President Trump: "I Am The Ultimate Member Of The Book Of The Month Club."

President Trump: “I Am The Ultimate Member Of The Book Of The Month Club.”

The President took some funny jabs at John Bolton & his niece, Mary, over their recently published "tell-all" books.

Donald Trump may end up being the most written about President who ever lived. 

FIrst there was “Fire and Fury,” then the hit job Omarossa book, which seems to have materialized to nothing. 

Then there was the “warning,” written by “Anonymous,” of all people. 

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Now the President is hitting back at the most recent “inside scoops” in a hilarious string of Tweets:

So far, Mary Trump, has not released any evidence supporting her many claims in her new book, and wants to "save the country," although she's had many years to do such a great service. 

Then there's Bolton, who has been picked apart by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and refuted by even the South Korean government.

As more time goes on and more books are written, the more they seem to lose credibility. 

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John Bolton was happy as a clam with Trump, as long as he had the chance to take us to war, with Iran, North Korea, or whoever he wasn't getting along with that day. 

If Mary Trump felt her uncle was so insane she should have been screaming into any megaphone she could find. 

In both cases, the common denominator is lots of money and a bit of notoriety. 

I, for one, prefer reading the President's Tweets. 

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