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Video: BLM Protester Gets Arrested After Punching Black Trump Supporter; Chaos Erupts in “BLM Plaza”


"Peaceful protesters" strike again!

A video captured a stunning altercation on "BLM plaza" after a BLM protester punched a black Trump supporter in the face.

The black Trump supporter was punched by a BLM protester on July 7 near Lafayette Square Park in Washington D.C.

Police witnessed the incident and arrested the attacker.

But once the police stepped in, other BLM protesters got angry and upset, resulting in a chaotic scene.

Though the police were simply arresting the aggressor, the protester's friends were nearby and began causing chaos on the square.

Warning: some viewers may find the following videos disturbing:

The media has covered the protests as peaceful.

Yet incidents like this have been caught on tape all across the nation.

The Daily Caller was the first to report on this attack on a Trump supporter:

A Trump supporter was slapped in the face Tuesday night as tensions rose at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

A video showed two men in a verbal altercation in the plaza, which is located across from Lafayette Square Park in Washington, D.C.

A group gathered around as the verbal argument escalated, eventually leading to what appeared to be a Trump supporter getting slapped in the face.

“He hit him first,” someone in the crowd can be heard saying as cops surround the suspect. The suspect is eventually apprehended and taken behind a barricade.

“He didn’t do nothing, what is he being detained for?” a man asked the police. A verbal confrontation began with police, with the group making it clear they were not happy about the man being arrested. Police repeatedly warn the protesters to stay behind the barricade.

“Let him go!” someone in the crowd started chanting once the man was led away in handcuffs. The protesters tried to follow the officers who were leading the suspect away, and the police formed a line to hold the group back.

A smaller group began to physically fight with police, and a man in a teal shirt was detained.

“F*ck you and your Hitler mustache, you f*cking racist b*tch” a protester yelled at a police officer, following the arrest.

A crowd demanded answers from police after another protester was arrested later Tuesday night.

“Why was he arrested?” multiple people from the crowd repeat, including one person with a megaphone.

The video clearly suggests that the BLM protster was the aggressor and the one who started the physical altercation.

Apparently that's what the police on the ground witnessed as well.

The media portrayal of Trump supporters could be contributing to the increased violence and hatred that Trump supporters are receiving.

The reality, though, is that most Trump supporters want to see America succeed for EVERY citizen who lives here.

The Western Journal confirms the incident that happened at "BLM plaza:"

In an area near the park, which has been named “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” a man who Ventura identified as a Trump supporter was punched in the face by a Black Lives Matter activist.

“Breaking – #BLM protester punches Trump supporter in the face then is immediately arrested. Things are getting hostile at BLM plaza. Stay tuned for more updates on the ground,” Ventura posted to Twitter, along with a video of the assault.

In a follow-up tweet, Ventura reported on how upset the man’s cohorts were about the arrest.

“Protesters angry at police that a #BLM protester was arrested after assaulting a Trump supporter here on #BLM plaza moments ago,” he wrote, again sharing footage from the scene.


The Washington Post, meanwhile, provided some more context to Tuesday night’s events.

“In one of the incidents that occurred just before 7 p.m. Tuesday, officials in charging documents said that a person later identified as Dre Thompson, 40, confronted and punched someone shouting ‘four more years, four more years’ near the White House,” the outlet reported.

“As D.C. police officers attempted to arrest Thompson, who they say initially resisted, another protester broke through the crowd-control line and assaulted a sergeant, charging documents state. Joseph Diamond III, 46, attempted ‘to impede and obstruct officers from making the arrest,’ court documents said,” The Post added.

“Prosecutors charged Thompson with simple assault and Diamond with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.”

It’s clear that after spending more than a month disregarding fundamental laws, like those against punching people in the face, Black Lives Matter activists have grown quite accustomed to getting their way.

It appears as though BLM radicals and marxists are attempting to silence their opponents through every means possible, including violence.

To disagree is no longer to have a difference of opinion. Now, it is considered "racist."

But perhaps the tide is turning and people will remember that America is great because it is a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and peoples.

President Trump wants to keep America great for everyone!


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