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Dead Cat Gets Voter Registration Form in Mail


We’ve been assured by Democrats time and time again that voting by mail is completely secure and free of fraud.

But the fact that Democrats are virulently pushing for mail-in voting should have us all taking a second look.

Remember, this is the same party that believes asking for identification in order to vote is somehow racist.

This latest story will give you a good laugh and concern you at the same time.

A family from Atlanta, George received a voter registration form in the mail for, get this, their cat that’s been dead for 12 years!

Here’s the full details on the story from Fox News:

An Atlanta family said it received a voter registration form this week for their cat Cody Tims – who died 12 years ago.

“There’s a huge push but if they’re trying to register cats, I’m not sure who else they’re trying to register,” the late feline’s owner, Carol Tims, told Fox5 Atlanta. “I’m not sure if they’re trying to register dogs, mice, snakes.”

The Tims say they found the form addressed to the cat in their mailbox on Wednesday.

Carol Tims described Cody as a “great cat, indoor and outdoor” who “loved his family, loved his neighborhood” and lived to the age of 18.

But in terms of his voting prospects, “he’s a cat and he’s been dead for a long time,” Tims told Fox5 Atlanta.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office told the station that they did not send out the form and that third-party groups behind such applications often use mailing lists to obtain names and addresses of people — and in this case, a cat.

“Third-party groups all over the country are targeting Georgia to help register qualified individuals,” it said in a statement. “This group makes you wonder what these out-of-town activists are really doing. Make no mistake about it, this office is dedicated to investigating all types of fraud.”

Asked how Cody might have voted in the polls – if he could – Tims told Fox5Atlanta that he was a “Democat.”

What if this dead cat had somehow succesfully registered and received an actual ballot?

His family could have easily used it to fraudulently vote for Biden in November!

Check out Twitter responses to the “voting” dead cat:

As if this story alone should be enough cause for concern over mass mail-in voting, it's not the only story in the news lately about mail-in voting.

USA Today reports on a mail carrier pleading guilty to altering voters' ballots:

A West Virginia postal carrier pled guilty to mail and election fraud after admitting he changed the political affiliation on multiple voter ballots from Democrat to Republican.

Thomas Cooper, 47, admitted to attempted election fraud and injury to the mail Thursday after an affidavit was filed against him in May.

Cooper held a contract with the U.S. Postal Service to pick up mail in three towns in Pendleton County. 

In April, per a statement from the Department of Justice, the county clerk found absentee ballot requests from eight voters that were tampered with a black ink pen, five of which had their party affiliation switched to Republican. Three others that had their affiliation already set to Republican were altered, but did not have their political party changed. All ballots were located in Pendleton County.

Bennie Cogar, a West Virginia Attorney General's Office investigator working on behalf of the secretary of state's office, said in the affidavit filed in May that Cooper admitted to having tampered with some of the requests he delivered "as a joke." He did not know any of the voters whose requests he changed.

Despite ongoing accusations about mail-in voter fraud, including those by President Trump, cases have been minimal — and Trump himself has voted absentee. State leaders from both parties have granted more absentee ballots to residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the report from Fox in Atlanta on the dead cat right here:


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