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Kanye West Announces He’s Running For President; Will He Take Votes For Biden?


Well, we got a true 4th of July surprise last night.

Did you see it?

Kanye West (or "Ye" as he seems to be referring to himself now) announced on Twitter that he's running for President!

UH OH!  

Here is the announcement:

People immediately began to lose their minds as they thought through the implications.

Here is ABC News with more details:

It's unclear whether he's consulted with his friend Donald Trump, but rapper Kanye West has announced he's ready to unseat the Republican president.

"We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future," West wrote on Twitter Saturday evening. "I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION"

It's not apparent how serious he is about running, but it seems unlikely the polarizing entertainer could actually unseat Trump. It's probably more likely he could use a little publicity for his upcoming album, "God's Country," and its first single, "Wash Us in the Blood," which was released earlier this week.

But Trump himself was a reality TV star and former President Ronald Reagan of course made his name as a Hollywood actor before entering politics.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Trump both have a few hundred million dollar fundraising advantage on the 21-time Grammy winner. Though his wife, Kim Kardashian, is very nearly a billionaire after selling 20% of her KKW Beauty last month if he's looking to borrow a few hundred million.

If West does actually want to run for president, he would have to do so as an independent. And even that would take him acquiring the necessary signatures to get on November's ballot. Bad news for voters in Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and Texas -- the deadline has already passed to file and you won't get a chance to vote for West. (Unless you want to write him in.)

West, 43, made a surreal appearance in the Oval Office in October 2018, meeting with Trump after professing his love for the current president. The move ostracized the Chicago rapper from many of his peers in the entertainment industry. In the end it turned out West hadn't even voted in the 2016 election.

Donning a "Make America Great Again" hat, the two were set to talk about the president's appeal to African Americans. But in reality the conversation swung from his IQ -- he's in the 98th percentile, he said -- to his mental health to Ford needing to design the "fliest most amazing" cars and his comments on live TV during a Hurricane Katrina charity fundraiser that George W. Bush didn't care about Black people. All the while, he tested television producers' censor buttons.

The two actually did discuss West running for president, believe it or not.

Trump said the rapper "could very well be" a future presidential candidate.

"Only after ..." West responded, referring to after Trump left office.

"That's good, I'm glad to hear that," Trump said.

Apparently, he's moved up the date.

He seemed to imply in the May issue of GQ that he was going to vote for Trump this year.

"We know who I’m voting on," West told the magazine. "And I’m not going to be told by the people around me and the people that have their agenda that my career is going to be over. Because guess what: I'm still here!"

Trump has also made acquaintances with West's wife. Kardashian has visited the White House multiple times and met with Trump to push criminal reform policy. She first met with the president in 2018 when she secured the commutation of a Tennessee woman's life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense.

Our friend and modern day prophet Charlie Shamp has previously said Kanye West has a big role to play in future years.

Shamp says God gave him a vision where Billy Graham's mantle fell on the "wild ones".  

You know, guys who know how to fill up a stadium?

Guys who can't be tamed?

Kind of like West?

Kind of like Trump?

Not boring preachers who went to seminary and never make an impact on the world, but guys who are on fire.

Kind of like a guy named Jehu from the Bible, do you remember him?

He was a wild and untamed king who took on the evil King Ahab.

Jehu wasn't tame and teaching Bible School classes....he was a wild man and it took a wild man like him to take on King Ahab.  

Here is my friend Jonathan Cahn talking about Jehu and Trump:

With all that history, here is that video from Charlie Shamp talking about Billy Graham's mantle falling on the wild ones.


And now back to Kanye.

Here is The National explaining how there's already great panic in Dem-land fearing that Kanye will steal votes from Biden:

Kanye West, the entertainment mogul who urges listeners in one song to “reach for the stars, so if you fall, you land on a cloud”, said on Saturday he would challenge Donald Trump for the US presidency this year.

“We must now realise the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION,” the rapper tweeted as Americans marked Independence Day.

But his announcement has angered fans of presidential contender Joe Biden for fear that, as an independent candidate, West will take votes away from Mr Biden, a tactic that could favour Mr Trump. West has endorsed Mr Trump before and was invited to the White House where he was pictured wearing a “Make American Great Again!” hat.

West offered no further details on his supposed campaign, four months before the November election, and it is unclear if he has officially registered to run for office.

Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users reacted to the star’s announcement and “Kanye” shot to become the top-trending term on the platform, although many questioned whether the volatile rapper would go through with his plan and others said it was a publicity stunt.

CJ Pearson, president at activist youth organisation Last Hope USA, expressed pessimism about the prospects of the rapper running as independent.

“If Kanye runs in 2020 (which I’m doubtful he will), he’d only take away votes from Joe Biden. Young people are already unenthusiastic enough as is about Biden’s candidacy but he’d also chip away at Biden’s black support,” he wrote.

“Trump voters are TRUMP voters. His base remains unchanged.” The comments about the potential split vote were echoed across the platform.

West’s wife, the reality star Kim Kardashian, replied with a US flag emoji, while Tesla chief executive Elon Musk wrote: “You have my full support!” But that praise was backed up on Twitter only by some of Mr Trump’s most ardent followers.

Another section of social media believed it was a stunt organised by West before a potential album launch. He released a new song with fellow rapper Travis Scott last week.

Others considered the possibility of the rapper performing an about-turn and siding with the Democrats.

“Imagine if Biden picks Kanye for his VP,” Omar Shakry wrote. “2020 can no longer surprise me, so just putting that out there.”

Others are also panicked online:


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