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POLL: Almost 80% of Truck Drivers Will REFUSE To Deliver To Cities With Disbanded Police


Policies have consequences.

Unfortunately, some far-left cities are about to find that out the hard way.

A new poll reveals that truck drivers fear delivering to cities that support defunding the police. In fact, the poll even suggests that drivers will refuse to make deliveries to cities that do move forward with abolishing law enforcement.

This is a critical development for cities that are considering such legislation.

Truck drivers are often overlooked, but they are an essential component of our economic lifeline.

They deliver the groceries, products from companies like Amazon, medical equipment, and physical items necessary to run a functioning society.

Will this new poll make liberal mayors re-think their support of defunding the police?

More details below:

It's not just some truckers who believe this.

A whopping 79 percent of all truckers surveyed suggested that they would fear or would refuse to deliver to cities with defunded police departments.

Fox News provides some quotes from respondents:

When asked by trucking resource website CDLLife whether and for what reasons drivers might consider refusing a load in an area where the police had been defunded, many respondents thought they might find themselves at higher risk of danger.

Here’s a look at some drivers’ responses:

--“I will not deliver to an area with a disbanded police department. My life matter and I do this for my family. We are already at the mercy of these towns and cities with laws and hate against us for parking, getting a meal or even using a restroom.”

--“For my own safety and security of my customers’ loads, I have already informed my dispatcher that I will refuse all loads to cities that have defunded their police departments.”

--“…if something was to happen and you have to take matters into your own hands, and then you risk being prosecuted for protecting yourself.”

--“This is not an area you need to act fearless and think you you’d look like a fool for saying no…Imagine what kind of fool you look like for driving into a hot spot and putting your life in danger.”

When asked by the group, an overwhelming number of drivers said they may refuse loads in cities that defunded their police departments.

Campaigns to defund police forces – and reallocate funds to social services – have sprung up in cities throughout the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death. While detractors argue there are better ways to restructure police forces in order to eliminate police brutality, supporters say that it would not make communities less safe – but rather shift funding priorities to allow for more appropriate investments to be made in local communities.

The discussion has divided lawmakers; even Democrats can’t seem to agree on whether to back the movement. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, for example, has stepped out against the policy.

During the height of George Floyd protests and riots, people blocked highways and roads.

Truck drivers have already had difficult times delivering to cities where protesters were allowed to roam freely.

Other videos showcase Amazon delivery vehicles being looted... in BROAD DAYLIGHT!

No wonder truck drivers are likely to think twice to delivering to high crime cities with no police presence.

Trucking is consistently named as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

With widespread looting and crime, you can understand the concern that truck drivers would have delivering to far-left cities without law enforcement.

The NY Post confirms that over three quarters of truck drivers feel this way:

Three out of four long-haul drivers told CDL News, a website for the commercial trucking industry, that they would fear for their personal safety if a city slashed its number of cops in response to the demonstrations nationwide against police brutality.

Trucking ranks consistently as one of the most dangerous jobs nationwide, labor statistics show. In 2018, the occupation topped the list, followed by construction workers, farmers and ranchers, groundkeepers and miscellaneous agricultural employees.

Long-haul drivers have been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic as stay-at-homes have forced millions of Americans to buy virtually everything online.

While talks of defunding the police have become a popular leftist talking point, it's still unclear if any city other than Minneapolis is seriously considering moving forward with the proposal.

If so, the repercussions will endanger us physically and economically.


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