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Roger Stone Calls President Trump: “Many, Many Thanks!”


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Wow, that almost brought tears to my eyes!

Can you imagine being in your 70s and facing a long prison sentence stemming from a witch hunt in which you did nothing wrong, and then all of a sudden the President of the United States commutes your sentence?

That would be Roger Stone, and here is a sneak peak into his hotel room and his call with President Trump:

What do you even say to the President after something like this?

I think Roger did it perfect.  

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I would have LOVED to have heard what POTUS told him, but here is Roger talking about it afterwards:

And then....I give you this.

Longtime readers of WeLoveTrump know I am a huge Trey Smith fan.

Trey, if you're reading this call me, I have something I want to discuss with you!

So if you know Trey, I'm sure you're gonna love this video.

And if you don't know Trey, please enjoy:

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