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Police CHEERED As Thousands Flood Tulsa For Trump Rally!


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I've got a feeling this is going to be a special night in Tulsa, OK!

We've seen what happens when Democrats get together in large groups….businesses are destroyed, cities burned to the ground.  Mass chaos.  Anarchy.  Violence.  Damage.  Destruction.

Now we get to see what happens when a bunch of Patriots get together!

People singing the National Anthem…

People cheering police…

No violent…

No rioting…

No hate…

Just a bunch of "elite" American patriots out to celebrate our country and our wonderful President Trump!

Watch as police are CHEERED as they walk down the street (note all the Bikers for Trump present):


The National Guard was present as well.

What a sight to see!

Look at these crowds!


And look at the patriotism!

A spontaneous singing of the National Anthem broke out.

I'm sure they do this in "CHAZ" too, right? 

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Who even knows what anthem they sign in that demon-infested hell-hole.  

But here's what Americans do:

Eric Trump on stage:

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