Black Pastor: "All the killing ain't coming from white people...WE are killing one another!"

Black Pastor: “All the killing ain’t coming from white people…WE are killing one another!”

I cannot endorse this enough!

I don't know who this pastor is, but I really like him!

This short video was posted under the Twitter name AJ Atia, but I don't know if that's the name of this pastor or not.  

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Regardless, he was bringing the fire and truth today on Sunday.


Here is a partial transcript:

If we're gonna argue logically, the argument's gotta hold up on both sides....

All the killing in our community ain't coming from white people.

Come on, say Amen if you can.

WE are killing one another.

Our own people are scared to get out at night in their own community.....they're not scared of white people, they're scared of young black boys on the street.


All the killing that's going on, aint going on in River Oaks.

It's going on in South Union. 

On Martin Luther King.  

Every street that's named after Martin Luther King across America is riddled with crime and death!  

In the name of a man who stood for non-violence!

The church has got to accept some responsibility.

Because we're in here singing and shouting on Sunday morning....let's get out of here and go tell that young black boy and that young black girl, we gonna teach you how to love yourself more than someone taught you to hate yourself.  

Pull your pants up!

Take your nasty pajamas off when you get up in the morning to go outside.

Act like you got good sense!

Talk like somebody's raising you!

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