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88 Year Old Liquor Store Owner Shoots Would Be Robber, Gets Charged With Assault

Despite the man who allegedly attempted to rob liquor store owner May Boyce initially admitting to his intent to steal, Boyce will be the only one charged.


As we’ve seen in recent weeks, local officals want to keep police on a leash. 

Allow looters to run amok, unleash anarchy, plain old terrorize their communities. 

We’ve seen on a 90 plus year old woman punched in the head in broad daylight in Manhattan. 

Countless other lives ruined when their businesses burn. 

And then there’s this:

Of course, guess who's being charged with a crime...

If you answered A) Small business owner protecting her life and property, then you are correct!

As reported by The NY Post, it is not the would be thief being charged, but rather Ms. Boyce herself:

Tough-talking, alleged shoplifter-shooting, 88-year-old Nashville liquor store owner May Boyce wants criminals to know “I’m fed up and I’m not taking it anymore.”

The octogenarian was back at work Saturday after being charged with aggravated assault for shooting a man she said was trying to steal whiskey.

“I did what I had to do, and I hope word gets out on the street that I’m fed up and I’m not taking it anymore,” she told The Post Saturday from her store, where supportive customers lined up. “You’ve got to stick up for yourself sometimes.”

Boyce said she’s been robbed a number of times in the past, especially over the past four years, and she’s often been scared.

Now out on $10,000 bond, said she finally had enough Tuesday night when two men came into her Murfreesboro Road Liquor and Wines store, menacing her and trying to steal some booze. She told police that one of the men headed to the back where the vodka was located and another approached her “in a manner that she knew” he was going to steal from her.

That’s when she grabbed her late mother Mary’s .38 Smith & Wesson snub nose revolver, unwrapped it from its cloth covering and placed it on the counter.

One of the men asked for brown liquor and the other, identified as Ramon Fisher, grabbed a couple of Crown Royal whiskey bottles. Boyce then confronted Fisher, who she said “lunged” at her.

Boyce, a widow who stands 5’3″ and weighs 115 pounds, said Fisher was going to push her down. He then ran for the exit, the bottles under his arm, she said.

“I did what I had to do,” she said. “After you’ve been played for a fool by people stealin’ from you for years, you get fed up. And don’t put me in the category of a little old lady. I know how to take care of myself.”

Nashville police did not return calls from The Post Sunday asking about whether or not Boyce overreacted by shooting Fisher, who is recovering from his injuries.

Boyce said she didn’t necessarily mean to hit Fisher, who was shot in the back.

“I never shot a gun before,” Boyce said, “but I guess it’s something that comes natural. I aimed at the floor to scare him.”

Fisher fell to the ground, yelling that he was shot. He crashed into a display case of wine bottles that broke open all over the floor.

A young friend of Boyce, Carson Burch, took to Facebook to defend her, saying she wears a wrist brace from an incident at the store two months ago when she was robbed and assaulted.

“She is a sweet old lady who minds her own business. She opens this liquor store up every single day by herself, and she closes it down every night by herself,” Burch wrote. “Now she’s charged with a crime for defending herself? Give me a break.”

Boyce said she volunteered to go to the police station with the cops when they arrived.

“I went down, got my mugshot taken, got out on bond and came right back to the store,” Boyce said. “I got some people to help me but it took us to 1 a.m. to clean up all the wine that spilled everywhere.”

The Washington Examiner also had this colorful note to add from Ms. Boyce:

She was released on a $10,000 bond, and police confiscated her gun and told her she might not get it back for two years.

“I told ’em, ’Shit, I might be dead by then,’” Boyce said. “But the law’s the law.”

Fisher is recovering from his injuries at a local hospital.

I guess she got 'em there!

Still, it appears that it is May Boyce who has the burden of proof being placed on her. 

As with most things involving self defense these days, some are already trying to defame the woman for defending herself against a "person of color."

So far, as is often the case, this sort of blatant race baiting accusation has no proof to support it. 

What is supported by fact, is that the alleged robber, Ramon Fisher, initially admitted to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was admittedly there to steal more booze!


Ramon Fisher admitted that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he entered Boyce’s liquor store on June 16, according to the criminal affidavit. He was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital after the shooting and that’s where detectives interviewed him. The affidavit notes that Fisher “was already on medications” when police arrived to get his statement.

Fisher told the investigators he had been using cocaine and alcohol that day. He also confessed that he and his friends entered Boyce’s store with the goal of stealing liquor. “He stated that in the attempt to steal from Mrs. Boyce, she shot him once in the back.”

But Fisher provided a different account when detectives followed up with him the next day. In the second interview, Fisher denied planning to steal the alcohol and insisted that he and his friend were going to pay for it. He identified the second man only by a nickname, “One Eye.” Fisher also denied running toward the exit."

He later recanted his admission. 

Go figure. 

Although May Boyce is being charged with a crime for defending herself, perhaps there is hope that the justice system may indeed start defending the innocent.

Still, with each passing day, it appears the justice system only has the will to work at the directive of the mob. 

If justice were the objective, May Boyce would not be charged for defending her livlihood. 


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