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Operation Paint Drop: Bevelyn Beatty Creates a Storm As She Pours Black Paint Over BLM Street


I can just picture liberal heads exploding all over the world in unison….

Here is a BLACK woman, with a can of BLACK paint, wearing a #JesusMatters shirt, and saying she does NOT agree with BLM and she does NOT agree with defunding the police!


Does her voice matter?

Does her life matter?

Does her opinion matter?

I'm guessing the answers to all of those questions will be no.

Because they don't align with what many are calling BLM's Marxist core agenda.  

And it's beginning to be exposed thanks to brave people like Bevelyn!  

Watch this folks:

Here's what the NY Post had to say:

The black woman busted for dumping paint on the Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower live-streamed the entire stunt — and was at it again just hours later in Harlem and Brooklyn.

Bevelyn Beatty, 29, posted videos to her Facebook page showing her smearing paint on the Midtown skyscraper, and BLM murals in Harlem and on Fulton Street later in the night, then gloated about it from home on yet another video.

“Ya’ll, we did an all-nighter,” she said in the most recent post. “Let me tell you something, yesterday was epic.”

Beatty is first seen on video in Manhattan around 3 p.m. Saturday going through more than a dozen cans of paint in the back of a van while two other women assist her, as a cop looks on and questions her but does nothing to intervene.

“What are you guys doing with all that paint?” the unidentified cop asked.

“Decorating,” Beatty replied.

Decorating? Probably not the decorating we’re thinking of, right?” the officer said. “What are you decorating?”

“I’m black,” Beatty answered. “Imma paint it black.”

She is then seen picking up one of the cans, walking past the cop, across Fifth Avenue, and to the mural, where she dumps the paint on the bright white BLM letters while yelling as several passersby look on.

“Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter, right?” Beatty says. “For the Black people. This is for the black people. They’re destroying business for black people. They’re looting for black people.”

“No, she says. “No. We’re not standing with Black Lives Matter. We want our police. Refund our police.”

Beatty, of Staten Island, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief but was free just hours later — before promptly going back to work.

A second video posted to her Facebook page, titled “Harlem Drive By Painting,” shows Beatty and her crew pouring paint out of the back of the same minivan as it rolls over the mural at 7th Avenue and West 125th Street.

A second, a red car, drives over the paint behind the van.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re a black woman,” a man is heard yelling at the vandals. “What the f–k is wrong with you? You’re a black woman.”

Residents are seen hurling cans and debris as they pull away.

In a third video posted early Sunday, Beatty and another woman are seen dumping black paint on another mural on Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in Brooklyn and it ain’t over,” she said. “Jesus matters. We’re taking our country back. We’re taking it back. And let me tell you something, the police need our help. They can’t s and alone. Don’t just sit by idly and watch your country go to the ground.”

“Stand with your police force, vote for Trump, vote Republican, vote for Christians, and stand up, Christians,” she continues, as an unidentified cohort adds: “Vote the ungodly, demonic, anti-Christ people out of this nation.”

Several people are seen approaching the two women and a man who is shooting video of the incident and confronting them about defacing the mural — many of them angrily — before Beatty and her crew leave around 12:40 a.m.

Beatty’s arrest for the Trump Tower vandalism was the third time the sign has been marred.

And here is local CBS from New York:

The Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower in Midtown was vandalized twice on Saturday, and a police officer was injured trying to stop a protester from throwing black paint.

Saturday afternoon, a woman was seen on video pouring black paint on the mural and calling for the city to “re-fund” the police.

“Black lives matter, but you want to defund the police for Black people. You’re lying,” she said.

The scene turned chaotic as police officers tried to arrest the woman, but she apparently resisted, causing one officer to fall hard to the concrete on Fifth Avenue, injuring his shoulder and writhing in pain.

Witnesses watched the frenzy unfold.

“It seemed like he slipped on the wet paint,” one man told CBS2’s Nick Caloway. “He looked like he was in pain. He was lying down. They took him away in an ambulance.”

It took several minutes for other officers to get the woman, caked in black paint, into custody.

A second woman was also arrested in connection to the incident.

Police say 29-year-old Bevelyn Beatty and 39-year-old Edmee Chavannes, both from Staten Island, were charged with criminal mischief. They were given desk appearance tickets and released.

CBS2 has been told the injured officer was taken to Bellevue Hospital with non-serious injuries.

Hours later, CBS2’s camera caught a man in a red hat throwing what appeared to be paint at the mural.

He tried to run but was taken into police custody almost immediately, handcuffed and placed in the back of the cop’s SUV.

Police say 42-year-old Wesley Davis, of Hempstead, was charge with criminal mischief and received a desk appearance ticket.

It’s the fourth time the mural has been vandalized this week.

On Friday, two women, one wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt, poured blue paint on the mural. The two women and a man were arrested for that incident.

Police are still searching for the man who splattered red paint on the mural on Monday.

Some New Yorkers have expressed concerns and had questions about the vandalism.

“I think it’s sad. I think the world needs more peace and love. Unfortunately, everyone is angry,” Manhattan resident Eileen Kimball said.

“I’m surprised they weren’t guarding it. How come the cops weren’t guarding it?” Manhattan resident Luke Dohner said.

And here she is from her home just 4 hours ago talking about everything live on YouTube:


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