White Supremacy is stopping the inevitable justice of reparations. 

I think full inclusion in American society was the admission of guilt for the heinous crimes of slavery perpetrated by some of our distant American relatives. 

Things like Affirmative Action, which create arbirtrary preference to African-Americans is also a privilege not afforded to any other race. 

The heart of the matter is that people like T.I. are simply after power. 

Will his plan provide money to the descendents of indentured white slaves? Or Native Americans (Will he move out of his house?). 

Will descendents of free African-Americans who owned, sold, or sold-out other African-Americans be exempt?

They want to be treated as the new "masters" of this country, where everyone else is guilty by association, based solely on skin color. 


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