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Tucker Carlson Ratings SKYROCKET to #1 in Cable Television Despite Advertiser Exodus


Sorry, Democrats, but the free market has spoken!

Tucker Carlson is now the NUMBER ONE show in cable news!

Despite an apparent coordinated effort to "cancel" Tucker Carlson, his viewership soared last week to historic highs.

Carlson came under fire for comments about Black Lives Matter where he appeared to suggest that the riots and looting have nothing to do with George Floyd.

Of course, many people agree.

But the "thought police" didn't like what Tucker had to say.

Far left radicals began contacting Tucker's advertisers, urging them to pull their ads from Tucker's program or face boycotts.

Advertisers such as Disney and Papa John's pulled their ads from Carlson's show…

Turns out the joke is on them!

More people than ever before are watching Tucker Carlson!

It turns out that the American people don't like it when you coordinate to censor someone's ability to free speech.

By getting advertisers to drop, the hope was that Carlson's show would be "canceled," since Fox News would lose all that revenue.

But with so many more eyeballs, advertisers who are willing to reach across the aisle will have access to the biggest audience on television.

More details below!

Tucker Carlson was the ONLY cable news show to exceed 4 million viewers.

To put this into perspective, CNN's Anderson Cooper had 1.5 million viewers and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow had 2.7 million viewers.


Forbes confirms the GIANT ratings for Tucker Carlson:

With an average total audience of four million viewers, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson finished the week of June 8 through June 14 as the most-watched host in all of cable news, despite the decision by some advertisers to abandon his program over comments Carlson made about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tucker Carlson Tonight finished ahead of FNC’s usual first-place finisher, Hannity, which ended the week in second place with 3.9 million viewers, followed by The Ingraham Angle (3.5 million total viewers) according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen.

Last week, Carlson drew criticism for remarks he made about Black Lives Matter, saying “this may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives, and remember that when they come for you. And at this rate, they will.”

Several companies responded by pulling advertising from Carlson’s show, including the Walt Disney Company DIS, T-Mobile, Papa John’s and Poshmark. Asked on Twitter whether the company supported the kind of language Carlson was using, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert responded, saying “it definitely is not. Bye-bye Tucker Carlson!”


Among viewers 25-54, the demographic group favored by advertisers, Carlson remained on top with 680,000—the largest audience in cable news. Carlson was followed by Sean Hannity (633,000 viewers) and Laura Ingraham (621,000 viewers).

Overall, Fox News won the week in prime time with an average audience of 3.3 million viewers—the network’s 21st straight week in first place. MSNBC was second with 1.82 million viewers, and CNN finished the week in third with 1.6 million total viewers.

Though advertisers left Tucker Carlson, they did not leave Fox News.

Basically, they moved their ads to other news programs on the network, meaning that Fox did not lose any money!

Will those advertisers come back after the radical mob calms down?

If history is any indication... it's likely.

But this is the problem! Cancel culture seeks to diminish the righ to free speech! 

Shame on advertisers for caving to the mob and willingly abandoning half of the country! It shouldn't be this way!

Tucker Carlson is not backing down.

Newsweek reports that Carlson is attacking "woke" companies that are donating to fight racial injustice:

Tucker Carlson has namechecked a number of companies who have pledged to fight racial injustice in another rant against the Black Lives Matter movement.

Adidas, P&G, Walmart, EA, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Twitter are among the companies listed by the anchor on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The Fox News host delivered the scathing monologue Tuesday night, hitting out at what he called "woke capitalism."

Speaking about sportswear brand Adidas, he said: "They vowed to create racial quotas for hiring."

The company announced on June 10 via Twitter that they are "developing a program to ensure fair and equitable hiring across adidas – to remove hiring bias, increase representation, and create more accountability and oversight."

Carlson's take on the gesture is less than flattering however, as he deemed it both "unconstitutional and racist."

Taking aim at multinational retail corporation Walmart, Carlson said: "Walmart has pledged a staggering $100 million for an entire center for racial equity. Will they do anything for the countless communities they have destroyed with their ugly box stores filled with cheap plastic garbage from China?"

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced last week the company's plans to "support philanthropic initiatives that align with four key areas: the nation's financial, healthcare, education, and criminal justice systems."

Carlson then criticized multinational consumer goods corporation P&G for its $5 million donation to a fund to support existing organizations in North America.

"We don't know exactly what that means," he said.

It appears that Tucker Carlson is not afraid to speak his mind despite the radical attacks against him that have caused advertisers to leave.

Hopefully it stays that way.

While leadership has changed at Fox News, we should be happy that the company is choosing to stand by Tucker Carlson rather than throw him over the bus.

As everything continues to get politicized, we can only expect these sorts of coordinated attacks to get worse.


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