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Video: White Protester Screams at 3 Black Cops, You “Are Part of the Problem” and “Racism is a White Person’s Problem”


A white protester is going viral on social media after she was recorded yelling at 3 black police officers.

A bystander recording the incident asked the protester, "I have a question for you. You're white and you're telling this to black police officers? Don't you see the problem with that a little bit?"

The white protester then launched into her tired, calling the black police officers part of the problem.

Just because they're black doesn't mean they're not a part of the problem. I'm allowed to say this to whoever. Because I'm white, racism is a white person's problem.

View her entire response, which has gone viral on social media, below:

This isn't the first time that a white protester, likely a Black Lives Matter activist, has been recorded yelling at black cops.

Another recorded incident shows a white male calling black law enforcement the N-word.

Many observers are pointing the hypocrisy of the "woke" left.

They are behaving the behavior they claim to criticize.

The Daily Mail has more details on the young woman in DC, who is currently unidentified, claiming that black cops are part of the problem:

A white woman was filmed angrily confronting two black police officers at a protest in Washington D.C. Tuesday, telling them that 'they are part of the problem'.

The video of the protester, filmed by Henry Rodgers, a senior congressional correspondent for The Daily Caller, went viral after she went on a fiery rant about how being white did not stop her from criticizing the black cops.

The woman faced off with at least three black officers during a protest at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House which lasted late into the night.

In the video, the unidentified woman - wearing black leggings and a crop top with a printed face mask and hat - stands in front of two black male cops holding a sign reading 'Police the Police'.  

'Why don't you take off your uniform? Are you afraid of police?' she asks but the officers do not respond and continue looking straight ahead.  

Rodgers then interjects and asks the woman: 'I have a question for you. You're white and you're telling this to two black police officers? Don't you see the problem with that a little bit?'

The protesters whips round to face Rodgers and declares that she can 'fight for justice' even if she is white.

'No, I don't,' she says to Rodgers' question. 'Just because I'm white and I haven't experienced racism myself doesn't mean I can't fight for justice.'

'They're a part of the system. They're a part of the problem,' she continues, pointing at the officers.

'Just because they're black doesn't mean they're not a part of the problem. I'm allowed to say this to whoever. Because I'm white, racism is a white person's problem.

'Racism is my problem. I need to fix this. That's why I'm here. I'm talking to all of them. Black, white, f****in' brown, purple. I don't give a sh**'.

As of Wednesday evening, the video had been viewed more than 2.7million times.

A second video of the same woman showed her confronting a third cop at the same protest.

Posted on Twitter by Emily Jashinsky, a culture editor for conservative online magazine, The Federalist, she wrote that 'a white woman (in lululemon) tells a black cop' to 'smile'.

The second video sees the protester standing directly in front on the female officer and holding her phone in her face, telling the cop to 'Smile for Breonna Taylor'.

The latest data suggests that at least 15.5 percent of the nation's law enforcement is black.

Most of these officers sign-up with pride to protect their hometowns and to keep the streets safe.

Yet many white, "woke" BLM protesters have been caught on camera harrassing black police officers.

Observers note that this behavior is hypocritical and undermines the message about "love" and "tolerance" that the Democratic party claims to value.

The same incident was filmed from another angle.

In the other clip, the same female protester harrassed a 3rd black top and taunted the officer to "smile."

Fox News confirms:

Another video filmed by Emily Jashinsky, a culture editor for the conservative online magazine, The Federalist, showed the exchange from a different angle.

Jashinsky captured a second moment when the same protester approaches a black female officer, telling her to “Smile for Breonna Taylor.” The woman points her cell phone in the face of the police officer, who does not respond and remains expressionless.

“Smile,” a white woman (in lululemon) tells a black cop,” Jashinsky tweeted.

Rodgers shared an additional video of other protesters in D.C. calling for police officers to be poisoned. The edited clip appeared to be originally shared by the conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA.

Hundreds of troops with the Washington, D.C., National Guard have mobilized to protect monuments in the nation's capital, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News on Wednesday.

Protesters have targeted statues and other historical markers during ongoing demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd's police custody death in Minneapolis at the end of May. In a protest at the D.C. Emancipation Memorial Tuesday, one demonstrator announced that on Thursday they would tear down the memorial's statue of Abraham Lincoln standing over a freed slave.

While the media likes to cover the protests as "peaceful protests," the reality is that there has no only been violence (rioting, looting, tearing down statues, etc.) there has also been hateful rhetoric.

Ironically, much of this hateful speech has been directed at black police officers, as suggested by these viral videos.

Instead of suggesting a better way to do things or paving the way towards a better future, these protesters seem intent on tearing our country apart and erasing our history.

You can view the video from the second angle below:


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