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Don Lemon Targets Trump Supporters, Says “You’re Supporting a Racist”


Turn on CNN and you’ll see Don Lemon crying about racism.

Big surprise!

This time, however, Lemon took a swipe at not the President, but his supporters.

He wants everyone to know that in his opinion, if you support Trump, you support a racist.

The connotation here being that if you support Trump, you’re a racist yourself!

Here’s Fox News details of the account:

The CNN anchor then asserted to viewers that much of what they learned about American history is “propaganda” and that “some things you have to un-learn so that you can become a better citizen.”

“Why not have the mindset of ‘Well, maybe we should be taking down some of these statues?'” Lemon asked.

After Cuomo told Lemon that “fear” was driving the discourse and dismissing the notion from President Trump that the rioters were “coming for everything,” Lemon noted that “very well-meaning liberals” have similarly expressed opposition towards the removal of statues along with Trump supporters.

The “CNN Tonight” host then why the Founding Fathers are being “deified” like Jesus Christ since they were “not perfect.”

“Yes, they did some great things and the created the Constitution and a blueprint for us… but they weren’t perfect either,” Lemon said. “No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect, not even the Founding Fathers.”

He then took aim at those who support Trump and suggested they’re not moving on with the times.

“I think people of color realize that if you’re supporting him, you’re supporting a racist and you’re putting racism on the backburner and people are just not cool with it,” Lemon told Cuomo. “

It’s no wonder that CNN consistently has some of the worst ratings out of any news network.

Who wants to tune in and listen to hours and hours of being called a racist?

Don Lemon also recently got into it with Terry Crews over the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Check out the details on that from Fox News:

CNN host Don Lemon lectured actor Terry Crews on Monday night about the meaning of the Black Lives Matter movement, insisting during an intense conversation that it’s about police brutality and has nothing to do with Black-on-Black gun violence.

Crews has come under fire for recent tweets noting that he wants to “unite people” regardless of race, creed or ideology, saying he doesn’t want the Black Lives Matter [BLM] movement to morph into “Black Lives Better.” Crews told Lemon that he was issuing a warning that BLM might be going too far, as leaders have made demands and threatened violence if they don’t get what they want.

“Black lives do matter, but, when you’re talking about an organization, you’re talking about the leaders. You’re talking about the people who are responsible,” Crews said as Lemon interrupted to say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was once seen as extreme.

Crews then brought up a surge in “Black-on-Black” gun violence that left multiple children dead since June 20.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has said nothing about this,” Crews said. “Black people need to hold other Black people accountable.”


Lemon then scolded Crews, telling him the movement isn’t about Black-on-Black crime.

“The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality, if you want an all Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including Black communities, then start that movement,” Lemon told the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star.

Black lives matter, unless they’re taken at the hands of other black lives is what Lemon is basically saying.

Far more black people lose their lives to black-on-black crime, but Lemon couldn’t care less!

Take a look at reactions on Twitter:



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