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Trey Smith Explains What Is Coming Next In Virus 2.0….Be Ready!


Ok folks, I want to share this with you so you are not caught off-guard if/when it happens.

Knowledge is power, and if we're informed ahead of time what might be coming then we won't be caught flat footed and unable to react properly.  

I have been saying for a long time that my fear is not about this C-19.  

We all know this isn't quite as deadly as what they are scaring us with.  

But my fear has been what happens when the NEXT one is released (errrrrr randomly mutates in a wet market in China).  

What then?  

Then I believe we're in big trouble.

This whole thing has felt to me like nothing more than a prelude. 

A test.

A rollout to see how people would response, before they release the Main Event.  

I sure hope I'm wrong.  

But I was watching this video from my friend Trey Smith that he just released and he started getting into exactly this point.

And he took it farther and with a few additional twists than I had previously thought of.

So please watch and inform yourself so you are PREPARED about what may be to come.

The entire video is amazing but if you want to hear just this one part jump to about 27:45 minute mark and start listening from there.

Enjoy (more comments from me below under the video):

If you haven't watch the video, please do!

But to sum it up, here is what he is describing.  

Phase 1 was the rollout of C-19, designed to test how the public would respond.  

Who would follow, who would comply, who would not.  

In other words, how quickly can they "mask" an entire population.

But here's the really insidious and tricky part....

They want this part to happen.

They want the pushback.

They want to resistance ot the masks.  

As people start to push back against the masks and the government overreach, those people will largely be associated with Republicans and red states.  

And the greater population may even start to agree with them, as the facts don't quite add up for why we have to do all this stuff.  

And that's when they drop Version 2.0....the Real Deal.  

A serious, contagious and truly deadly virus that will quickly take hold and decimate large portions of the country.  

Then what do they say?

We told warned you all.....we told you to wear the masks for the greater good. 

And who wouldn't do it?

Those Republicans.  

They put us all at risk and killed thousands or hundreds of thousands.  

Suddenly, the anger of a new massive round of deaths is laid solely at the feet of the Republicans.  

So, re-read what I just typed above and then figure out where we currently are in that process and then you will know what to expect next.  

I hope not and pray not, but I fear it may be coming. 

And if so?

If I can predict it and Trey Smith can predict it, then what does that tell you?

Bookmark this article.  

Circle the date of publication.  

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Print it out.

Email it to your friends and family.

Because if we're right and it plays out exactly like this, you know this is a very evil plan from the depths of hell being rolled out against us. 

Knowledge is power.  

Thank you for reading and watching.



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