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Back The Blue Rallies Across The Country In Support of Police!

Despite the scenes of anarchy broadcast nightly in left wing riots, many across the nation are standing behind police officers in counter-protest.


While the Radical Left and Lamestream media glorify the riots being held across the country, there are many unspoken Americans out there supporting the men and women who keep our streets safe.

From Virginia to New Mexico, peaceful  “Back The Blue” rallies have been held across the country with little fanfare from the establishment.

Chicago affiliate ABC7details one such rally going on in Illinois:

Hundreds turned out in far northwest suburban McHenry County as Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue rallies converged in Crystal Lake Saturday.

Although participants on both ends have different opinions, the dueling protests were peaceful.

Carol Tedesco, the daughter of a retired Chicago police officer, was among the 500 people who took part in a motorcycle ride and rally, showing support for law enforcement.

“You got to support the men and women in blue. They do a great job,” Tedesco said. “They’re getting beat up everyday on the streets, and it’s not right.”

Scott Merrill also attended the rally.

“There’s 1% of bad cops. That’s in any big demographic you have, and I just don’t think that every cop is a bad cop. I just want to make sure everybody knows that,” Merrill said.

The group is pushing back against what they call an anti-cop backlash since the death of George Floyd, a black man who was pinned under the knee of a white Minneapolis officer while in police custody.

The two protests crossed paths at a local park after the motorcycle riders stopped at several local police stations.”

Imagine that, two opposing groups expressing their opinions without violence.

If you watched cable news you wouldn’t even know anyone is out there supporting the police.

In some cities, mobs are descending on police stations hoping to burn them to the ground. 

News Channel 9 in Chattanooga, TN, reports that citizens there gathered near their police precinct to show solidarity with the officers who serve them:

One group in Chattanooga is responding to recent protests by showing support for law enforcement, which has been under the microscope for weeks.

More than 100 people rallied for an event called “Back the Blue” on Saturday afternoon. It lasted for hours on Amnicola Highway, right nearby the Chattanooga Police Department.

Organizers tell us the rally doesn’t mean they’re against the Black Lives Matter movement.

"They have a right," said Perry Perkins, who attended the rally. "If they want to get out and have a sign, and they want to carry a message and give that to the elected officials -- I'm whole heartedly in support of that. That's what this country was founded on was free speech."

But they did say that defunding police would be a dangerous step backwards. This comes as activists continue to demand for police reform.

"What if someone is in trouble, and they can't get help because the funding is missing -- and the officers can't get there because we don't have one to send, what's going to happen then?" organizer Donnie Case said.

Jamaal Reynolds was one of the few Black men to show up to the rally. He says the issue isn’t with law enforcement.

Watch Isaiah Kim-Martinez's 11 p.m. report. (WTVC)

“If we stop resisting arrest, and we listen to the police officers and we obey authority -- we won’t be in the situations to where we are getting killed," Reynolds said.

Here are images from the Las Cruces, NM rally:

They're getting into the cause in Fredericksburg, VA too!

Now that's the 1st Amendment in action!

Refreshing, isn't it?

No fires, no gunshots, no open air progressive occupied slums. 

Just good ol' fashioned democracy.


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