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Homeowner Who Defended Himself: “I Realized We’re On Our Own”

In a completely predictable turn of events, CNN's Chris Cuomo goes on the attack in interview with Mark McCloskey, the man who defended his home from BLM protesters.


Mark McCloskey, the man who defended his home from protestors who allegedly broke into his gated community and hurled verbal threats towards he and his wife, was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

As you might expect, Cuomo started the interview with accusatory and presumptive questions, indicating with clarity that he sided with the tresspassers rather than the homeowner.

Throughout the interview, Cuomo was dismissive of McCloskey’s claims of being in fear for his safety, and reiterated claims McCloskey was now the “face of political resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement.  

During the interview, Cuomo questions how McCloskey could know what the intentions of the protesters were.

Never one to hold to his own standards, Cuomo himself insisted that the protesters were merely trying to get to the mayor's house to protest.

Unfortunately, facts disagree with Cuomo on this one.  As McCloskey correctly points out, the mayor's house isn't even on that street.

This is directly from CNN:

A St. Louis homeowner who pulled a gun on protesters walking on his private street said he was "in imminent fear they would run me over, kill me."

"I was a person scared for my life, protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate," Mark McCloskey told CNN's Chris Cuomo Tuesday.

He said it is "ridiculous" to consider him the face of opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement after the incident.

"I didn't care what color they were. I didn't care what their motivation was," McCloskey said. "I was frightened. I was assaulted."

Videos obtained by CNN show McCloskey, with a long rifle, and his wife, with a handgun, outside their St. Louis home around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. They are seen brandishing the weapons as demonstrators walked outside the home, protesting Mayor Lyda Krewson's decision to publish the names and addresses of people in favor of police reform. Portland Place, the private street where McCloskey lives, is near Krewson's home.

McCloskey told CNN the mayor's house cannot be reached through his neighborhood and that hundreds of protesters broke through a private gate. He said the protesters threatened to kill him and his dogs and burn his house down.

At one point Cuomo insisted that it was not CNN who was using McCloskey as a political weapon.

Cuomo defensively stated: "I think I'm fair.  I'm not gonna use you as a pawn to advance my own agenda like the show you just went on."

Does he mean the show that allowed McCloskey to tell his story without baseles accusations being hurled at him every 30 seconds?

For now, maybe it's best that Cuomo and CNN continue to dig themselves into a larger hole.

America is watching, and they'll make up their own mind.


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