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Supreme Court Hands Trump Win on Mueller Documents


Didn’t the Mulluer probe into Donald Trump end ages ago?

Yet Democrats clearly aren’t satisfied with the results.

After years of investigations and tens of millions of dollars spent, Democrats claim that we STILL can’t confirm the Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia.

Their latest fight centers around grand jury materials.

Those materials, which are supposed to remain secret, won’t be made available until at least after the November election according to the Supreme Court.

Here’s the latest report from CNN:

Grand jury material from former special counsel Robert Mueller won’t be released to the Democratic-led House of Representatives at least for now, after the Supreme Court on Thursday granted the Trump administration’s request to take up the case next term.

The move means the documents won’t likely be released before the November election, even if the Democrats win the case.

The court’s move is a victory for the Justice Department, which is seeking to prevent the release of the information, which includes portions of Mueller’s report that were redacted to protect grand jury information and underlying grand jury testimony and exhibits that relate to certain individuals and events.

The case is a major separation of powers fight, testing the ability of the Justice Department to control grand jury information from a historic, deeply political investigation it conducted that could also aid congressional investigations.

The grand jury materials in question could shed considerable light on Russian election-meddling and Trump’s response in 2016. Dozens of witnesses testified before Mueller’s grand jury, according to CNN reporting, including Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and at least two people who attended the Trump Tower meeting in summer 2016.

House Democrats told the justices that any delay would threaten the committee’s ability to complete its investigation during the current Congress.

The timeline could effectively kill the effort to get the documents, said Steve Vladeck, CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor at the University of Texas School of Law.

“Even if the court hears arguments in November, it’s unlikely it would render a decision before January 3, 202 — when this Congress ends and this case along with it,” Vladeck said.

Can’t Democrats move on and accept that they lost the 2016 election?

Of course, that would mean that they would have to take the high road, which they never do.

Check out responses on Twitter to the Supreme Court decision:

Here's more details from the Washington Post:

The Supreme Court on Thursday dealt a significant blow to House Democrats’ efforts to see secret grand jury material from Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, saying it would decide next term whether Congress is authorized to access the material.

The decision to hear the case next fall keeps the information from the House Judiciary Committee at least until after the election. A lower court ruled that the committee was entitled to see the previously withheld material from Mueller’s probe, which also investigated whether President Trump obstructed the special counsel’s work.

But even if the justices were to affirm the lower court, it is highly unlikely their decision could come before the end of the current congressional term in January.

Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said he was disappointed the court agreed to the Trump administration’s request to review the lower court, adding that Attorney General William P. Barr had reversed long-standing Justice Department practice in opposing release of the material.

“Unfortunately, President Trump and Attorney General Barr are continuing to try to run out the clock on any and all accountability,” Nadler said in the statement. “While I am confident their legal arguments will fail, it is now all the more important for the American people to hold the president accountable at the ballot box in November.”

Solicitor General Noel Francisco had told the Supreme Court it should decide for itself the “significant separation of powers” issues raised in the case. Despite the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Congress has no need for the information, Francisco wrote in a brief to the court.

“The House already has impeached the president, the Senate already has acquitted him, and neither [the committee] nor the House has provided any indication that a second impeachment is imminent,” Francisco wrote.

Trump’s impeachment by the House came in December, followed by the Senate’s acquittal in February.

House General Counsel Douglas N. Letter had told the court that the withheld material “remains central to the committee’s ongoing investigation into the president’s conduct,” adding that the committee’s probe “did not cease with the conclusion of the impeachment trial.”

The House went to court last July, before the formal start of its impeachment proceedings involving the president’s alleged effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden, now the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge Trump in November.

Mueller’s team found insufficient evidence to conclude that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia and neither exonerated nor accused Trump of obstructing justice — writing in its report, “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Also, take a look at the Fox News report over Trump's current win in the Supreme Court:


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