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TRUMP: “Joe Biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left. And he’s not radical left. I don’t think he knows what he is anymore.”


During his epic Tulsa rally, President Trump hammered into former vice president Joe Biden.

Warning about the radical left taking over the Democratic party, President Trump declared:

Joe Biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left. 

And he's not radical left. 

I don't think he knows what he is anymore.

And the crowd went wild!

Trump's last line, of course, could be referring to many things.

Joe Biden, for example, has flipped flopped on many topics, so perhaps he no longer knows where he stands on the issues.

But more likely, President Trump was probably referring to Biden's mental state of confussion.

See the clip below: 

We would also like to note that the clip above from C-Span shows empty seats at the Trump Tulsa rally.

At most MAGA rallies, the media never shows the stadium because they don't want the audience at home to see how packed the place is.

But now that there are empty seats, the media has been doing panoramic shots of the event center.

However, the media didn't report on the radical BLM protesters that blocked the entrances to the event center.

Later in the speech, President Trump also suggested that Biden may be a puppet of China.

The suggestion that Biden is a "puppet" brings his mental health into question.

According to the National Review, it is certainly fair to question the mental fitness of Biden to be president:

Democrats showed us a surprising amount of cohesion and coordination, when, collectively, they took action to turn Joe Biden’s strong finish in South Carolina into a romp through Super Tuesday. But they may regret this decision sooner than they think — and we may come to despise them for it.

Already there is an effort underway to protect Biden from any possible damage that Bernie Sanders could do to him in the remainder of the Democratic primaries. Leading Democrats such as James Clyburn have argued that it would be useless to hold more debates, because the party already has a strong front-runner, a prohibitive favorite if polls hold up.

Really? The whole point of elections is to see if polls hold up. Biden currently has 867 delegates. Sanders has 711. It takes 1991 delegates to win the nomination. The last televised debate was before the South Carolina primary, and it included Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Biden, and Sanders. We haven’t seen Biden take on someone one on one, though he does threaten random people who question him at his rallies. Shouldn’t he have to close the deal with voters?

Leaving aside those procedural questions, already there is another effort underway to impose a taboo against saying the following: Joe Biden is clearly not well. The comeback front-runner for the Democratic nomination hasn’t lost a step; he’s lost the plot. You’re not supposed to diagnose or psychoanalyze people from afar, I know. It is rude. Having any conversation about the frailty of an elderly public figure always feels rude. Such conversations are difficult to have even about elderly family members, behind closed doors.

But this subject needs to be broached right now. Accusations that Hillary Clinton was unwell were treated as a conspiracy theory up until the moment she seemed to collapse at a 9/11 memorial and was pushed into the side of a van like a sack of meat. Though that viral clip surely hurt Clinton, it was a one-day story and she performed reasonably well on the campaign trail afterward. Biden is amassing a series of viral clips that are much worse. He’ll forget the name of former president Barack Obama, or the state he’s in, or stock phrases of American oratory: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women created by . . . you know . . . you know the thing.” He’ll announce to a baffled crowd that “I’m Joe Biden’s husband and I work for Cedric Richmond” (Richmond is a congressman, in case you were wondering.)

Yes, we are all human.

Everyone makes mistakes and verbal slip ups, but the rapidity and severity at which Biden messes up raises legitimate questions around his mental health.

See some clips of his gaffes below:

Even Democrats are talking about Joe Biden's mental fitness to be president.

Anyone who thinks that this is a partisan talking point hasn't been paying attention to Biden's performance or appearances.

Fox News reports that Democrats are openly discussing Biden's mental acuity:

Interviews with Democratic primary voters attending a Joe Biden campaign rally in Texas on Monday suggested that questions about the former vice president's cognitive abilities may concern some of his supporters.

In a special edition of the Fox Nation show "Laura and Raymond," Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo spoke to rally-goers in Dallas, shortly after former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Mass., endorsed Biden.

"I am concerned about it as far as the debate performance, with going up against the other side, with Trump," said one man, who argued that President Donald Trump's behavior is a bigger problem for him. "I'll take that any day of the week compared to the vile man that sits in the White House right now."

At a Fox News Town Hall on Thursday evening, President Trump, who has faced scrutiny over his mental health, said that Biden has "something going on."

"[Biden] said 150 million people were killed with guns and that he was running for the U.S. Senate -- there's something going on there," said the president.

Arroyo spoke to another man, who dismissed any concerns about Biden's cognitive strength, "We volunteered for him in 2008 when he was running back then," said the man, who attended the rally with his wife. "And I see no difference between now and then."

However, not everyone felt that way. One woman said that Biden's slip-ups and gaffes may be a liability if he faces off against Trump on the debate stage.

"It's very concerning. I mean, when he's getting softballs thrown at him and he can't answer the question," she said. "It's getting rougher. The hard times haven't even started."

Indeed, in a debate against President Trump, Biden's fumbles will be more obvious than ever.

If Biden's mental strength isn't as sharp as it used to be, then Trump's warning of Biden being a "puppet" might not be so far fetched afterall.


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