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“The Ramp Was Like An Ice-Skating Rink;” President Trump Has Fun With West Point Story

President Trump mocks the mainstream media over stories about his much analyzed walk down a ramp.


President Trump wants you to know that he doesn't have Parkinsons disease. 

One of the opening monologues of tonight's rally was a poke in the eye of the liberal press over his slow walk down a ramp at his West Point commencement speech.

From our friends at Fox News:

Trump also spent a significant amount of time addressing criticism he got for what appeared to be a ginger walk down a ramp and an awkward sip from a glass of water at a West Point graduation earlier this month. Trump defended himself, alluded that Joe Biden had health issues instead of himself, then took a sip of water to loud cheers from the crowd, before tossing the water out of the glass.

"That's enough, I wanted to tell that story, does everybody understand that story," the president concluded."

Still, this doesn't quite do justice to the fun that was being had at the expense of the media present:

Here's a little more of the President's humorous monologue from Breitbart:

He admitted that it was not a good look as he carefully stepped down the ramp with a general at his side, but said he did not want to fall, referencing former President Gerald Ford falling out of a plane and former President George H. W. Bush puking in Japan.

He said that he was wearing leather-soled shoes, which were very slippery on steel ramps.

“I said there is no way I can make it down that ramp without falling on my ass, General,” he recalled. “I have no railing.”

He blamed the “fake” news media for repeatedly replaying the video and ramping up speculations about his health.

“It turned out to be worse than anything,” he said. “I would have been better off if I fell and slid down the damn ramp.”

As you can imagine, the twitter universe was going into chaos as anti-Trump snowflakes couldn't take the injection of a little humor into such the ridiculous narrative that was being spun all week:

An older gentleman takes his time going down a ramp. 

And the snowflakes melt when he pokes fun at the absurd media going wild with it. 

Go figure.

For the easily outraged left, Trumps rant about the ramp is a deranged tangent of someone who only talks about himself. 

But they have no sense of humor. 

What the story is really about, is the media's non-stop efforts to sabotage the President no matter how trivial the subject. 

By having fun with the story, he makes them look ridiculous. 

The media loves to troll the President. 

But he is the greatest troll, with the biggest platform. 


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