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Video: A BLM Protester Got In Front of a Car; Gets Injured After Car Speeds Off With Her on Hood


At least 2 BLM protesters were injured in Bloomington, Indiana after a car sped off with them clinging to the hood of the car.

Now… there's a lot wrong with this story.

And of course, the media will find a way to blame Trump and Trump supporters.

But let's start with the fact that no one (except law enforcement) should attempt to block and stop moving traffic.

It is dangerous for you.

It is also dangerous for the moving vehicle.

While there is an ongoing investigation, the video footage appears to suggest that BLM protesters attempted to stop the car.

The driver gets out of the car to throw an electric scooter out of the way.

He then speeds off, but protesters in front of the car jumped onto the hood and clung on.

See the footage for yourself below:

A criminal investigation has been launched into the incident.

The driver clearly gets out of the car to throw a scooter out of the way.

Two protesters are standing in front of the car, but even with the BLM protesters in front of him, the driver accelerates to speed off.

The protesters then jump onto the hood and cling on.

Local WTHR news confirms that a criminal investigation has been launched:

Bloomington police have launched a criminal investigation into a car that sped through protesters Monday night and have released images to try to locate the vehicle and alleged suspects.

After protests calling for arrests in a violent weekend confrontation at Lake Monroe, witnesses told 13News a car drove into a demonstrator on Monday.

A warning, the video is hard to watch.

You can see a car speeding through with a woman still hanging on the hood.

Allen Kenny, heard the commotion and couldn’t believe what he saw.

“It was grotesque,” Kenny said. "Disgusting that some would do that. I feel outraged for my community, for my life and people around me and my America."

Rodney Root took the video. He said he and his wife were leaving the protest when they saw a car trying to get through the intersection of 4th and Walnut.

"The car just speeds right into her," Root said. "She goes up on the hood and a guy is close by. You can see it in the video shortly, a guy tries to stop it, and he's holding on. I'm not sure how long he stayed on the car, but the car went full speed."

They said a passenger in the red Toyota got out and threw someone's scooter that had been left in the roadway.

According to Bloomington police, a 29-year-old woman tried to intervene, walking in front of the car and putting her hands on the hood. The driver of the car then accelerated, with the woman ending up on the hood of the car. A 35-year-old man grabbed onto the side of the car as it pulled away.

"You see a human in front of the car, but this person just hit the gas as hard as they could and they kept going, and then they tried to throw people off the car at high speeds. It didn't make any sense. I've never been that infuriated in my life. Like I was mad," witness Erin Parks said.

“It was tremendously peaceful,” Luke Norton said.

Again, what the driver did was not right.

In no circumstance is it right to knowingly speed into people.

However, the media is covering this story as though the car randomly drove into people.

The footage appears to show the protesters BLOCKING the car. In one of the clips, it appears that the woman was even placing her hands on the car while the driver was OUTSIDE of the car to throw the scooter out of the way.

If in fact the protesters were attempting to stop the car, the full story isn't being reported by the media.

Take a closer look at the footage below:

Though the protesters are clearly white, the media is painting this as a "lynching attempt."

Buzzfeed news confirms that the female protester placed her hands on the car with the intent of stopping it:

The incident took place toward the end of a protest march through the city. The march was in response to a July 4 incident where a Black man said he was attacked by a group of white people in what he described as an “attempted lynching.”

According to eyewitnesses and the police, a male passenger of a red Toyota car got out and threw an electric scooter that had been left in the middle of the roadway.

The woman, who was part of the protest, approached the car and stood in front of it with her hands on the hood of the car, the Bloomington Police Department said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed News.

The car then began to accelerate which caused the women to jump on the hood of the car. The man grabbed the car and clung on to the side as it “accelerated rapidly," police said.

A video posted by Jaren Vaught shows a part of the incident.

The two of them remained on the car as it continued to speed down the road. The vehicle then quickly turned eastbound, causing both of them to fall off the car, authorities said.

The man had abrasions on his arms and the woman on the hood was "said to have been knocked unconscious" and had a head laceration, police said. She was transported to the hospital for treatment. A GoFundMe page for the woman's medical expenses said she had gotten a concussion and that “she will be okay.”

Police said the car has not yet been located and investigators were trying to determine the identity and whereabouts of the male passenger and the female driver inside the car.

Geoff Stewart, the man who clung to the side of the car, told RTV6 that he and other protesters were trying to stop the woman from driving the car until the crowd had cleared up on the road.

"A woman driving the vehicle came up to the stop and had started revving her engine toward us and we tried to stop her and let her know that the crowd is clearing up, just wait a second," Stewart told RTV6. "But she and her passenger both wanted to go right away so they started to push. They pushed into the woman that was with me, and when she pushed again, both of us went on the vehicle."

Stewart said that when the driver accelerated, the woman protester ended up on the hood of the car, as he hung on to the driver’s side of the car.

"I was just trying to block her vision so she would slow down so I tried to pull myself as far in her way to obstruct her view," Stewart said. "She drove through red lights and made her turn up here that threw both of us off the car."

We are happy that the protesters are safe with minimal injuries.

However, the media reports of drivers "smashing into crowds" is simply untrue based on the video.

Again, while we cannot condone what the driver did, the way that the media is portraying the situation does not tell the whole story.


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