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National Guard Soldiers Found Shards of Glass in Pizza While Deployed in DC


The "tolerant" left strikes yet again.

Two National Guard soldiers from South Carolina reported finding glass on a pizza they ordered while deployed in Washington D.C.

In the aftermath of George Floyd's death, violence against law enforcement has risen dramatically.

However, this incident has alarmed observers as incredibly sinister.

The National Guardsmen were deployed to D.C. to help quell the unrest in the city.

Fortunately, the soldiers were not harmed from the incident and the South Carolina National Guard released a statement believing that it was an "isolated incident."

In a statement to the Military Times, a spokesperson said:

The service members are okay. It was a single incident. Their command said the Soldiers were advised to file a report with local police department. From my understanding they chose not to. There is no additional information to report.

The troops did not eat the pizza.

The glass was not scattered on top.

The broken glass pieces were mixed in with the dough and cheese, sabotaging the entire pizza.

More details on this alarming case below:

Indeed, anti-police and anti-law enforcement messages have increased in recent days. 

Prominent Democratic leaders have even openly supported the idea of defunding the police.

Could this have lead to the incident?

Fox News confirms the alarming situation:

Two soldiers from South Carolina’s National Guard who were recently deployed to the nation’s capital to quell unrest following the death of George Floyd reportedly found shards of glass baked into a pizza they had ordered there.

The startling discovery was made amid the dough and cheese after the pie arrived at the Marriott Marquis Hotel where the troops had been staying, according to The Post and Courier newspaper, citing a report from the Department of Defense.

The report said the troops did not eat the pizza.

“The command says that the soldiers are OK, and that this was the only incident to their knowledge," Capt. Jessica Donnelly, a spokeswoman for S.C. National Guard, told The Post and Courier.

Ever since George Floyd's death, there has been a spike in violence and hatred towards police officers.

This also has extended to the National Guard and anyone serving this country in uniform.

The disrespect shown towards police officers should not be allowed to continue.

Men in blue serve to protect ALL American citizens.

Despite this, the rallying cry of "defund the police" has spread to liberal cities across the nation.

Now, it's possible that the National Guard is under fire as well.

The NY Post also confirms the story:

Two National Guardsmen who were deployed to Washington, DC, during the George Floyd protests were delivered a pizza containing shards of glass in the dough and cheese, according to a report.

The two soldiers from South Carolina were staying at the Marriott Marquis during their stay in the capital when they ordered the pie using Uber Eats, the Post and Courier reported, citing a Defense Department report.

They did not bite into the pizza and no other service members received a similar item, according to the news outlet.

“The command says that the soldiers are OK, and that this was the only incident to their knowledge,” Capt. Jessica Donnelly, a spokeswoman for the South Carolina National Guard, told the paper.

The Guardsmen were advised to file a police report, Donnelly added, but a spokeswoman for the DC Metro police said there was no report on file.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster sent nearly 500 troops to DC last week amid the demonstrations that roiled the capital, leading President Trump to declare that he wanted to “dominate” the streets during the civil unrest.

National Guard soldiers were deployed to assist law enforcement in responding to anti-police brutality protests in the wake of Floyd’s death while detained by Minneapolis police.

In addition to South Carolina, Guardsmen were sent from Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Utah.

Demonstrators and lawmakers have denounced their presence as an excessive show of force. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser also criticized their presence.

It's time to restore civility and peace to our national dialogue.

Behavior like this cannot be permitted or allowed to get any worse.


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