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Charlie Shamp: As a Prophet, I Support Donald Trump [August 2016 Dream]


I just got done listening to this and I was blown away.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

I know some of you don't believe in prophets or don't think they exist today.

That's fine.

For everyone else, please enjoy this!

Here is Charlie Shamp, who calls himself a prophet and who we have been following here for quite a while.

He's been absolutely spot on with so many things, so he's one who has earned my trust and respect.

When he published this video, I couldn't wait to see what he had to say.  

So here he is explaining why as a prophet he supports President Donald J. Trump:

Here is just some of the overwhelming positive feedback from viewers on YouTube:

In the video, he describes a Dream he was given on December 31, 2016.

Here is the full text of that dream:

In the early morning hours of December 31, 2016, I had a profound visitation from the Lord regarding President Trump and the affairs of nations. In this dream I was brought to a country fair. As I walked in there was a sign that read The Country’s Fair. The sign then changed to say, The Country’s Affairs. The scene was set with different tents representing various nations around the world. It felt as if I was brought to a secret gathering where the leaders of the world were discussing different affairs of the nations. There seemed to be great turmoil and destruction happening in every tent then suddenly I saw President Trump emerge from one of the tents. As I looked at him he began to change into a dove, then a goose and began to fly. I saw many other leaders emerge from various tents around the fair and change into doves then into geese as well. Then an individual walked over to me; I knew him to be the Holy Spirit because of his unique appearance. I've encountered him over the years in my dreams so when he approached me I recognized him immediately. I asked, “What is happening?” He said, “Look up! This is what your President has done. He's chasing the wild goose, everything is about to change!” When I looked up, I saw thousands of geese flying in perfect V formations. It was a sight to behold. I immediately understood what the Holy Spirit was telling me.

In the month of November, the day of the election, the Lord led Brynn and I along with our ten-year-old son and five-year-old daughter to take a prayer journey to the Isle of Iona and pray for the elections. The isle of Iona had been a very significant location for the spreading of Christianity into the United Kingdom and Europe in the early centuries and was founded by an Apostolic leader named Saint Columba. God had given Saint Columba a governmental anointing over nations and there are many accounts and stories of Columba meeting with Angels on the island.

In fact, there is a hill on the island that is called “the Hill of Angels” and it is said that angels would ascend and descend to council with Columba over the affairs of the nations as he and his disciples went out from there across the land to spread the Gospel. Another significant location on the island is a spot that is said to have had the Stone of Destiny brought to it so Columba could anoint the Kings that God had chosen to rule different nations. They would sit on the Stone of Destiny and Columba would pray and anoint them, this was primarily done for the kings of Scotland through the years, but other Kings came as well.

The Isle is so significant in history that sixty kings are buried on this island, forty- eight Scottish Kings rest there as a testament to the power that this place once held. We were led by the Lord to travel and pray there after discovering that President Trump had Scottish heritage through his Mother. She had been born and raised on the famous Scottish Isle of Lewis, which is well known because of the powerful revival that came in 1949 with Evangelist Duncan Campbell. Our whole family prayed and prophesied by the direction of the Lord from the very spot where Columba had prayed for the Kings centuries before. We prayed that Trump would be anointed to take the position as the next president of the United States. Despite the downpour of rain, we powered through that day decreeing what the Lord had shown us, even our children joined in and spontaneously prayed during the day. We left with a promise from the Lord, a new king would be crowned, one that He had chosen. His will would be done! Into the early morning hours, we watched as God fulfilled the prophetic word.

In the dream when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said; “Look up, this is what your President has done. He's chasing the wild goose!” I understand it because the Celtic Saints referred to the Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose. It was a well known symbol to them of the Holy Spirit and His nature. They would talk about the Holy Spirit as chasing the wild goose. A goose also represents great wealth, prosperity and blessing. The Lord is speaking a clear word to America and the nations right now. I believe that we are about to see one of the greatest transformations of nations that any generation has ever seen. I believe the Lord is going to get ahold of President Donald Trump that he will chase the Holy Spirit with great passion and cause other nations to follow the United States. He will lead other leaders to fly above the turmoil and chaos to a place of unity and victory in the earth, a massive shift is coming. A global transformation!

