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VIDEO: NYC Protester Rages “Our Ancestors Built This Land… If I Want to Burn It, I Will”


A NYC protester caught on video has gone viral for her disturbing comments, which were cheered by the crowd.

In the video, the masked protester can be heard screaming:

Our ancestors built this land. And if I want to protest on it, I will. If I want to burn it, I will. And last thing, if I want to burn this motherf*cker to the ground, I will.

The scariest part? 

There were no boos or jeers from the crowd.

Her yelling was met with cheers and approval from those in attendance.

Is this what pundits in the media call a peaceful protest? Sure, they're not currently rioting or looting, but it sounds like a call-to-arms or a defense of violence.

For two weeks, protests and riots have spread across America in the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

While most protests have been peaceful, the media and Democratic leaders have sought to excuse those who are rioting and looting.

USA Herald confirms that these protests and riots have led to an increase of anti-police sentiment:

For nearly two weeks now, demonstrations and riots have plagued the streets of America. These events are happening in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man in Minnesota who died because a white police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes.

Since this occurrence, virtually everyone in America has come forth and stated that Floyd’s death was wrong. Furthermore, police officers and the law enforcement community have condemned what happened to Floyd; the police force also maintains that this behavior isn’t indicative of good policing or the law enforcement community as a whole.

Despite this, anti-police sentiment has surged in the United States. Many rioters are defacing buildings and monuments with slogans calling for the deaths of police officers. Black Lives Matter is calling to defund the police altogether and even worse, certain Democrats in power are acquiescing to these demands.

Yesterday, a Black Lives Matter demonstrator made headlines for declaring that she will burn down New York City if she feels inclined to do so.


In the Black Lives Matter demonstrator’s own words:

“Our ancestors built this land and if I want to protest on it, I will. If I want to burn it, I will. Last thing, if I want to burn this motherf*cker to the ground, I will.”

She then went on to claim that yesterday’s demonstration in New York constituted a “peaceful protest.”

While there was no violence at that protest, it sought to normalize and excuse radicalism.

That doesn't sound peaceful, does it?

Compare the protester's reaction to the statement by Senator Tim Scott, who has called for peace and reform.

What this protester doesn't understand is that ALL of our ancestors built this great country.

Many of them fought in world wars to defend this country and everything it stands for.

Countless veterans have fought for liberty and her right to free speech.

Yet, these protesters want to "rebuild" America, a Vox article suggests:

The nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death, police brutality, and systemic racism have made an immediate impact.

Minneapolis announced on June 7 that it will dismantle its police force and rebuild law enforcement from the ground up. Police departments in cities ranging from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Denver, Colorado, have reached agreements with their communities to improve accountability for their law enforcement officers.

Beyond these policy changes are broad culture shifts. Across the South, cities have brought down Confederate monuments and removed other homages to former slaveowners — accelerating a process that began with the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting in 2015.

Meanwhile, polling shows a sudden, seismic shift in public opinion: 57 percent of Americans and 49 percent of white respondents now believe that police are more likely to use excessive force against African Americans. In 2014, after Eric Garner died in police custody, only 33 percent of Americans and 26 percent of white respondents said so.

More than two-thirds of Americans believe that Floyd’s killing indicated broader issues in the way police treat black Americans, rather than just an isolated incident. By a two-to-one margin, voters are also more concerned by the actions of police in relation to Floyd’s killing than they are about violent protesters. (The protests have, by and large, been peaceful.)

And lawmakers at both the state and federal level are working on reform legislation. Democrats in Congress unveiled a sweeping police reform bill that would make lynching a federal crime, ban chokeholds, make it easier to charge officers with using excessive force, and curtail “qualified immunity” for those involved in wrongful injuries or deaths.

Activists have introduced detailed plans for meaningful police reform. Some have endorsed the 8 Can’t Wait reform platform, which includes remedies such as banning chokeholds, changing reporting protocols for use-of-force incidents, and mandating that police intervene when they witness misconduct. Others have called for even more radical measures: defunding or abolishing the police.

This November, the choice couldn't be clearer.

President Trump stands for law and order that protects ALL American citizens.

The Democratic party, on the other hand, wants to destroy our great institutions so that they can "rebuild" them.

The choice is yours.


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