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Democrat Vernon Jones to Introduce Bill Designating Attacks on Trump Supporters as Hate Crimes


Vernon Jones, an Atlanta Democrat representative, has announced that he will be introducing legislation designating attacks on Trump supporters as hate crimes!

No one deserves to be attacked for wearing a red MAGA hat.

No one should be attacked for holding a pro-Trump sign.

We live in a free nation — a democracy! These are our First Amendment rights!

Now, Vernon Jones is going to make sure that Trump supporters have their rights protected!

This is particularly notable because as a black man, Vernon Jones made headlines for ENDORSING President Trump's reelection campaign.

He has been the victim of vicious political attacks for supporting the President of the free world.

Now, Vernon Jones is making sure that no Trump supporters will face hate crimes for supporting the president!

Thank you, Vernon Jones!

When we stand TOGETHER, we are stronger!

Trump's platform is one that benefits every single American citizen, yet the Democrat party has sought to undermine Trump at every turn.

Such vicious political attacks against Trump have turned into physical attacks against his supporters.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has more details on Vernon Jones' upcoming legislative proposal:

A Democratic lawmaker who ended his re-election campaign shortly after endorsing Republican President Donald Trump’s campaign wants to include crimes committed based on someone’s politics to a proposed state hate-crimes law.

State Rep. Vernon Jones, a Lithonia Democrat, withdrew his candidacy for re-election a little more than a week after he endorsed Trump’s presidential campaign, saying he had been “attacked and harassed by the Democrat Party for putting my country before my party.”

A range of people including lawmakers, members of the business community and activists have increased their calls on the Georgia Senate to approve a bill that would enhance the penalty of those convicted of committing hate crimes.

The calls intensified after the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was black and unarmed when he was followed and killed by three white men in the Brunswick area. One man is accused of calling Arbery an “(expletive) n-word” after shooting him. All three men have been charged with murder in Arbery’s killing.


Jones wants to add targeting someone based on their “actual or perceived political beliefs or political associations” to the list of protected classes. He introduced similar legislation, House Bill 1120, in March.

“Americans are being attacked nationwide because of their party affiliation and political ideology. I have personally been subjected to hate speech and threats because of my support for President Trump’s reelection,” Jones said in a statement. “While we are discussing hate-crimes legislation in Georgia, this could address another form of hate crime that people are experiencing.”

If the measure became law, a person convicted of a crime and proved to have been motivated by bias would face an additional punishment ranging from three months to a year and a fine of up to $5,000 for a misdemeanor offense to at least two years in prison for a felony offense. Georgia is one of at least four states that don’t have a hate-crimes law on the books.

In America, people should not fear for their lives for supporting a political candidate.

Vernon Jones' proposal will help ensure that voters of BOTH parties are safe!

But this is especially good news for Trump supporters, who have been vilified by the mainstream media and Hollywood elites.

Though Vernon Jones endorsed President Trump, he has no intention of switching party affiliations... yet...

But that's the way it should be!

There used to be a time when we could accomplish things with bi-partisan support in Washington D.C.

Fox News reports that Jones supports Trump because he puts country above party:

Democratic Georgia lawmaker Rep. Vernon Jones, who endorsed President Trump for reelection last month, said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday that “I put my country before my party and I wish more people would do that.”

Two days before, Jones, D-Lithonia, tweeted, “As a lifelong Democrat and black man, it pains me to admit this. But I’ve come to a realization: the Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn about us. They’ve become more concerned about putting illegals first and Americans last.”

Jones made waves when he endorsed Trump, saying in a video that he’s backing the Republican incumbent because of Trump's support for criminal justice reform and historically black colleges and universities.

The endorsement resulted in swift blowback from fellow state Democrats, many of whom publicly said they would donate to Rhonda Taylor, a community activist running for Jones’ seat in the state’s June 9 Democratic primary. State Sen. Nikema Williams, chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, issued a statement calling Jones an “embarrassment.”

“It’s obvious that the Democratic Party does not care about the black vote,” Jones said on Sunday. “They have taken it for granted and they certainly do not have room under that so-called big tent for those of us who are black and independent with conservative leanings.”

He added that he has been “very disappointed” with the Democrat party.

“They don't take our vote as for value,” Jones said. “They think it will just be there for them. No longer are we going to be a part of that.”

Will Trump win more black votes in 2020 than in 2016?

What about Democrat votes?

President Trump has committed to making inroads with voters long forgotten by the Republican party.

He truly is a man of the people and FOR all the people!

Thankfully, more people like Vernon Jones are waking up to this fact!


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