I began to look again into the sky and I saw what looked to be a pillar of wings going up into the heavens. I asked the Holy Spirit, “Are the geese flying into heaven?” The Holy Spirit said, “Look again, these are not geese these are angels and what you are looking at is Jacob's ladder.” I looked again and it came into perfect focus and I saw thousands of angels ascending and descending on a crystal staircase. The Holy Spirit said, “Follow me, I will take you there.” Instantly I found myself in the midst of the staircase. Angels were moving past me at the speed of light. I could hear their voices and feel the wind of their wings upon my face, it was breathtaking. They were moving at lightning speed taking assignments throughout the whole earth. We climbed the staircase until it shifted into what seemed to be a crystal looking bridge with angels and people interlocking arms across it. I said, “What is this Holy Spirit?” He said, “This is the bridge from heaven to earth. Come, I want you to meet someone.” He brought me to a man who was on his knees praying. He looked weary like he had been in a great battle. He had his arms interlocking with angels on both sides. The Holy Spirit said, “This is an everyday believer, "The Intercessor", his name is Urijah. He is a warrior for the Kingdom!” The Holy Spirit continued to speak saying, “Prophet, you must prophesy to him. He is weary in well doing, but the joy of the Lord is his strength. We need him in the fight. Without the Intercessor locking arms with the angels, God can't release Heaven on Earth. It's the great exchange, the partnership of the celestial and the terrestrial. It is the Intercessor who helps bridge the gap and create the arc from Heaven to Earth with the angelic realm, you must prophesy!”

I started to prophesy and suddenly an overwhelming joy came into my heart and I began to laugh uncontrollably as I decreed the word of the Lord for this man. The Holy Spirit said, “That's it, the joy of the Lord is his strength!” I saw the joy return to the face of this man and strength come back into his body. He gripped tightly to the angels on both sides of him and began to pray for the nations again. I then awoke at 3:00 am.

The name Urijah holds great significance because it means, Yahweh is my light. This is what all believers are to be; a light to the world. We must let that light shine through our lives and one of the most important places for that light to shine is in prayer. I believe that many Intercessors have become weary over the past several months praying over the affairs of the nations, but God is releasing great joy in the coming hour. Many have become weary in well doing, but the Lord is about to bring great encouragement and strength back by the Prophets decreeing the Word of the Lord over them. I want to encourage all believers that God is bringing a refreshing joy to your intercession and where the last several months you have felt a great amount of burden to the point of weariness, God is bringing your joy back. You will stand and see all that you have prayed in this last season come to pass and your joy will be overwhelming and full of Glory. God Bless you all in this New Year!


If you want more from Charlie, here are some other big ones:

And this:

While in prayer on May 29th at around 2:00pm central standard time I was taken into the spirit where I was shown a new cellular technology that creates and harnesses energy from the sun by splitting the light rays into a prism like spectrum creating a rainbow of colors. It separated each color spectrum into its own separate panel to create an overwhelmingly greater efficiency then any solar power we have ever seen. I saw that it would be able to power whole cities. It looked to be a massive prism which would concentrate light and create greater amounts of energy from the sun than we ever knew was possible. Also it took in and harnessed electricity from lightning and thunder storms so even when there was no sunlight it was still able to produce great amounts of power. It looked to be a giant pyramid with glass lenses covering it, but was an energy station that produced electricity for cities across the world. This will literally be the wave of the future. The Lord set a rainbow in both my hands and said, "I want to give this technology to my church for kingdom finances on the earth. Tell them to seek my face and I will set it in their hands."  -Prophet Charlie Shamp

And this:


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