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Jenna Jameson Claims to Have Knowledge of Pedophile Ring Controlling Hollywood and Elites

Jenna Jameson tweets about the pedophile ring that controls much of Hollywood and the world's elites.


Former lucrative porn star Jenna Jameson certainly has a checkered past due to her previous line of work, one with which she claims she was traffficked into by her ex-boyfriend.

In recent years however, Jameson has spoken out against trafficking within the porn industry.

Jameson has also made it a point to bring attention to child trafficking, a very real evil that exists in the world today.

On Friday, she tweeted about something known as “the Hunt.”

On Sunday, Jameson asked for help in finding a young boy, who is seen in this very disturbing video being psychologically abused while forced to sing a song.

Fair warning: This is very disturbing.

Naturally, there is very little specific information on much of this online, but that should come as no surprise.  

After all, Jeffrey Epstein managed to slip through the cracks of justice for years.

According to Jameson, Epstein is far from the only powerful person to run something so horrible.

In fact, he was only an amateur in comparison to others...

Regardless of what you think of Jameson personally, she's bringing attention to some disturbing acts of evil in the world. 

Though the details are scarce, there are enough out there to show that this is a very crisis that needs to be addressed.

SIGN THE PETITION: Release The Epstein Client List!

This is not the first time she has tweeted on this topic.

Check these out:

And when she called out a Buzzfeed senior reporter for this VERY creepy tweet:

More on that, from PopDust:

On Saturday night Jenna Jameson tweeted screenshots of a tweet and a blog post from Ryan Broderick, a senior reporter at Buzzfeed News, with the text "You monsters can't hide, we see you."

The tweet was part of a series on the topic of elite pedophilia that Jameson sent out Saturday evening, including a link to a video attacking Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon for "Daryl," an offensive sketch he made in 2009. According to the video that Jameson shared, a comedic performer using a doll to simulate sexual crimes (in undeniably poor taste) is evidence that he actually endorses those crimes, and according to Jameson's tweet, screenshots of jokes Broderick made eight years ago indicate a "persistent sexual attraction to children."

Jenna Jameson is possibly the most famous adult film star of all time, and she used that career to launch a massively successful website and a best-selling autobiography. But you wouldn't know that from scrolling through a Twitter timeline dominated by tweets praising Donald Trump, attacking Planned Parenthood, and criticizing vaccination laws. It's not how she earned her fame, but to more than 720,000 twitter followers, Jameson has become little more than an unhinged conservative commentator.

When Jameson left the adult film industry in 2008, she did so with a dramatic proclamation that she would "never, ever, ever spread my legs again in this industry. Ever." Since that time she has gone through a number of transformations, including becoming a mother to three kids, converting to Orthodox Judaism, going sober, and achieving some dramatic weight loss. But none of her transformations can compare to her political realignment.

During the 2008 Democratic primaries she was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and resented the fact that Republican administrations often targeted the adult film industry "to make a point," but by 2012 she had shifted to supporting Mitt Romney, citing economic motives—"When you're rich, you want a Republican in office." A few years later, seemingly motivated by a growing antipathy for Islam and a suspicion of Syrian refugees, Jameson announced her support of Donald Trump in November of 2015. And in various tweets since then she has attacked LGBTQ acceptance, endorsed T.I.'s concern for his daughter's hymen, and promoted military action against Iran. So far so awful, but there's nothing that unusual about the politics of patriarchy and hatred in America. Things only become really weird when hateful people attempt to take the moral high ground from the rest of us.

According to the worldview of people like Jenna Jameson, anyone who thinks abortion rights should be protected hates babies, and anyone who thinks children should be taught not to feel shame about sex and sexuality has some nefarious motive. According to them, any sense that we are trying to build a more humane world can only be a front to cover up some evil plot. Enter Comet Ping Pong and the Pizzagate conspiracy.


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