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Tampa Police Ambushed by Hundreds After FAKE 911 Call, Chief Says


Tampa police were ambushed by hundreds of protesters after a fake 911 call was placed.

The caller on the 911 call claimed that there had been a shooting and that at least 1 person was injured.

But when the police showed up, they were ambushed by hundreds of people waiting there.

Are these the "peaceful protesters" that we keep hearing about in the media?

All available evidence suggests that this was a planned, coordinated attack on police forces in Tampa, comments by the Tampa police chief suggest.

More details, including the local news report on this story, below: 

Ever since the death of George Floyd, the anti-police sentiment has been allowed to fester throughout the country.

Leaders in the Democratic party appear likely to support these sentiments, including the radical call to defund the police.

Could this have led to the police ambush that happened in Tampa?

Local ABC WFTS Tampa Bay News has more details on the story:

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said his officers were ambushed after responding to a call early Saturday.

Police officers responded to North 15th Street and East 26th Avenue near Ybor City around 1 a.m. on Saturday. Hundreds were gathered at the intersection.

Police responded to a call about shots fired and a possible victim. When police arrived, they could not locate a victim.

"It's an ambush. I have no other way to describe it. When there are that many people out there and clearly no one had been shot. It was just a set up to get the cops there," said Police Chief Brian Dugan.

Chief Dugan said the large crowd became aggressive and they threw bottles and glass at officers. They also jumped on police vehicles.

Two officers were injured, but are expected to be OK.

Police arrested one man for resisting with violence, failure to obey a lawful order and violation of probation."There have been some violent acts. People are acting out. They think they can get away with doing whatever they want toward the cops. We're going to use the necessary force to take people into custody. I think that's what people need to understand," said Chief Dugan.

What makes this story more disturbing is that the police officers thought they were responding to a crime. 

But instead, they themselves became the victims of violence.

Incidents like this should prove to the silent majority that we need police departments in order to maintain a civil society.

This wasn't the only ambush that happened in Florida.

The Tampa chief reports that police have been injured in multiple attacks.

According to WFLA Channel 8 News:

Three police officers were injured over the weekend after officials say they were ambushed in two separate incidents while responding to calls in Tampa.

According to Police Chief Brian Dugan, two of the officers were hurt after responding to a reported shooting at the corner of 15th Street and 26th Avenue early Friday morning.

Dugan said the cops were trying to locate a victim when a mob surrounded them and threw glass bottles at them. The group also jumped on police vehicles.

Dugan said one of the officers was hit in the head with a glass bottle. They were taken to Tampa General Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Another officer was struck in the head and suffered a small laceration and swelling.

Dugan said one person, Aaron Lamar Brown, 25, was arrested for resisting with violence, failure to obey a lawful order and violation of probation.

Dugan said another officer was injured while responding to a theft at a 7-Eleven on Hillsborough Avenue Monday morning.

The officer had tried to take a suspect into custody, but the individual resisted arrest and tried to take the officer’s gun.

Dugan said the suspect struck the officer several times in the face, leaving him with multiple cuts and abrasions. The officer is expected to be okay.

These are the stories missing from the media.

There's always two sides to every story, but the media has chosen to focus exclusively on the protesters and their rhetoric, which has turned anti-police.

Actions have consequences, and no police forces are suffering from multiple ambush attacks.

What are the long-term consequences of this going to be?

How will local police departments be able to attract new recruits if their existing forces are demoralized?

These are challenges that we as a nation must reckon with if the rhetoric from the radical left goes unchallenged.


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