Rowdy Tulsa Crowd Chants "FOUR MORE YEARS" As People Begin To Enter The Arena

Rowdy Tulsa Crowd Chants “FOUR MORE YEARS” As People Begin To Enter The Arena


I'm on board with that.

Actually, I happen to think he should get a credit back for the first 3 years the Democrats stole from him!

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But that's another story.

Let's start with Four More!

And it looks like a LOT of people agree with me….watch the chant break out in the Tulsa crowd:

And yes folks, before some Libtard says "the arena only looks half full", let me explain it to you like you're 5 years old....

They are just entering the arena!

Trump not set to go on for another hour at this point.  

The place is going to be PACKED!

Here's just part of the view outside:


And don't you love to see this?

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I do:

Looking good ladies!

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