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Chinese Uighurs Seen Herded Into Trains By Government

It is believed that China has at least 1 million, mostly Muslim minority, Uighurs, in "re-education" camps.


As the world continues to turn a blind eye to the crimes of the Chinese Communist Dictators, videos are emerging showing ethnic Uighurs being herded onto trains. 

It has been well reported, and China has admitted to, keeping these ethnic Muslim Chinese citizens in "re-education camps," meant to bring them in line with the Communist mainstream. 

However, this footage continues to raise the alarm on the likely crimes against humanity being perpetrated on these ethnice minorities in the Communist State.

When confronted with the footage, a Chinese Official naturally played dumb. 

From our friends at Fox News:

A Chinese official who was shown a video purportedly depicting Uighur Muslims being blindfolded and led into trains is insisting he does “not know” where the footage is from.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the U.K., was pressed by BBC host Andrew Marr to explain the clip during a television interview Sunday.

“Let's look at some very disturbing drone footage that’s been widely shared around the world. This is, almost certainly, over northern China, over Xinjiang. Can you tell us what is happening here?” Marr asked, while showing a video that surfaced in 2019.

After six seconds of silence, Liu says “I cannot see, uh, you know this view.”

“Can I ask you why people are kneeling, blindfolded, and shaven and being led to trains in modern China?” Marr continues. “What is going on there?”

“I do not know where you get this videotape,” Liu responded. “You know, sometimes you transfer prisoners in any country.”

This screenshot purportedly shows hundreds of prisoners shackled and blindfolded who are believed to be from China's minority Uighur Muslims, reports claim.
This screenshot purportedly shows hundreds of prisoners shackled and blindfolded who are believed to be from China's minority Uighur Muslims, reports claim. (War on Fear/ Twitter)

Marr then told Liu that the footage was “authenticated by Western intelligence agencies and by Australian experts, who say these are Uighur people being pushed onto trains and taken off.”

U.N. experts have said at least one million Uighurs and other Muslims are being held in detention centers in Xinjiang, according to Reuters. China, which initially denied the existence of the camps, labels them as training centers aimed to root out terrorism and extremism, as well as provide people with new skills. Those held are allegedly subjected to forced labor, forced abortion, sterilization, and other abuses."

Newsweek further depicts the atrocities being committed against the Uighur people through the desecration of their religious sites and enforced through the Chinese surveilance state:

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn has warned that footage from China purportedly showing detained Uyghur prisoners being sent to re-education camps is an example of the kind of high-tech authoritarianism Beijing is using to crush any opposition to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.

The drone footage—taken last year—went viral on social media over the weekend, showing what appeared to be hundreds of bound and blindfolded men sat in rows at a Chinese train station, likely in the restive western province in Xinjiang—home to the Muslim minority ethnic groups being persecuted by the CCP.

With their heads shaved, wearing blue vests, and closely guarded by Chinese security forces the men can be seen being led off a train—presumably during a transfer to or from a detention center.

The footage prompted outrage online, as well as among lawmakers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Among them was Blackburn, who is a prominent critic of the regime in Beijing and has been involved in legislation seeking to punish Chinese officials involved in human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong and downgrade U.S. relations with China.

"The Chinese surveillance state being used to send Muslim Uyghurs to concentration camps is a preview of the electronic tyranny they one day seek to impose on the entire world," Blackburn wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Her tweet came hours after the Chinese ambassador to the U.K. dismissed concerns about the footage and the persecution of Uyghur and other Muslim groups in Xinjiang, which human rights groups have said amounts to cultural genocide.

Shown the footage during an interview on the BBC, Liu Xiaoming said: "I do not know where you get this videotape," continuing, "sometimes you have a transfer of prisoners, in any country." Liu then said that the Uyghurs "enjoy peaceful, harmonious coexistence with other ethnic groups of people," claiming: "We treat every ethnic group as equal."

China is believed to have imprisoned some 1 million people in the Xinjiang camps, where detainees are reportedly forced to undergo indoctrination and prove their loyalty to the CCP. Former inmates have described a wide range of human rights abuses taking place in inhumane conditions.

Outside, authorities have enforced close control through a high-tech surveillance state. Residents are watched closely for any perceived sign of disloyalty to the CCP, observed via advanced telecommunications and facial recognition software underpinned by invasive inspections by security agents.

Meanwhile, authorities have been demolishing Muslim cemeteries and mosques to erase local identity and disperse any opposition to the regime."

I wonder if Americans will demand reparations for the Uighurs once the full extent of their enslavement is acknowledged by the world body. 

Or we continue to buy our Chinese trinkets despite their violation of all the moral virtues we try to embody in our society. 

How many Uighurs will be slaughtered while the world (except Donald Trump's Administration) cow-tows to their Communist overlords. 

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