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While George Washington’s Statues Is Torn Down, Germany Just Built a New One of Lenin


Yes, really.

I know this is hard to believe.

Heck, imagine I came up to you 5 years ago and said in 2020 a George Washington statue would be torn down, defaced, and an American flag burned on top of it.

Not only that, but they’d be working to take down Lincoln too.

Oh, and not only that but we’d actually be building a new statue of Lenin over in Germany.

You’d probably think I had gone crazy.

And I probably would have agreed with you.

But that is exactly the world we now live in.


But real.

Take a look:

The BBC had more details:

A far-left party in Germany has erected a controversial statue of communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

The tiny Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) installed the statue in front of its headquarters in the western city of Gelsenkirchen.

City authorities had attempted to stop the statue being installed and launched an online hashtag saying there was "no place for Lenin".

But courts blocked their appeals and the unveiling went ahead on Saturday.

Lenin was a leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution and led the country until his death in 1924, when he was succeeded by Josef Stalin. However, he has remained a symbol of communism rule across the world, both among supporters and those who remember the human rights abuses that took place under the USSR.

Germany itself was divided for decades between the West and the communist East, until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The march that KO'd communism

In the debate surrounding the Gelsenkirchen statue, which was made in Czechoslovakia, as it was then known, in 1957, both sides drew parallels to the tearing down of monuments linked to slavery which has taken place in anti-racism protests across the world in recent weeks.

Media captionProtesters across America toppled statues associated with slavery
"We live in a time in which many countries of the world are reflecting on memorials," said mayor Frank Baranowski in one of a series of YouTube videos posted by the city council against the statue.

"It's hard to put up with the fact that a dictator from the 21st Century is being placed on a pedestal and a memorial is being made out of it. Unfortunately the courts have decided otherwise, we must accept that, but not without comment."

Ok, now get this.

Not only are they building new statues of Lenin in Germany, did you know multiple ones already exist in the United States?

One word:  WHY?

According to Wikipedia, there are Lenin statues in Seattle (no surprise), New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas and Connecticut.


Take a look:

And then you have ignorant fools like this Asshat saying this:

I don't even know what to say.  

Ok, let's end this one on a lighter note.

Speaking of how insane Germany is, let's leave it to Norm Macdonald to wrap this up for us.

Please enjoy (one of my favorite bits of all time):


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