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President Trump Accuses Black Lives Matter Leader of “Treason, Sedition, Insurrection”


Honest… it was only a matter of time.

Weeks after Black Lives Matter protests across the nation have resulted in riots, looting, and widespread calls to defund the police, President Trump has stepped in.

In a strong statement, President Trump accused Hawk Newsome, the leader of the official Black Lives Matter organization, of "treason."

Trump's accusation comes after Newsome threatened to "burn down the system and replace it."

Specifically, Trump said:

Black Lives Matter leader states, "If U.S. doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it." This is Treason, Sedition, Insurrection!

See President Trump's tweet below:

While civil unreased has spread around the country, Joe Biden has remained largely silent.

In fact, President Trump's re-election campaign pointed out the fact that Biden refused to condemn Antifa last year.


Antifa has been accused of using the Black Lives Matter environment to attack statues of our Founding Fathers.

See the Trump campaign's accusation below:

Observers have noted that the rallying cries of Black Lives Matter have become more extreme and divisive.

What once started as a movement to curb police brutality now appears to chamption defunding the police and totally replacing American institutions.

This is what drove Trump to declare that the Black Lives Matter leader is committing "treason, sedition, insurrection!"

CNS News has more details on the story:

After Hank Newsome, the head of Black Lives Matter for Greater New York, said his group "will burn down this system and replace it," if America doesn't "give us what we want," President Donald Trump tweeted that this is "treason" and "insurrection."

"Black Lives Matter leader states, 'If U.S. doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.' This is Treason, Sedition, Insurrection!" tweeted Trump on June 25.

During a June 24 interview on FNC's Martha MacCallum show, Newsome said, "If this country doesn't give us what we want then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right. And I could be speaking figuratively, I could be speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation."

"Like, let's be very real, and let's observe the history of the 1960s," said Newsome. "When black people were rioting, we had their highest growth in wealth, in property ownership."

"Think about the last few weeks," he added. "Since we started protesting, there have been eight cops fired across the country. You remember they were telling us that there was due process? ... But the moment people start destroying property, now cops can be fired automatically."

Under U.S. law, treason is defined as, "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

The far left radical party has appeared to embrace anti-Americanism as part of its core ideals.

Rather than trying to reform or improve America's key institutions, these radicals are now openly claiming to tear them down and replace them.

See Hank Newsome's statements below:

Many "every day" Democrats don't understand the dangerous rhetoric of the Democratic party or the Black Lives Matter movement.

While the statement that "black lives matter" is certainly true, the official organization(s) have questionable funding, political, and operative objectives.

This is why President Trump called them out, according to the Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump said remarks from a Black Lives Matter organizer who called for burning down the current U.S. system were treasonous.

Hawk Newsome, chairperson of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, said late Wednesday: “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”Trump took to social media to share the quote, adding: “This is Treason, Sedition, Insurrection!”

It’s the most direct salvo the president has launched against Black Lives Matter, the co-founders of which are self-described “trained Marxists.” One also said last week that “our goal is to get Trump out.”

The group is advocating for dramatic change, including the defunding of police departments.

Newsome answered the president, telling him: “You call me treasonous? You are about to lose the election bc you are a terrible and racist leader. Don’t try to rally your White Supremacist baseball [sic] vilifying me! ”

He called on Trump to “Vilify the police who commit murder with impunity. Vilify America’s failing schools.”

“Black people riot we are terrorist. White people do it and they are ‘sports fans’ celebrating a championship. Don’t be mad bc I point out your hypocrisy,” he said in another post.

Newsome the day prior said he feels rioting and destruction have led to results, citing how some police officers have been fired since property began being destroyed in a number of cities last month at or near protests.

Trump, meanwhile, also criticized New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat who plans on painting “Black Lives Matter” on city streets. The president said chants at protests organized by the group have included the chant: “‘Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon,’ referring to killing Police.”

“NYC Police are furious!” he charged.

Trump has stridently criticized rioters and looters, saying such actions sometimes lead to being shot, and challenged efforts to topple and remove statues and monuments dedicated to former presidents like Ulysses Grant and George Washington.

President Trump has consistently defined himself as the "law and order" president.

While Democratic mayors and governors allowed rioting and looting to occur for several days unchecked, President Trump has been firm in supporting law enforcement.

On June 16, Trump took decisive action and issued an executive order aimed at reforming law enforcement to minimize cases of police brutality.


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